An All-American Independence Day Primary
By DonkeyHotey, Klaus Marre and Maria Adelmann
If three’s a crowd, then 19’s a party.


Angela’s Ashes: How Merkel Failed Greece and Europe
On Sunday, the Greeks sent a resounding message to the Eurozone’s leadership by overwhelmingly voting “No” on the bailout referendum. But it’s the hard-line stance of German Chancellor Angela Merkel that Greeks specifically rejected. In fact, the stand-off is as much about Greece’s complicated relationship with Europe’s de facto leader as it is about the looming threat of a Grexit and the possible failure of the euro. And keep an eye on Spain.

China Brokers Dust Off Wall Street Playbook From 1929 Crash
Yes, you read that correctly. While the world was obsessing on Greece, China’s stock market has been bleeding… profusely. Chinese stimulus efforts have failed to stem the tide and now China’s leading financial firms are looking back to the Crash of 1929 for lessons on how to staunch the epic retreat: to the tune of $3 trillion lost in stock value over the last three weeks. Whoa.


The New Cold War
Thanks to climate change and rapidly warming waters, a whole new world is opening up in the Arctic region… and the scramble for dominance is underway. Newsweek bemoans America’s lagging efforts in the race to dominate this new frontier. But fear not… the Obama Administration’s approval of a Shell Oil drilling operation is just the beginning of yet-another move to suck the planet dry.


Why Join Islamic State?
The great Patrick Cockburn writes extensively and compellingly about the fight against the year-old “caliphate,” the creeping ineffectiveness of US airstrikes, the continuing, disastrous impact of the Bush Administration’s decision to disband Saddam’s army in 2003… and the inability of Washington and Baghdad to rebuild it after the post-Saddam version fell to ISIS fighters.

Is Climate Change to Blame for Increased Number of Shark Attacks?
The Discovery Channel must be in heaven. The arrival of “Shark Week” is timing out perfectly with the arrival of unprecedented numbers of sharks along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. And fear of attacks is garnering a whole bunch of free media… thanks to a predictable cable news feeding frenzy. North Carolina has become a “hot-spot” for sharks. “Hot spot” is the operative phrase because unseasonably warm waters and drought conditions mean less freshwater pumping into the coastal waters. That means a higher salt content in the water around beaches. Surprise! Sharks prefer warm, salty water. Go figure.

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