Russ Baker interview, KGO-AM, July 9, 2011

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Don’t mind the line static—there’s plenty of static naturally. Listen here to KGO radio host Pat Thurston and WhoWhatWhy editor Russ Baker talking about nasty talk radio, Scientology, Rupert Murdoch, and Qaddafi. July 9, 2011.

Russ Baker Interview



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9 responses to “Russ Baker interview, KGO-AM, July 9, 2011”

  1. Siddhartha Argonaut says:

    Michelle Chasseuse

    Obama stated, ” he consulted with HIS attorneys and they told him he couldn’t evoke any 14th amendment provisions to protect the monetary obligations of the Treasury?  Who are these attorneys, he consulted?  The White House Counsel(s), his own, private or independent attorneys?  No one but Obama says he can’t evoke a 14th amendment clause to raise the national debt cieling.  Is his claim at all credible or was this claim a red harring strategy, prior to the so called final House agreement.  I’m whats defined, a senior citizen and for the first time, I question the ability of our local to federal governmental institutions to recover, least of all survive.

    Did I understand you correctly that you indicated on your KFJC broadcast, that the Saudi’s are financing the tea party?  Yes, I’m aware the, ( TP ), is an organ of the Koch Brothers, so is it supported in any way by the Saudi’s?

    Was there anytime in this governments history when anything like a Supper Congress, ( Committee ), was created for any purpose pertaining to fisical or any other constitutionally sanctioned purpose, in this case reducing expenditures.  I question the constitutionality of this seemingly imaginary kind of legislative conduct?  What about the congress itself?  Don’t they trust themselves to do their own jobs?  It doesn’t appear that these, ( Committee ) members posses any type of constitutional accountability to the voting constituencies that sent them there?
    What about the extortion by this tea party against the balance of the rest of the Congress, Senate and Executive?  This also appears unconstitutional?

    Yes I read your book, Famil of Secrets.  Another scarry source of enlightenment!
    I just don’t think the voters can or worse, want to get thier heads around what this Tea Party is about, bottom line?  My e-mail is


  2. Russ says:

    The link has now been corrected, sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. Paul Theobald says:

    I think the link is wrong. I downloaded and listened to the whole segment it was just an elderly bohemian grove action network activist bashing Alex Jones. They were implying about how these yearly gatherings of the elite at the grove are probably wrong but that you’re fringe if you think the mock sacrifice of a child effigy (real or not) in front of a 40 foot owl is wrong. My take is that they are preempting  the real protest to dull it’s effect.

    • James / WhoWhatWhy Tech Admin says:

      Thanks Paul, we’ve updated the link and edited out the commercial breaks from the audio.

  4. Arnold Ziffel says:

    Clicking on the link takes me to audio for a show that does not include you, Russ.  All I hear is some woman being interviewed for most of the show.

  5. deanx says:

    No problems here. Just opened link in new window and right-clicked the underlined link to save to desktop in order to copy onto the ipod. The player supplied by KGO also works. Not sure why you’re having a problem blueskybigstar.

  6. blueskybigstar says:

    Impossible to get to. You should have it on your site to be downloaded.

    • James / WhoWhatWhy Tech Admin says:

      Hi Blue, we’ve now indeed uploaded it to our own website.  Thanks for the suggestion.