RadioWhoWhatWhy: Riotland: Flashing Back from Freddie Gray to Rodney King
by Jeff Schechtman
It’s been 23 years since the 1992 race riots in LA sparked by the murder of Rodney King. With Baltimore smoldering, what’s really changed?

2016 Presidential Race: WhoWhatWhy Curates the Best of the Media Stream
by The WhoWhatWhy Team
Following the candidates and the controversies with a WhoWhatWhy view. Want beauty contests and horse races? You won’t find them here. The stories which help you make a real judgment? Here’s where you start.


One of Jeb Bush’s Top Advisers on Israel: George W. Bush
The Next Bush in Line “surprised” a group of Manhattan money-givers when he revealed his go-to source for advice on US–Israel policy issues… yup, he seeks the sage counsel of the Last Bush in Line. Really, don’t we all wish W was, in fact, the “last Bush in line?” No such luck. And by saying he’s turning to his brother George for advice on Israel, Jeb has scored an Evangelical two-fer because W talks to God when he seeks foreign policy advice. Amen.

O’Reilly: ‘Jesus Would Not Have Sponsored’ ‘Insulting’ Muhammad Contest
You know you’re doing something wrong when your anti-Muslim campaigning runs afoul of Fox News. That’s exactly what’s happened to Pamela Geller after her Muhammad cartoon contest sparked a lone wolf attack. Bill O’Reilly and even Rev. Franklin Graham, a noted critic of all things Muslim, have criticized a still-unrepentant Geller. And she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

The Rise of Men Who Don’t Work, and What They Do Instead
In the 1960s nearly all men age 25 to 54 worked. Only 5 out of 100 men didn’t work. By 2000, the number of men who didn’t work had doubled. And that means men are dropping out of the workforce in unprecedented numbers. The reasons are varied—going back to school, becoming disabled, early retirement. But with a new jobs report showing another decline in unemployment while the number of workers dropping out of the workforce increases, it raises questions about the overall health of the job market.


The U.K. Election: How a Night of Political Surprise Unfolded
In spite of weeks of polling indicating a tight race, the Tories notched a stunning victory over Labor… and Labor suffered a staggering loss at the hands of the Scottish National Party. Labour Party Leader Ed Milliband has resigned. And so has Nick Clegg, the leader of the eviscerated Liberal Democrat Party. The upshot is that the Tories now have the numbers to govern without the Lib Dems.

Marvel’s “Feminist Paradise”
The New Yorker looks at the long struggle to establish female characters in comic books… and the ham-handed attempts by Marvel and DC Comics to create viable female superheroes that are not merely analogs of existing male characters or, even worse, just sexy vixens with substantial cleavages.


Shell’s Oil Rig is Already Falling Apart—and it Hasn’t Even Left for the Arctic
One of the primary beneficiaries of global warming is Shell Oil. The global warming they’ve been profiting off of is also opening up the melting Arctic to oil and gas exploration! So, they’ve got an oil rig ready to go. Well, almost ready to go. In what may be the most ironic snafu of the week, they cannot get underway because an “anti-pollution” device on the rig is malfunctioning. When they get it working, maybe they can install it in Shell’s boardroom.

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