The Lincoln Assassination and Cover-Up: Part of an On-Going Story
by Peter Dale Scott
April 15, 2015 marks the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. Even a century and a half later, there are questionable aspects of his death that mirror unresolved questions in much more modern assassinations. What is the government hiding?


Blackwater Guards Who Slaughtered 14 Iraqis Get 30 Years, Life
Mercenaries hired by the U.S. government were finally sentenced for their part in the Nisour Square Massacre of 2007. Three received 30 years for using automatic weapons to commit a felony and related manslaughter charges. One was sentenced to life for murder. US District Judge Royce Lamberth denied the harsher punishment sought by Federal prosecutors who said the mercenaries harmed U.S. national security. Judge Lamberth said, “…it’s clear these fine young men just panicked, [and] the overall wild thing that went on here can never be condoned by a court.”

Jeb Bush’s Administration Steered Florida Pension Money to George W. Bush’s Fundraisers
The Next Bush in Line was a busy bee during his tenure as governor of Florida. In addition to being in charge of the state that eventually “delivered” the White House to Brother W in 2000, he also leveraged his state’s substantial pension funds into a tacit quid pro quo that garnered big campaign donations from Wall Street for W’s re-election campaign. And it was all being “handled” by their cousin… Goldman Sachs executive George Herbert Walker IV. Seriously.

Marco Rubio Promises ‘New American Century’ at Launch of Presidential Bid
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) just went “full Neocon.” During his announcement he actually called for a “New American Century” and outlined the most regressive foreign policy platform of any candidate in the race. You could almost hear William Kristol groan in transcendent ecstasy as the dulcet tones of Rubio’s chicken-hawk war-warble called to him like a Siren’s song… or, even better, like Dick Cheney’s incessant grumbling.


Are Taxpayer Subsidies Allowing Big Business to Underpay Employees?
You know all those “deadbeats” and “takers” who are draining the treasury by sucking away the hard-earned tax dollars of God-fearing, hard-working Americans? Of course you don’t. And that’s because they don’t really exist. A new study shows that a staggering 75% of those receiving public assistance are part of a family led by someone who is employed. Meanwhile, a record 54 big “All-American” corporations have used inversions and other perfectly legal trickery to avoid paying any taxes at all.


The Myth and Magic of WD-40, the Cold War Lube That Changed America
It’s hard to pass up a story with “Cold War Lube” in the title, but it is also a fascinating look at one of the most successful—and ubiquitous—products of all-time. In fact, some 80% of American households have a can of the all-purpose lubricant on a shelf in their garage or utility closet. The secret formula for WD-40 was designed to keep Atlas nuclear missile parts free from rust… and the rest is history.

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