Dzhokhar Tsarnaev now faces the sentencing phase of his trial, even with some crucial questions about the case left unanswered.
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev now faces the sentencing phase of his trial, even with some crucial questions about the case left unanswered.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev now faces the sentencing phase of his trial, even with some crucial questions about the case left unanswered.

We asked each member of our Boston Marathon Bombing reporting team to share their personal experience or perspective on one aspect of the bombing or the trial. Stay tuned for more personal perspectives like this as the trial concludes.

It took a jury just over 11 hours to find Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev guilty of 30 counts in connection with the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11. Federal prosecutors argued Tsarnaev, 21, deliberately “shredded the bodies” of his victims and waged violent jihad to “punish Americans.”

Assistant US Attorney Aloke Chakravarty portrayed Tsarnaev as a heartless terrorist who, along with his  brother Tamerlan, carried out the April 2013 attacks that killed three and injured 264 others.

But while evidence of Tsarnaev’s culpability—including an admission of guilt from his own defense team—virtually guaranteed a guilty verdict, that wasn’t enough to stop prosecutors from twisting important facts to suit their own agenda.

Referencing “bomb-making” paraphernalia seized from Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s apartment, Chakravarty told the court that, “there is evidence, at least in part, that the bombs were built at 410 Norfolk Street.”

What the jury didn’t know is that in May 2014, prosecutors said they had no evidence the bombs were constructed at Norfolk Street, and in October 2014, a year-and-a-half after the bombings, the FBI said it still had no idea where the bombs were built, or who actually built them.

A remnant of the pressure-cooker bomb that exploded at the 2013 Boston Marathon.

A remnant of the pressure-cooker bomb that exploded at the 2013 Boston Marathon.

The government’s own witness, FBI explosives expert David McCollum, testified he could not determine where the bombs were constructed—a fact seemingly forgotten by Chakravarty during closing arguments Monday.

And when prosecutors tried to explain away the total lack of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s fingerprints on the ‘bomb making’ materials, they simply tossed aside the pressing issue of who really constructed the marathon bombs and where:

Inspire magazine [an Al Qaeda publication] advises to wear gloves when building bombs—it could mean the defendant was wearing gloves,” said Chakravarty. “But more important than who built the bombs is how they used the things.”

While no one was expecting anything other than a guilty verdict for Tsarnaev, the question of who built the bombs and where is a salient one. It should concern anyone who would seek to prevent future bombings.

In the rush to condemn Dzhokhar to death, why is the government seemingly content to ignore evidence that might point to the involvement of others in the planning and execution of the attack? What is their overall objective here?

For context, see this article in the Christian Science Monitor, on a recent case in which the FBI lured an unstable young man into a bomb plot and then practically handed him a bomb—albeit one that, at least in that case, was inert. This follows a long history of the FBI “helping” those expressing anger at the US to fulfill their wildest fantasies of revenge, before busting them. That the FBI was in contact with Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the now-dead elder brother of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, prior to the Boston bombings, obviously deserves much more attention given the uncertain provenance of the bombs themselves.

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  3. Civilian P.I says:

    So he did not “make” the bombs so he is innocent? The 9/11 hijackers did not make the airplanes they crashed into the world trade center either so are they to innocent? You people are disgusting

  4. John Washburn says:

    Ms. Potter I sent a copy of my ongoing FOIA requests regarding video and audio from a particular camera that overlooked the blast / injury zone to the WhWhWh New York city mailing address. The answers so far are : no such video (or audio) was secured by the Boston Police or by the Mass. State Police. Still waiting on the FBI response. I would like to forward this FOIA info to a *zealous* attorney (as opposed to Clarke). Any help would be appreciated. I will continue to pursue on my own but if you can work this into your schedule, then my contact information is contained within the envelope sent to whoWhatWhy.

  5. onetree says:

    Possible life in federal prison for Booker when no harm was done, it wasn’t even his idea, and the guy even says the materials were inert. Completely insane! I’ll bet he didn’t even build it and probably didn’t make those posts about jihad. That’s just standard B.S. and I don’t believe any of these “terrorism” stories anymore at all.

    I assume part of the reason why they make up these ridiculous stories of terror plots is because we are supposed to be very afraid and allow the “congress” to take away more of our rights and privileges in order to “keep us safe” or at least not be surprised when they pass laws that further limit and constrict our lives. A pretty silly idea when it seems fairly clear that the FBI/DHS/CIA national security state seems to be behind each and every one of these “terrorist” events and plots. But, I suspect there are much more sinister motives at work here and the limitations on freedom and the subjugation of the constitution are just means to those ends.

    The idea of sending a young kid to some maximum security underground prison in Colorado is an absolutely terrifying idea and completely unacceptable even if he were guilty, which I don’t believe he is.

  6. sk1951 says:

    CIA… This is long and not easy to watch but if you do make it thru it…you will be amazed.

    • onetree says:

      This is a pretty detailed video showing and talking about details I never knew before. Thanks for posting the link.

  7. ETNIKS says:

    What about “uncle Rusland” who became famous after the bombings, coming out in many TV interviews claiming his nephews were criminals, all along the TV “journalists” never making the close connection of the uncle with the CIA.

    As described here “uncle Rusland” happens to be the son in law of the CIA’s point man for …… Chechenya Graham Fuller and has been living in Fuller’s home for a year AFTER Rusland divorced Fuller’s daughter. In fact Rusland had been running the “Congress of Chechyen” right from the same address as the CIA’s point man Fuller owns before the attacks!!!

    There is a smelly rat in all of this, but as usual the Corporate press is blind to it.

  8. onetree says:

    “It took a jury just over 11 hours to find Boston Marathon bomber
    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev guilty of 30 counts in connection with the worst
    terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11.” I resent your sentence here. There has been no credible evidence given to back up this statement, even though the so-called jury found it to be so. With this site making such a statement, what hope can we possibly have of finding the truth?

  9. Inshort says:

    The US government has become permanently tarnished by its terrorist agenda and the oft-repeated scenario of making certain that any convicted “terrorist” is never given the opportunity to defend himself or be defended… How can this not sicken anyone who has had time to contemplate its meaning?

    Think of Lee Oswald, remember Timothy McVeigh; and don’t forget Osama bin Laden who was apparently in a hospital in Pakistan under the careful watch of the ISI (Pakistani intelligence service, a close ally of the CIA) on September 10, 2001, the eve of the 9/11 attacks which he was said to have planned and carried out.

    Pardon me! But that is–and was–pure BS, demonstrated by the fact that as soon as OBL served his purpose the Shrub forgot about him — until, of course, BO got in the act to make up more stories.

    What I and every other American who cares about justice should ask is: Who were the real perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings? Who made the bombs? What was the motive?

    Let us not let one more innocent patsy like Dzokhar Tsarnaev be sacrificed to erase responsibility for the horrific crimes committed by the real monsters who are running the US government today. Remember: These shysters, crooks and deep state criminals have had tons of experience.

  10. oh_look says:

    Plus, there were hundreds of sealed documents on this case. Could there possibly have been something about Officer Collier and Tamerlan knowing each other? There was an article that mentions they went to college together. If the Tsarnaev’s had reached out to Collier that night, the authorities would have had foreknowledge.

  11. oh_look says:

    The author states that “no one was expecting anything other than a guilty verdict..”, and even the title of this article references Tsarnaev as “guilty”, but then she goes on to talk about the unanswered questions.
    Gee, if you have unanswered questions and much of the so-called “evidence” that the Prosecution presented is dubious and sometimes downright not true, Wouldn’t it be better to not infer that the “guilty verdict” is accurate?
    Come on, this verdict was based on “evidence” that anyone could have faked. They didn’t provide one thing that could be proven without a doubt…unless there is no defense.

    And then to use the 8 year old boy over and over again to draw on the emotions of the jury was absolutely disgusting. I’m sad for the families that lost people, but that little 8 year old boy isn’t the only child victim of bombings in the world. The U.S. is soaked in the blood of children that have died by the thousands in just the last 12 years by U.S. bombings, both by drones and pilot operated bomber planes.

  12. oh_look says:

    What about Tamerlan’s wife, Katherine. The reason they leave her alone is because she has a Private attorney.

  13. The Interrogator says:

    What is their “overall objective”?——ANSWER—-to frame the patsy’s.
    LIARS are LIARS, and they cannot make sense, no matter how hard they try.
    The government has the POWER over the Federal court. That’s why they took this case out of the hands of the STATE system. They went against the Constitution to do so. When your government turns AUTHORITARIAN and is run by a few rich men of a Banking Cabal in the West, then you are in trouble!

  14. llewellynh says:

    Mystifying to me that his sister-in-law was not required to testify because apparently she may have been the person who purchased the pressure cookers. She also would not have been able to claim spousal privilege because her husband was dead and it certainly didn’t apply to her brother-in-law. Too many loose strings.

    • onetree says:

      The problem for the official story is that Katherine knows the truth, which would mess things up for the prosecution. Apparently, she’s not willing to lie for them and so she got some sort of deal to keep quiet. At least, that’s my best guess at this time.

  15. danny j says:

    The prosecution literally argued that the lack of Dzhokar’s fingerprints on the bombs was evidence he built them!

    Tamerlan’s prints were found on parts of the bombs.

    But a huge issue is where the gunpowder came from. The Feds say it came from 2 packages of fireworks that Tamerlan bought. But they say the 2 Marathon bombs contained 8 pounds of powder and there was a 3rd pressure cooker bomb from the site of the shoot out. Additionally, they found 3 pounds in a plastic container in their vehicle and at least a half dozen pipe bombs, exploded and not.

    This totals at least 20 pounds of powder, but those 2 packages of fireworks would have less than 2 pounds of powder in them.

    Another unanswered question is who detonated the marathon bombs and how.

    To me, it looks like Tamerlan was sucked into another FBI sting/drill operation, but I can’t find anything that ties Dzhokar to the plot or the bombing itself.

    • onetree says:

      This whole pressure cooker bomb story seems pretty unlikely. There is a letter that’s been put out by the American Pyrotechnics Association that talks about the fireworks and how little explosive powder is actually contained in them. Fingerprints, blood sampling, and everything else in this case could have been easily faked by the FBI/DHS/CIA and whoever else is actually involved in it.

      There really isn’t anything in this case that can be trusted since there is no transparency and no real defense has been provided or allowed.

  16. jane24 says:

    Good to see that even the msm are beginning to question the lack of information as to where the bombs were built and by whom! (The Boston Globe springs to mind.) Imo the most recent “domestic terror plot” to be “foiled” by the FBI, (John T. Booker Jr., / Mohammed Abdullah Hassan), is yet another reason for any rational thinker to question the FBI’s possible, (or likely?), involvement in the bombing of the Boston Marathon.

    • lofty1 says:

      Just another in a long list of FBI concocted terror attacks.
      My question is, are there any good guys left in the FBI and don’t they see how wrong all of this is?

    • oh_look says:

      The good ones who figure it out are probably scared to say anything when they see their peers getting killed: Those two FBI agents that died off the coast of Virginia shortly after the BMB, were both with the special forces team that was at the boat arrest. They were supposedly in a “training exercise” 12 miles off coast of Virginia and they both “fell to their deaths” from helicopter.
      Also, a couple weeks ago one of the cops at the Watertown shootout was shot (the story behind that sounds strange too).

    • Inshort says:

      Yes! Exactly… this is how they shut people up — and fudge the evidence. SICK! Beyond Belief!

    • danny j says:

      Thanks for the reminder about the FBI agents involved in the Todashev killing dying in a “freak helicopter training accident.”

      From the newspaper article:

      “The official blamed bad weather for the incident and said the agents – members of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, based in Quantico – fell into the water.”

      Well, I just dug up the weather report for Virginia Beach for May 17, 2013 – the day of the “accident.”

      Minimum Temperature
      63.0 °F
      Maximum Temperature
      78.1 °F
      Mean Sea Level Pressure
      30.03 IN
      Total Precipitation
      0.00 IN
      10.0 MI
      Mean Wind Speed
      7.25 MPH
      Maximum Sustained Wind Speed
      9.90 MPH

      You couldn’t have a more mild and lovely Spring day. The only way weather could have played a role in those agents falling to their deaths is if they thought it a perfect day for a swim and dove in.

    • llewellynh says:

      Little bit late though.

    • jane24 says:

      Yes, more than a little bit late! I’m actually really surprised that the msm is questioning anything and do not expect them to be persistent in their questioning.

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