Jeff Schechtman

Narendra Modi, Tayyip Erdogan

Democracy Is No Protection from Authoritarianism

Just because a country’s leader has been elected by the people does not mean that he or she will adhere to democratic principles once in power. In these cases, as illustrated by recent examples in Turkey and India, the populace and media must try to hold them to account before it is too late.

John Kiriakou

The CIA vs. Donald Trump

John Kiriakou was a 15-year CIA veteran before he exposed its torture program. Today he analyzes an agency unchecked by oversight and whose power is underestimated by the Trump administration.

HR McMaster

Vintage Interview with General H.R. McMaster

Twenty years ago, while teaching at West Point, H.R. McMaster believed in character, truth, and an aggressive free press. If he still does, then the incoming national security advisor and President Donald Trump are on a collision course.