Tsarnaev Case Judge: FBI Interview Reports Are Unreliable—And Cast in Stone
by James Henry
In allowing FBI interview reports to be read in court in lieu of witness testimony, US District Court Judge George O’Toole inadvertently highlighted an insidious tactic used by the FBI to manipulate witness statements. Anyone who gets a knock at the door from an FBI agent would be well advised to invite an attorney over before opening the door—or your mouth.


US Releases Contents Of Bin Laden’s English-Language “Bookshelf”
By releasing new details of the much-ballyhooed “treasure trove” of intel supposedly taken during the SEAL Team Six attack on bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound, the US government is wresting control of the narrative with some titillating tidbits about bin Laden’s reading habits… which include Noam Chomsky, 9/11 “conspiracy” books and a suicide prevention manual. Frankly, this is a transparent attempt to hijack the spin cycle after Sy Hersh aired some dirty laundry about the raid.

Who are the Rohingyas and Why are They Fleeing Myanmar?
Religion News Service produced this excellent primer on Myanmar’s embattled Muslim Rohingya minority. Although the opening of Myanmar was touted as a big success by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton—and it is currently being “opened up” by Big Oil—this “opening” to the West also sparked a ratcheting up of the oppression and ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya, which, in turn, is fueling a mounting migration crisis in Southeast Asia.


Waco Shootout: How a Friendly Sunday Get-Together Ended in a Biker Bloodbath
Here’s everything you wanted to know about the big “biker bloodbath” in Waco, Texas. The shootout and related melees took place at a ‘Twin Peaks’ restaurant which, in the parlance of the industry, is called a “breastaurant” because it features scantily-clad female servers along with hearty helpings of deep-fried anything and everything. Nope, this is not a story from The Onion.


Organic foods: Why They’re So Expensive, and Who Owns Your Favorite Brands
Consumer demand for organic food is “exploding,” according to new data from the Organic Trade Association. In 2014, sales rose 11.3% and GMO- and pesticide-averse eaters gobbled up $35.9 billion worth of organic goodies. Now Wal-Mart, Kroger and a number of corporate food producers are jumping on the all-natural bandwagon. But there are lingering questions about certification and the source of the price difference, which can be up to 25% higher than non-organic products.

Why Coyotes Are Flourishing in New York City
Since the Crash of 2008, the “Wolves of Wall Street” have flourished by feeding on the carcass of the Middle Class. But, while they’ve been baying at the moon over Manhattan, the coyotes of Queens have also been doing quite well for themselves. These are not euphemistic coyotes, however. No, these are actual coyotes—“coywolves”—that have adapted to an urban lifestyle in the Big Apple. Hey, if they can make it there….

Why It Pays to Be a Jerk
Speaking of the “Wolves of Wall Street”… new research indicates that nice guys actually do often finish last, while narcissists—like many of America’s obscenely-paid CEOs—mostly do quite well. Emphasis on the “mostly,” here: jerks and narcissists like Steve Jobs either seem to do really, really well or very, very poorly. So if you are going to steal people’s coffee in the break room, expect to be put in charge. But be careful what you wish for… because over-confidence isn’t a guarantee of success. It’s just going to put you in a position to succeed, or go the way of the Hindenburg.

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