Election Protection: Vote—Because You Can

In a democracy, everyone gets to vote. In a fair society, no one is tricked into not voting, or harassed, or obstructed in any way from exercising their franchise.

But we know there will be problems out there. A nonpartisan website offers an array of information on election protection, on efforts to guarantee the vote, on what to do if you encounter difficulties. Find it here. Or call 1-866-OUR-VOTE or email help@866ourvote.org.

And regardless of whom you prefer—or whether you don’t really like any of the candidates—you still should get out there and make the hard choices.

Vote—because you can.


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  • alice_cooper_nights

    I am not allowed to vote because 20 years ago I smashed a mailbox.

    • nveric

      I trust you have tried since then to register?

  • http://www.911Blogger.com/ Orangutan.

    2012 voting machine in PA altering votes – http://youtu.be/QdpGd74DrBM


    If you need legal help, you can call 1-866-OUR-VOTE toll-free. Report long lines or voting problems at http://www.OurVoteLive.org
    or via Twitter with hashtag #OVLReport. If possible, use your phone to video the situation or interview the person affected and submit the
    video to http://www.VideoTheVote.org, or post it to YouTube or Twitter tagged with #VideoTheVote.

  • BobCat

    It is important to understand the USA is NOT a democracy. Nowhere in the founding documents is “democracy” mentioned. Also, “democracy” is never defined. Everyone says, “in a democracy”, and then goes off on their own definition of WHAT THEY THINK. The USA is supposed to be a constitutional republic with a written constitution and Bill of Rights. It is a limiting document — limiting the power of the government, not the people. Furthermore, trial by jury, a FULLY INFORMED JURY, with said jury understanding their right to judge the law as well as the facts at issue, should have been enough to protect our rights. Unfortunately, the American people have been so dumbed down they think what I just wrote is “unAmerican”. Voting in a corrupt system (just look at what happened to the primary votes of Ron Paul) is giving one’s support to a system that does not deserve support. As long as the American people think that voting along the left/right/dem/rep/cons/lib paradigm, they will be sorely disappointed.

    • Cin

      Your comment here is two years old but I wanted to reply anyway just to tell you that I agree 100%! The only thing I could add is that people should get more involved at the local level because I believe their voice is much more likely to be heard there. Again, excellent comment!

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