RadioWhoWhatWhy: Former Top Banker Believes $10 Trillion in Private Debt Will Trigger Next Financial Meltdown
by Jeff Schechtman
This week we speak with Richard Vague—a former credit card company insider—about what will trigger the next financial meltdown.


March of the Imperial Senators
Kelley Vlahos of The American Conservative exposes the imperial aspirations of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and his trusty sidekick Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) as they “rewrite” the history of the Iraq War, explain away the flaws and the lies that led to the invasion and place the blame for ISIS on Obama’s doorstep. Interestingly enough, their effusive revisionism is increasingly out of step with their own party which sees the war as a mistake… and it’s a mistake that haunts the fight against ISIS.

PA Newspaper: Sorry We Published Letter Calling for Obama’s Execution
The editorial board of the Daily Item penned a painful mea culpa on Thursday after publishing a “letter to the editor” on Memorial Day calling for “regime change” and the summary execution of President Obama by “execution by guillotine, firing squad, public hanging.” The Daily Item said they “bungled” the letter and that “no bells went off” when the unnamed editor approved it for publication.

This Guy From Baltimore Is Raising a Christian Army to Fight ISIS… What Could Go Wrong?
The folks at Mother Jones win the “rhetorical question of the week award” with this snazzy headline atop a fascinating story about self-proclaimed freedom fighter Matthew VanDyke. He’s “over there” right now, raising a Christian army in Iraq, doing satellite interviews on Fox News and promoting his for-profit organization—Sons of Liberty International (SOLI).

Instead of Playing Golf, the World’s Elderly Are Staging Heists and Robbing Banks
Britain, Europe and South Korea are gripped by a sudden crime wave. Or, more to the point, they are Poligripped by a surge of crime by lonely, poor and dispossessed seniors who find a life of larceny is the only way to make ends meet until they meet their end. Sadly, the increasing economic instability of the developed world’s aging populations is no laughing matter.


Federal Dollars Are Financing the Water Crisis in the West
Climate deniers refuse to accept that climate change is man-made and, according to their thinking, the drought hitting the West is not related to human activities. A new investigation by ProPublica into the source of water scarcity in the West says they are partially right. Although there is no doubt about the drought, the real source of the West’s water woes is not the drought… but it is the man-made intersection of faulty farming subsidies, foolishly-planned sprawl and temporary engineering tricks that have forestalled an inevitable crisis in the historically-parched region.


If Non-Human Corporations can be Protected by Habeas Corpus, Why can’t Chimpanzees?
Lawyers from the Nonhuman Rights Project are fighting to free two chimps—Hercules and Leo—from Stony Brook University in New York. The case is a landmark effort to establish non-human personhood for complex cognitive species like primates. Stephen Wise, the lead lawyer on the case, got the court to consider habeas corpus (the right to seek relief for unlawful imprisonment) for the chimps, which is currently being argued. If successful, chimps could get the same rights as another “non-human person”—the American corporation. So, watch out corporate America… if given a chance, they’ll make a monkey out of you.

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