WhoWhatWhy Investigation Shows Broke Teens Rot in Chicago Jails for Years Awaiting Trials
By Ralph Lopez
In response to a WhoWhatWhy Freedom of Information Act request, Chicago officials admitted that many teens who are unable to make bail sit in the city’s jails, sometimes for years, before their cases go to trial.


Al Gore Criticizes Obama on Climate Change and ‘Insane’ Arctic Drilling
In an exclusive interview with The Guardian, the self-described “recovering politician” lambasted President Obama’s decision to allow Shell Oil to steam into the Arctic. In addition to calling for a ban on all Arctic oil exploration, Gore predicted that the world will reach an agreement on climate at the upcoming Paris talks. It will be none-too-soon for a world increasingly worried about climate change.

President Obama Should Visit Solitary Confinement Cell to See True Suffering
Today, the President made history by becoming the first sitting president to visit a federal prison. But Ron Stief of Religion News Service believes President Obama should take his push for criminal justice reform a step further… and step into the stark world of solitary confinement. He could also direct the Justice Department to send some bankers to jail, too.

Meet the Giant Hero Rats Training to Sniff up Cambodia’s Landmines
Decades of war have left an estimated 4 to 6 million landmines and unexploded ordinances throughout the Cambodian landscape. Over 64,000 people have died so far from tripping the deadly remnants. And clearing them is a daunting task. But 15 African giant pouched rats are riding to the rescue. They’ve been trained to detect landmines by a Belgian non-profit organization. Their reward? A tasty bit of banana and the appreciation of anyone who gets to keep their limbs after walking through a field.


A Revolving Door in the Nuclear Weapons Industry
Reveal—a project of The Center for Investigative Reporting—launched a series on nuclear weapons with this look at the profitable web of influence behind the nuclear weapons industry. Their graphic interface charts the history of the industry and the specious profiteering between officials at US nuclear labs, private business and politicians. Reveal followed-up with a perfectly-timed story (hello, Iran) on the big bomb that convinced President Obama to break his promise to curtail America’s nuclear weapons arsenal.


The Most Interesting Things NASA Learned About Pluto
NASA is far out, man! Their New Horizons probe is a big success and the information it sent back to Earth is, in terms of planetary science, both “shocking” and “unexpected.” Among the highlights are Pluto’s polar ice cap, a young mountain range comparable to the Rocky Mountains and the larger-than-expected size of the ninth stone from the sun. It’s reopened a long-standing debate… is Pluto a planet or not a planet? That is the question. .

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