Outside the Box Video Series: The Century of the Self
by Christian Stork
Ever feel surrounded by things you don’t need? There could be a deep-seated psychological reason for it. This classic four-part documentary series chronicles the rise of advertising and the development of Freudian psychology. Think you own your mind? You may want to think again.

2016 Presidential Race: WhoWhatWhy Curates the Best of the Media Stream
by The WhoWhatWhy Team
Following the candidates and the controversies with a WhoWhatWhy view. Want beauty contests and horse races? You won’t find them here. The stories which help you make a real judgment? Here’s where you start.


N.S.A. Phone Data Collection Is Illegal, Appeals Court Rules
Uncle Sam’s Big Brother finally took one on the chin when a three-judge panel issued a 97-page ruling stating that bulk collection of phone records is illegal. At issue is Section 215 of the Patriot Act that, according to broad interpretations by spy agencies and secret FISA courts, was said to allow collection of everything short of cheek swabs. Although the ruling is a technical victory for enthusiasts of the Bill of Rights, the court did not issue an injunction halting the illegal program. Go figure.

Stephen Colbert Funds $800,000 in Grants for South Carolina Public School Teachers
The South Carolina native, star satirist and soon-to-be host of David Letterman’s long-running late night show just put his money where his mouth is… and where his home-state’s budget obviously is not. Colbert announced that he’d fund every outstanding grant request on an educational crowdfunding site. Alas, teachers in America have to resort to a crowdfunding site to raise money for their schools and classrooms.


Global Carbon Dioxide Levels Break 400ppm Milestone
The world has reached a new milestone. Sadly, it is also a millstone around the planet’s neck. According to the latest data from National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide surpassed 400ppm for the first time in human history… reaching levels not seen for 1 million years! The key takeaway is that half of that meteoric rise occurred since 1980. Say “Goodnight,” Gracie.

Fact or fiction? Rogue police force claims ties to ancient Knights Templar
Here’s a poser… Are the Knights Templar still active and, if so, what are they doing running around Los Angeles pretending to be police officers? That’s exactly what a three-person cell calling themselves the “Masonic Fraternal Police Department” claimed when they were arrested for impersonating police officers. Founded during the First Crusade in 1119 A.D., the legendary order has become the subject of both intense speculation and perennial fascination. As for the Masons, they denied harboring a secret police force.


There’s a New Cryptocurrency Coming, and it’s Backed by Gold
Bitcoin’s recent decline into irrelevance threw cold water on the underground effort to free the economy from the Fed’s fiat currency system. Enter the “Hayek.” Named after a popular Nobel-winning Austrian economist, the biggest difference between it and other cryptocurrencies is that this one is backed by actual gold. Sure, gold fluctuates like anything else. But it doesn’t just evaporate electronically like other “popular” forms of currency. Just sayin’.

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