Kickstarter: SUCCESS!

Well, thanks to you, we did it. Our first Kickstarter campaign was a success. Many thanks to everyone who pledged, and special thanks to the anonymous donor who matched all of the early pledges. We’re now working on fulfilling the Post-Election Project, which currently involves outreach to some of the best reporters we know, many of whom had been sidelined by the decimation of traditional journalism over the past decade. Our job, within the confines of still very modest resources, is to coax the top folks from the sidelines, and train a new generation of reporters as well. We’re also reviewing the most productive lines of investigative inquiry. If you have story ideas, know sources, or wish to provide other input, we’ll be glad to hear from you.


Speak Truth to Power

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  • Kevin

    Hi Russ, I love your work and definitely plan to continue donating to your website. Quick question though. I saw your speech at the “Treason In America” conference and was wondering if the possibility of you researching 9/11 still exists. I can’t think of a more important topic that needs to be covered.

    • Russ Baker

      Glad you like our work, but guess you missed a big one: . It’s right on the front page. I know some people are unhappy with this article because it does not confirm their favorite theory, but it would give activists on that issue more credibility if they also acknowledged the rare serious work being done on the topic by serious journalists.

    • Matt Prather

      Russ refuses to explicitly name Bush / Cheney / Skull and Bones / Intelligence Agency (from multiple countries) / Corporate Media / et alia conspiracy in regards to 9/11.

      But at least he points to their Saudi proxies.

      Maybe his voice would never have gotten out if he had ever been explicit.

      From time to time, he’ll even say things that tend to put down “9/11 Inside Job” conspiracies, and that, sadly, will make some people over-react against him.

      Ultimately, it matters not if any ONE source of information reveals everything to you: The Truth comes out, like a beach-ball under water.

  • tamara

    How about a story about Karl Rove and how he has subverted the democratic process in the elections since 2004?

    • rcb

      I agree with this. Rove is one of the most perverting influences to impact politics in possibly all of U.S. history..and that’s really saying something.

  • Phil Campbell Perry

    I would love to read a story analyzing the mainstream media and getting opinions from those reporters within it who are willing to talk about the root causes for the advancement of certain narratives, often defined by an invented vocabulary (job creators, terrorist threats, “embedded” reporters, entitlement “reform” and the “fiscal cliff”, Hamas “militants” and Israeli “forces” etc) versus the ignorance (as in, “we’re ignoring these stories to keep the public ignorant”) of stories that damage these constructed narratives (Climate change, Israeli and American atrocities and support for dictatorships, the ongoing protests in Europe, good investigative looks into the 2008 financial crisis and the deal to not prosecute any of the financial leaders and politicians responsible for it, drones, CIA shenanigans, etc). Carl Bernstein wrote “The CIA and the Media,” Chris Hedges has jumped off the bandwagon, you wrote the indescribably brilliant “Family of Secrets,” Sibel Edmonds and Coleen Rowley have been profiled by several journalists each. Surely within the media-entertainment complex there are to be found a few voices of truth and reason who know the backstory we aren’t getting. Right?

    • Russ

      Thanks. That’s really a big part of the purpose of this site. We will keep at it, and with our readers; support, do more of “the story behind the story.”

  • Bonnie

    Heard you on the radio, and am interested in your work and book.

  • Toni

    Hi, Russ.  I just finished reading “Family of Secrets” last night.  I was fascinated and sickened.  Great job of researching and writing!  Will make a donation right now.  And then I’m going to mail to book to my far-right sister: a George W Bush groupie.

  • Matt Prather

    I sincerely congratulate WhoWhatWhy on this new avenue of success and empowerment.

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