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Israel and Gaza: A Tough Story to Get Right

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Let’s, for just a moment, put aside the perennially strong feelings about Israel and Palestine. From a journalistic point of view, the seizure of weapons purportedly headed for Gaza is an interesting story. And despite frequent claims that the media are pro-Israel (or anti-Israel—take your pick), we didn’t see this story played big at all.

Even under normal conditions, a country seizing weapons from a third party ship could be considered a news item of some interest. More so here, as this development may help explain current Israeli security concerns. Particularly in light of the political transition in neighboring Egypt—and worries about Iranian attempts to be a regional power.

Here’s an article by UPI providing some background.

Ok, let the (verbal) slings and arrows commence…

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10 responses to “Israel and Gaza: A Tough Story to Get Right”

  1. Avatar Brux says:

    This is an old story, but the response is just as old.
    Why in the world are we supposed to believe that
    the Liberals of the world are bleeding through their
    hearts for the Palestinians?

    The Palestinians are not Liberal. Muslims are not
    the 99% and Iran is not democratic. What on Earth
    would supposedly be motivating a true Liberal to
    push the scales of justice and morality in favor of
    a people who openly say their goal is not to have
    a country but destroy one.

    I can’t figure out if these are sock-puppets that show
    up regularly like the sock-puppets from the far-right
    to distort reality for unwary readers, or just crazies
    that really do accept the false equivalency of the two
    sides here despite all the history and evidence, or these
    are basically NAZIs trying to pretend they are Leftists?

    There is nothing that the Left should feel sympathy with
    in the Palestinians, except the ongoing tragedy of a
    people who are abused by their glob-trotting, jet-
    setting, rich anti-Semite leaders paid by the worst of
    the worst elements of the local Arab Islamic states,
    and Iran, to train their people to be living weapons. That
    is the tragedy, and it is a hard and painful long-term thing
    to stop, but supporting the Palestinians leadership is not
    a way to help anyone.

  2. Avatar Maxinefrasermf says:

    Like other American journalists, you seem to have a blind spot when it comes to Israel.  The large military arsenal that Israel possesses including nuclear weapons makes this alleged arms seizure look like small fry.  Why is Israel exempt from your forensic analysis. Readers can and will see through this charade. The lack of investigative journalism when it comes to Israel places this website firmly in the mainstream American media camp. At least mainstream media openly supports Israel; of that there can be no doubt. Why don’t you run stories about how the Palestininian children in Hebron have to put with excrement thrown at them on a daily basis on their way to school. Why do you not talk about the unspeakable racist crimes that Israeli settler communities have committed against Palestinians. Stop making an exemption for Israel!!!!

  3. Avatar Brian Mcgee says:

    The fact the bombs do not have Arabic writing is irrelevant, most police in the USA use Glock Pistols an Austrian Company. People have money and buy guns from what company they deem has the best weaponry. Some companies make better bombs why wouldn’t you want them?

    With that said though, i do NOT see this as a “hard” issue to resolve. Israel was set up on falty reasoning and should of NEVER been recognized by the UN. I agree with “Benjamin the wild yahoo” on one front, their should ONLY be ONE state. The state of palestine!

    Do not worry jews!
    Their will be a GIANT muslim cresent moon on the flag but it’ll still be a “free democracy!” Where you too can get the same treatment the Israelis have shown the Palestinians, your houses will be torn down with no notice or LEGAL rational. You’ll be forced through check points, that do not allow you to get to hospitals or other vital necessities of life. The palestinians will random take other towns & steal ALL your water leaving you with NO clean drinking water and whole towns will die of dehydration with in a matter of days and if you lie and have sex with an Arab woman lying claiming to be a muslim you will be charged with RAPE. But don’t worry buddy! You’ll live in a “free democracy” just like the Palestinians are able to enjoy today!

    *I.m not as cruel as the zionist state of israel but really those are ALL REAL conditions for Palestinians today! Israel should at the VERY least be target by the UN for MASSIVE human rights abuses and all the leaders should be tried to crimes of genocide.

    ** as a side note hey Russ, i’m at around page 300 of “Family of Secrets.” An awesome book! I’ve already bought multiple copies as gifts even though i havent finished it yet. I’m a weirdo i actually check citations(making it slow but satisfying read) & so far all your evidence has been concrete! I can give you much praise about the book but i have 1 question; Where’s Israel in your book? How can a book that has so much to do with the CIA have little to nothing on israel? How can the head of CIA have no talks with the USA’s top allie that also relies heavily on covert actions? i’ve seen a couple of passing statements on israel but nothing in depth, why is this? After discussing this with others that i know that have read your book i’ve come up with only 4 sound reasons why this is.
    1. the most paranoid and most far fetched is that your book was written with an intent to down play israel and was the whole point of the book. And to drum up ferars about the Arab worlds & by default ratchet up support for israeli. Thats is the most far fetched. But not impossible as you noted intelligent agencies like to print books and israeli has a highly sophiscated intelligent agencies.

    2. the other possibility is your publisher & editor pushed you away from it.

    3. you are a jew(i dont know if you are or arent) and perhaps your own cultural blinders made it so you were just uninterested in following up leads on israel.

    4. the CIA purposeful put people as contacts with certain groups exclusive in the intent to gain trust with them, acting as if there’s an internal battle with the intelligence community on which allies we should support. Having the contact act as if theres truly an ideological split within the agency and have the contact act as if they were on their side in the fight “help me defeat them” sort of deal.

    While the 4th seems the most plausible it doesnt make sense for the HEAD of the CIA though. The head would have to talk to the head of all the allies top spy programs, just like it was a bold face lie he didnt talk or even know the Saudi’s spy chief it also just as implausible he didnt talk to the israeli spy chief. Israel had the power to stop W. Bush MID SPEECH and demand he stops his speech & talk to them ASAP. To be able to get the president with in 10 minutes shows an amazing amount of power/influence but to make the president stop a speech and ruin a good photo op?! Make you look weak and force condalisa rice to vote against her own incredibly weak resolution is really pulling strings! Thats just called being your boss!

    What was the reasoning for having such little israeli information in the book?

    Obviously before even reading your book Poppy Bush has been the closet to the Saudi’s than any other president or even just an american that i know of and the book would obviously have to be a lot to do with them or else i’d think it’s fishy but your book is like the where’s waldo(israel) of intelligents books.
    Even though i do think your book is tainted for that reason i still find it an amazing book and the information on other events has been amazingly ground breaking. I still say its a must read and have been recommending it to everyone but adding an “*” to my recommendation that for some reason israel is all but absent in your book, which strikes anybody as odd who pays any attention to foreign affairs or intelligents agencies. i gave everybody the benefit of the doubt but why?


    • Avatar russbaker says:

      I actually get a lot of flack for things that people would like to be in the book but arent. The simple truth is that I followed various fact trails and tantalizing questions that materialized, and many otherwise interesting subjects just did not present themselves. Of course, if I had written “the Bushes and their policies with regard to everything” (at least doubling an already thick book) you can bet there would be a lot more. Also if I had reiterated others’ reporting on Iran-Contra and the Israeli connection. My principal objective, however, was to add new findings to the record. I did not run across anything about the Bushes and Israel that was not previously published and/or especially stunning. Sorry to disappoint on that front.

    • Avatar Brian Mcgee says:

      That was some what as i thought(i don’t not wish for people to create “facts” eg david icke.), and the new material you brought to the surface was very ground breaking! Thank You for your hard work!

      *i apologize for not putting aside my positions on israel, it is hard for me to do.

    • Avatar Alexi says:

      Because you’re an anti-Semite.

  4. Avatar The Yankee Clipper says:

    Maybe I am a bit slow here. So maybe someone can help me. This story seems to have slipped by with little interest. Hmm. Pat Buchanan claimed about three years ago that the neocons were trying to look for ways to convince the world that Iran should be attacted. There were growing “concerns” that the Iranians were going to build nuclear weapons to be aimed at Israel or American troops in Iraq. So, maybe “someone” is still trying to keep this idea alive. We have troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya. Then maybe Egypt, Saudi Arabia,…Is the point to just drain America through a war of attrition so that “other” countries win by default? I have a feeling this is an old story that has been circulated too many times. Most Americans seem to be tired of all the hype. Who is really gaining from all this?

  5. Avatar tpmco says:

    I’m not seeing Arabic lettering on that bomb in the photo. Count me as skeptical.

    • Avatar russbaker says:

      Not sure if you’re being facetious. Should it say, “Greetings from Tehran”?

    • Avatar tpmco says:

      I just don’t put much credence in anything that comes out of Israel anymore. So you’re right–it’s a tough story to get right.