WhoWhatWhy Favorites: Superfast building construction

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Need some motivation to get moving? Watch this time-lapse of a 30-story building that came together in just 360 hours. And it’s even super-earthquake resistant. Sorry, Charlie….Made in China. And they did this instead of watching pro sports all day.

GRAPHIC: http://gizmodo.com/5873962/amazing-timelapse-of-30+story-building-made-in-only-360-hours

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2 responses to “WhoWhatWhy Favorites: Superfast building construction”

  1. BV says:

    They need that pure air because the air is so polluted in China due to no regulations or air quality standards.  You can bet that those workers are poorly paid and working ridiculous hours and that the materials to make the building are extracted and produced not so “sustainably”.  

    I wonder which is having a more detrimental effect: watching a baseball game at home with my family on a Sunday afternoon, or building and building and building?  

    Just wondering…

    • Myethos says:

       What’s with the negative waves…? Just because it’s Chinese?
      You might be due for an education. We ain’t no better than them.
      I’d bet it’s a lot cleaner than some of the buildings I’ve seen go up in the states. We Americans take too damn long trying to milk every dollar out of everything that it just becomes unsustainable to do anything! Good for them, maybe we can learn something