Shining a Light on the Shadow Candidates
by Klaus Marre
Federal campaign contribution limits are in place to ensure that the democratic system can’t be bought and sold. Yet watchdog groups have already called out several potential 2016 candidates for abusing the system..


Rolling Stone’s Boss Plays the Victim
The Columbia School of Journalism released its report on Rolling Stone’s monumental failure over its now-retracted University of Virginia rape story. Apparently, Rolling Stone gathers no moss… or facts. But, as Lloyd Grove points out, no one’s head is rolling because they have managed to blame their failure on the sensitive nature of the topic. And founder Jann Wenner also blamed the story’s subject—“Jackie”—while absolving “journalist” Sabrina Rubin Erdely. Ms. Erdely is retaining her position with the magazine… along with the fact checkers and editors.

Jeb Bush Listed Himself as ‘Hispanic’ on Voter Form
Is the Next Bush In Line harboring a dark family secret? On a 2009 voter registration form Jeb stated that he is, in fact, Hispanic! Does that mean Poppy Bush is NOT his real papa? Did Barbara Bush tango with a Latin lover while Poppy was “wildcatting” for Zapata Offshore in the Caribbean? Or was it just an innocent mistake—as he stated in a Twitter post shortly after the story broke?

Would Jeb Bush Take On His Former Business Partners in the Hospital Industry to Repeal Obamacare?
In other Jeb news, it seems that he made a tidy $2 million helping Tenet Healthcare repair its reputation after a Medicare fraud scandal. After Obamacare was implemented, Tenet’s fortunes rebounded, and Jeb’s bank account swelled. The National Review wonders if Jeb would be willing to overturn Obamacare, in keeping with the loudly-voiced calls of his political allies.

Gary Hart: Billion-dollar Clinton Campaign Should ‘Frighten’ Americans 
The former Senator and two-time Democratic Presidential candidate lamented Hillary’s announced intention to raise a billion bucks for 2016. Hart opined about the power of money in elections and election promises, which he believes is a driving force behind the current “dynastic” nature of American politics.


Baseball is Struggling to Hook Kids—and Risks Losing Fans to Other Sports
It’s Opening Day for America’s Pastime, but—in spite of record profits and a bevy of new stadiums—the pastime is quickly fading in popularity with youngsters. A slow game, loss of neighborhood parks, costly equipment and the rise of other sports like basketball, soccer and lacrosse all threaten to make the pastime a game of the past.


Strikes Proliferate in China as Working Class Awakens
File this under “Historical Irony”: Class consciousness is sweeping across Communist China! Strikes are proliferating in the wake of two decades of capitalist-style economic policies, and workers are leveraging a 1995 labor law to demand better pay, working conditions and benefits. And police are cracking down on the protests.

Aliens Are Enormous, Science Suggests
Forget little green men from Mars. Cosmologist Fergus Simpson estimates the average weight of intelligent extraterrestrials to be around 650 pounds. Scientists speculate that size corresponds with longer life and greater intelligence. While smaller life is likely more abundant around the cosmos, larger creatures are more likely to develop traits we regard as “intelligent.” In space… size matters.

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