Will Mexico’s Oil Give the U.S. Another Excuse for Covert Intervention?
by Douglas Lucas
The drug war brought U.S. commandos into Mexico, but the opening of the country’s once publicly-owned energy resources to foreign investors may provide justification for the secretive American presence there to escalate—especially if the cartels are successfully painted as “narcoterrorists.”


In Florida, Officials Ban Term ‘Climate Change’
Do you wonder how will we ever stop climate change? Don’t worry, political leaders at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) are on it. They came up with a novel solution to climate change that is amazingly simple. Since Republican Gov. Rick Scott took office in 2011, the state simply made climate change go away. It was like magic … poof! No one was allowed to talk about it, mention it in emails or in official reports. And Florida’s DEP, which sits on the frontlines of rising sea levels, was told to refer to the rising tide as “nuisance flooding.” Voilà! Problem solved!

As It Approaches Fiscal Cliff, Beijing Hits The Gas Pedal
China is a threat to the U.S. China “owns” America. China could foreclose on America in the blink of an eye. China-China-China! Obama is even warning Americans that China will take over Pacific trade if the U.S. doesn’t adopt the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty. But there is a problem with all that China hoo-ha: China’s economy is slowing down … like a car slows down when it drives into a ditch.

Republicans Warn Iran — and Obama — That Deal Won’t Last
Perhaps emboldened by Bibi Netanyahu’s controversial attempt to torpedo negotiations with Iran, 47 Congressional Republicans have warned Iran in an open letter that any deal they sign with Obama can, and probably will, be nixed by the next president … or by Congress … or by some combo of the two.

Jeb Bush Calls Net Neutrality ‘Craziest’ Idea I’ve Ever Heard
The Next Bush In Line must live a sheltered life. Apparently he hasn’t heard about: 1) President Obama’s drone war “kill list” 2) the unwillingness of Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) to believe climate change is real because God controls the weather 3) His brother’s idea to transform the Middle East into a bunch of rainbow-loving, unicorn-herding democracies by illegally destroying Iraq under false pretenses. Didn’t get the memo?


Gender Gaps Persist in Most of the World’s Countries
Yesterday was International Women’s Day. Today, Newsweek features a study describing the plight and progress of women around the world. The data comes from 197 countries and it’s as uneven as you’d expect—with women faring better in places like Sweden and Canada, but lagging badly in constitutional protections of gender equality in Saudi Arabia and the United States. Key takeaways include: the persistence of child marriage (which is really “girl” marriage), the ubiquity of wage inequality, the lack of maternal leave in nine countries (America is one of the nine) and the lack of education for 65 million girls around the world.


Oil Can’t Compete With Renewables, Says National Bank of Abu Dhabi
Oil is a losing proposition. Over time, it simply cannot compete with renewables like solar. In fact, solar is already becoming a far more cost-effective source of energy. That’s the upshot of a new report by the very people who should know something about the future of oil—bankers in one of the world’s richest oil capitals.

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