RadioWhoWhatWhy: Trials are Not a Search for the Truth
by Jeff Schechtman
The mainstream media seems to be moving to where WhoWhatWhy has long been on the Boston bombing story. Welcome to the truth.

2016 Presidential Race: WhoWhatWhy Curates the Best of the Media Stream
by The WhoWhatWhy Team
Following the candidates and the controversies with a WhoWhatWhy view. Want beauty contests and horse races? You won’t find them here. The stories which help you make a real judgment? Here’s where you start.


Freddie Gray and What Baltimore State Attorney Says Happened to Him
Today, Marilyn Mosby, the chief prosecutor for Baltimore, announced the indictment of six Baltimore police officers for both the wrongful arrest and the subsequent death of Freddie Gray. The indictment is based on a stunning laundry list of violations. The case will thrust Mosby, who hails from a family “steeped in policing,” into the center of the debate over America’s policing crisis.

The White House Reassures Conspiracy Theorists That the Army Is Not Trying to Impose Martial Law in the Southwest
Have you heard about “Jade Helm 15?” It’s a multi-state military exercise that has some—including a whole lotta Texans—on edge and on the alert for a government takeover. Although the usual alarmists are making the usual wild claims about martial law, this story in VICE points out that the reflexive secrecy and ominous scope of the “exercise” were bound to generate skepticism and paranoia.

Here’s Who Really Controls Politics in the US
The Fiscal Times examines the “Political One Percent of the One Percent”—the super-wealthy “kingmakers” who’ve been unleashed by Citizens United. They now exert an unprecedented amount of political influence by throwing around unprecedented amounts of political cash. At the top of the top is Wall Street… with the number and amount of donations from the securities industry outpacing all other industry affiliations. Yes, the Financial-Industrial Complex has finally supplanted the war profiteers at the top of the pyramid.


The Complex History of Ecological Disasters
The Council on Foreign Relations created an amazing interactive slideshow detailing the worst ecological disasters of the last 75 years. It begins with devastating oil pollution around the Niger River Delta, moves to Papua New Guinea’s mine war and onto Bhopal and the Deepwater oil spill. The takeaway is that these disasters often stem from, or lead to, severe political and, as is the case with the Niger River Delta, persistent geopolitical crises.

Tesla’s $3,000 Powerwall Will Let Households Run Entirely On Solar Energy
Elon Musk has fired a shot across the bow of the hydrocarbon industry with his unveiling of Tesla Energy. This new venture seeks an end to dependence on grid power in favor of solar energy. The key innovation is ‘Powerwall Home Battery’—a battery capable of powering a household completely off the grid. And as solar continues to rise, this new battery may signal that the sun is finally setting on the public utility industry.


Why Do So Many People Hate the Sound of Hillary Clinton’s Voice?
Is there another reason beyond simple political fatigue to explain why people get turned off to the incessant blather of politicians? According to Carmen Fought, a Pitzer College linguistics professor, the tone, pacing and accent—or lack thereof—of a candidate often says as much or more about them than the actual words coming out of their gilded gobs.

Watch This Sixth-Grader Cut Off President Obama for Talking Too Much
And speaking of political speech—no, not the kind you can buy with corporate cash or a billionaire’s bucks—Osman Yahya, a sixth-grader at a Maryland middle school, showed the media how best to move an interview along when the interviewee gets a bit too long-winded.

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