RadioWhoWhatWhy: Push-Button Warfare
By Jeff Schechtman
As countries launch cyber attacks on each other constantly, online soldiers are becoming increasingly important to militaries around the world.

Surprising Facts About Who Threatens Our Safety the Most—Recommended Reading
By Maria Adelmann
Despite the media’s overwhelming coverage of foreign terrorism, there’s a much bigger problem here at home.


Supreme Court Backs Gay Marriage
A day after Chief Justice Roberts handed Obama and the healthcare industry a big win on Obamacare, he joined an angry Justice Scalia and petulant Justice Thomas in dissent against the 5–4 decision that made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. Their outrage notwithstanding, this is the second defeat for conservatives in two days and a watershed moment in US legal history. Read the full decision here.

Obama’s Push for Corporate Rule: A Moment of Opportunity
David Korten looks at the bright side of life during late-stage corporate capitalism. The notable economist sees a silver lining in President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership and the rising opposition to the type of gold-plated deals corporations have been able to impose without any real opposition from the two-party system… until now.

China Pledge to End Ivory Trade Delights Conservationists
One might feel compelled to ingest a few grains of salt with this celebratory story touting a potential ban on the importation of ivory. After all, Chinese demand for illicit ivory is driving elephants to extinction… and the end of elephants is sooner than you think. But conservationists are hopeful and believe that a state-mandated ban could save elephants. “Could” is the operative word.


The 30,000-Pound Bomb that Could be Used Against Iran’s Nuclear Facilities ‘Boggles the Mind’
With a June 30th deadline for finalizing the Iran Nuke Deal approaching fast, Business Insider thought it was a good time to consider the type of bomb America could use to take Iran from the Nuclear Age to the Stone Age within the span of a few bombing runs. Really, the 30,000-lb GBU-57 Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) combines the two things that America does better than anyone else… bomb things and make things bigger. And this is one really big bomb.


Rats ‘Dream’ Paths to a Brighter Future
What do rats dream about? How do get back to the cheese, of course! That’s according to a new study of the hippocampus of rats. Scientists have determined that rats, and mammals in general, seem to create “maps” during periods of exploration that the unconscious mind pores over during sleep.

Schizophrenia May Be the Price We Pay for a Big Brain
Like humans, animals seem to suffer from a variety of mental illnesses and psychoses. Dogs with separation anxiety get Prozac. Dolphins and whales in captivity have been known to self-mutilate. Horses can become dangerously compulsive. But one malady that is uniquely human is schizophrenia. Scientists believe it is the price we pay for having a big brain.

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