Oil Billionaire Attempts to Silence University Quake Researchers
by Klaus Marre
When the Oklahoma Geological Survey released a statement indicating that an increase in seismic activity was likely caused by humans, one billionaire called for the termination of scientists responsible for the report.


America’s 15 Top-Paid CEOs
It’s good to be the king, but it may be better to be the CEO of a mega-media corporation—like David Zaslav of Discovery Communications, who backed up a Brink’s truck to take home $156 million in total pay. Greg Maffei of Liberty Media ($73.8M), Les Moonves of CBS ($54.4M), Philippe P. Dauman of Viacom ($44.3M), Bob Iger of Disney ($43.7M) and Marissa Mayer of Yahoo! ($42.1M) round out a group dominated by media moguls.

FBI Claims Security Researcher Took Control of Plane
The Feds say that noted security expert Chris Roberts exploited an opening on a commercial plane, hacked into an on-board computer system and successfully commanded the plane to climb. Kim Zetter of Wired followed up with Roberts who admitted hacking into onboard entertainment systems 15 times for “observational purposes.” Apparently, Roberts has long been warning Boeing and Airbus about these vulnerabilities—to no avail.

Oh Brother, Why Art Thou Even Running?
As if things couldn’t get worse for The Next Bush in Line after a week of pounding headaches from America’s Iraq War hangover… now he’s found himself on the wrong side of the National Review. The venerable conservative magazine posted a sharp, satirical stab at the bloated balloon of Jeb’s presidential aspirations as it floats over an ever-growing field of GOP hopefuls. It’s too early to write him off as the Hindenburg, but thus far the GOP base doesn’t seem to be buying his hot air.


The Pathology of the Rich White Family
Chris Hedges’ stark indictment of race and class in America, and of the coup d’etat of all three branches of government by the super-rich, turns to social science research showing that the rich have an empathy gap. This gap, according to Hedges, affords the rich an opportunity to blithely enlist the poor to do their dirty work while they party it up on yachts buoyed by a rising tide of wealth.

What the “Mad Men” Theme Music Has Been Trying to Tell Us All Along
The cultural phenomenon that was “Mad Men” came to an end Sunday night. But the canoodling between fans and the show is likely to go on for some time. Of the various takes, Mother Jones parses the notes to the theme music, the New York Times sees a shift from men to powerful women and Jacobin sees the show as a reflection, both intentionally and unintentionally, of America’s struggle to accept change.


Why does the US have 800 military bases around the world?
A: Because it can. And because it makes a lot of people a whole lotta money.

How Feral Donkeys Saved a Lost Hiker’s Life in Death Valley
A group of asses in Death Valley led a hopelessly lost and dangerously dehydrated hiker to water. They didn’t have to convince him to take a drink. Sadly, despite their long service to mankind—which began in the New World when the Spanish brought them over in the 1500s—they are targeted as invasive species in places like Death Valley. That’s right, the asses’ asses are on line.

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