Boston Bombing Core Mystery: Why are Feds Not Interested in this Man?
by Jill Vaglica
Viskhan Vakhabov received a phone call from the Tsarnaev brothers—one of whom is now dead, the other just sentenced to death—in two crucial moments in the immediate aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Why did the government fail to speak with him about his involvement?


Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton’s State Department
The International Business Times details the web of influence connecting 20 nations, their generous “gifts” to the Clinton Foundation and the coincidental happenstance of $165 billion worth of weapons sales approved by Hillary Clinton’s State Department to those same 20 nations. Under Hillary’s guidance State Department-approved sales to 16 key Clinton Foundation donors rose 143% when compared to a similar time frame during the Bush administration. Oddly enough, defense contractors were also giving to the Clinton Foundation and paying Bill big bucks for speaking engagements. Go figure.

Media Executives Are Salivating Over Big Money Flooding the 2016 Election Cycle
Here’s a dirty little secret of television news… they make huge profits off of the petty pandering and bogus bickering they stoke with their incessant, banal coverage. Their personality-driven coverage translates into crass radio and television advertising blitzes every two and four years on their stations and systems. In fact, many local stations depend on political advertising to go into the black. To wit, Media General CEO Vince Sadusky, which has 71 television stations, recently told investors that he is “really looking forward to the 2016 elections with spending on the presidential race alone estimated to surpass $5 billion.” Ka-ching!

Young Conservatives Push GOP Tolerance on Gay Marriage, Other Social Issues
While a bevy of bloviating GOP candidates continues to pander to an aging Evangelical base, a new generation of young Conservatives is organizing at the grass roots to shift the party away from the ever-increasing anachronism of anti-Gay politics. They embrace Gay marriage and reject the “anti-everything” label that’s turning off younger voters, no matter how conservative they might be on defense and economic policy.


The Coming Merge of Human and Machine Intelligence
The moment of “Singularity”—when thinking machines and human consciousness becomes one—may seem like a flight of fancy, but it may be coming sooner than you think. And maybe not a moment too soon. That’s because human brains are actually shrinking. Our ancestors already did the heavy evolutionary lifting—learning language, tool-making, agriculture—and now technology has made survival easy and our brains a bit soft. So, what’s next? Entering technology… directly into our gray matter. The other question is… who will be able to afford the high price of the upgrade?


You May Never See These Foods Again
There is something of a food revolution happening right now and the FDA is set to leverage a growing backlash against highly processed corporately-cooked eats with new rules limiting “trans fats” in junk food. McDonald’s is struggling to retain its market in the face of shifting tastes, while Chipotle announced it is going GMO-free, Walmart is cracking down on antibiotics and today Taco Bell and Pizza Hut said they are “going natural.” Taco Bell is even going so far as to replace black pepper flavoring with actual black pepper! Whoa.

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