Read Boston Jury’s Life or Death Form
by Russ Baker
The Boston Marathon Bombing trial jury is currently deliberating the fate of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Click here to read the form the jury must complete in rendering its verdict on appropriate punishment.

Obama’s Retreat from Green Electronics
by WhoWhatWhy Staff
Why did the president back away from a commitment that federal agencies use green electronics? Buried in a recent Executive Order on sustainability is recycled rhetoric that undermines long-standing federal policy.


US About to Get Cuba’s Lung Cancer Vaccine
Yes, that’s right. Since 2011 those troublesome Cuban Commies have had a functioning lung cancer vaccine. The drug Cimavax stops tumors from growing. It’s funny how those backwards, repressive, anti-innovation Pinkos became one of the world’s leading biotech innovators right under Uncle Sam’s nose.

Marco Rubio Wants to Make Neocons Cool Again
Speaking of Cubans… while everyone was busy bemoaning the inevitability of The Next Bush In Line, Rubio has quietly become the newest darling of the Neocons. The irony is that Rubio is capitalizing on Jeb’s fumbling and bumbling of his brother’s Middle East Misadventure… but it was those same Neocons who rode W right into Iraq. Basically, they use GOP candidates like Edgar Bergen used Charlie McCarthy. And if Rubio fails? They’ve got their bases covered with Jeb.

George Stephanopoulos Discloses $50,000 Contribution to Clinton Foundation
A couple weeks ago the former Clintonista went hammer-and-tongs on the author of the Clinton Cash, which details the sticky relationship between the Clinton Foundation and a variety of influence-seeking CEOs and nations. But… somehow… Boyish George failed to disclose that he had a $50k dog in the fight. Now that the cat is outta’ the bag, he’s apologized and dropped out as moderator of a forthcoming GOP debate.

HR2048, USA Freedom Act, Passed 338-88. Here’s Why I Voted No:
Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) has been one of Congress’ most vocal critics of the NSA and its bulk data collection regime. So, you’d think he—like most of the media—would be celebrating a “victory” that “ends” warrantless spying. But he isn’t. In fact, he’s identified a gaping loophole that allows it to continue through a procedural ploy that gives agencies carte blanche to tap into the databases of phone companies.


Autonomous Cars Will Destroy Millions of Jobs and Reshape US Economy by 2025
America’s monogamous love affair with the car is coming to an end. And, as the era of privately-owned cars gives way to a future filled with ride-sharing robots, the dominant economic paradigm is going to shift radically. This revolution will cut down traditional automakers and gut “ancillary industries” like automobile insurance, automotive finance, the parking industry, and the automotive aftermarket. All those services depend on drivers and the cost of repairing or insuring against their errors. Prognosticators are predicting a wave of obsolescence.


Why Adults Are Chugging a Drink Made for Infants
Pedialyte is an electrolyte-filled drink designed for ailing children. But social media is driving a whole new market—adults seeking a boost after exercise or a morning “cure” after a boozy night. And it’s driving up sales, which grew 22% since 2012 to a new high of $102 million. Now, Abbott Laboratories has unveiled a new “See the Lyte” ad campaign that will appear at 144 music festivals and sporting events. They’re also Tweeting to hipsters looking to get in touch with their dehydrated inner child..

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