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Monday, October 14

The New York Times has reported that Bill Gates had more contact with Jeffrey Epstein than Gates had previously admitted. Epstein’s New York townhouse could be for sale soon, as contractors work discreetly to dismantle his possessions and empty the mansion. According to one source, “The property will be completely wiped of his existence. That is the only way the mansion will retain any value for sale.”

Here’s today’s lineup…

Investigating Jeffrey Epstein…

Bill Gates Met With Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past — New York Times (paywall)

Epstein Estate’s First Legal Bill in Fight Against Accusers: $90,000 — New York Times (paywall)

Jeffrey Epstein’s $56M mansion could be on the market soon — Page Six

‘He’s kind of a Schindler’: Ghislaine Maxwell said Jeffrey Epstein was like Holocaust hero to South African girl he sponsored for access to girls- but cut her off when she refused to skip cello recital and meet Prince Andrew — Daily Mail

Thursday, October 10

Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyers continue to push back against the conclusion that he committed suicide. According to NYU School of Law professor Stephen Gillers, suicide can be “introduced in court to show consciousness of guilt amounting to a confession.” A New York Magazine article explores other possible reasons for Epstein’s lawyers to challenge suicide as the cause of death. In addition, an interview with a former butler suggests that Epstein may have known in advance about his July arrest that would take place at Teterboro Airport.

In the Southern District of New York, accuser Jennifer Araoz expanded her lawsuit against Epstein’s estate to include four female enablers and more than 20 corporate defendants associated with him. Ghislaine Maxwell’s disappearance continues to prevent Araoz’s legal team from serving a separate lawsuit for her alleged participation with Epstein as his madame.

Here’s today’s lineup…

Investigating Epstein…

Why Are Jeffrey Epstein’s Lawyers Still Questioning That He Killed Himself? — New York Magazine

Jeffrey Epstein knew in advance about his arrest in July reveals his butler, who says the pedophile called to tell him the news before FBI agents seized him at airport — Daily Mail

Jeffrey Epstein accuser expands lawsuit against estate, alleged enablers — Reuters

What Did Jeffrey Epstein Contribute to the MIT Media Lab? — Slate

Epstein’s Tangled Web…

Whereabouts of Ghislaine Maxwell a mystery, attorney for Jeffrey Epstein victim Jennifer Araoz says — New York Daily News

Duke of York hires new spin doctor as Channel 4 investigates links to convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein — Telegraph

Monday, October 7

Criminal defense attorney Leonard Goodman gives WhoWhatWhy an original on Jeffrey Epstein’s “illegal” non-prosecution agreement and why it was such a heavily guarded secret.

One of Epstein’s accusers, Maria Farmer, has an Epstein-related lawsuit filed against Leslie Wexner.  She holds him “responsible for what happened” because at Wexner’s Ohio residence she was held against her will by Wexner’s security staff — after the alleged assault — until her father came to pick her up.  Cypress Inc., the company that Epstein owned, is trying to keep 1,200 acres of trust land near Epstein’s Zorro ranch.

Here’s today’s lineup…

WhoWhatWhy: Original Content

Jeffrey Epstein ‘Belonged to Intelligence’? — WhoWhatWhy

Investigating Epstein…

Exclusive: Executor of Jeffrey Epstein’s estate – named in new lawsuit – was seen removing a bag of items from the pedophile’s mansion the day after his suicide…and after millionaire had admitted to having ‘damaging’ dirt on high-powered house guests — Daily Mail

Epstein company seeking to keep leases — Albuquerque Journal

Epstein Flaunted Girls After His Arrest at Hair Salon for the Stars — Daily Beast

Epstein’s Tangled Web…

Epstein accuser holds Victoria’s Secret billionaire responsible, as he keeps his distance — Washington Post (paywall)

French Epstein associate ready to take police questions: lawyer — Yahoo News

Alan Dershowitz and the wheel of pain — Columbia Journalism Review

Prince Andrew Claims 2010 Epstein Visit Was a Friendship Breakup — The Cut 

Princess Diana’s killer found (yet again) and Epstein scandal blackmail, in this week’s dubious tabloids. — Boing Boing

Thursday, October 3

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims has appealed a Florida district court’s ruling denying his victims relief for violations of their rights under the Crime Victims’ Rights Act, stemming from his lenient 2008 non-prosecution deal. Mother Jones shines a light on the immunity given to Epstein’s co-conspirators under the same non-prosecution agreement, while Vanity Fair and Town & Country examine Epstein’s methods for infiltrating the world of the rich and powerful.

Here’s today’s lineup…

Investigating Jeffrey Epstein…

Jeffrey Epstein raked in $200 million after legal and financial crises — New York Times

For Jeffrey Epstein, one island hideaway wasn’t enough. How he stealthily acquired a second — Miami Herald

Jeffrey Epstein’s sex victims turn to appeals court after judge denies relief — Miami Herald

Virginia Giuffre wants anonymous man in Ghislaine Maxwell suit revealed — New York Post

An actual conspiracy kept Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplices out of prison — Mother Jones

“Jeffrey had a way of making these people materialize”: Epstein’s grift was to hook scientists up with the superrich — Vanity Fair

How Jeffrey Epstein got away with it for so long — Town & Country Magazine

Tangled in Epstein’s Web…

Epstein’s pal Jean-Luc Brunel quietly sells off his infamous modeling biz — Daily Beast

Fergie Questioned: Sarah Ferguson quizzed about under-fire Prince Andrew for first time since Jeffrey Epstein scandal erupted — The Sun

Alan Dershowitz argues against Ghislaine Maxwell’s plea for secrecy in Jeffrey Epstein case — New York Daily News

Alan Dershowitz’s new book will counter the #MeToo movement — New York Post

More From Podcasts…

The Mysterious Mr. Epstein — Wondery

The reporter who brought down Jeffrey Epstein — WHYY

Monday, September 30

A new report sheds further light on Epstein’s efforts to gain access to elite science and technology circles through his support for the Edge Foundation, to which he was the largest donor. Prince Andrew’s ties to Epstein are also getting heightened scrutiny by the FBI. And,  former police officer John Mark Dougan, who claimed asylum in Russia, has now released a statement to explain his connection to the Epstein case.

Here’s today’s lineup…

Investigating Jeffrey Epstein…

How Jeffrey Epstein bought his way into an exclusive intellectual boys club — BuzzFeed News

Bill Gates’ former advisor Boris Nikolic turns down role as executor of Jeffrey Epstein’s estate — New York Post

Gloria Allred no longer representing Jeffrey Epstein accuser — New York Post

Looking at Others Involved With Epstein… 

Epstein’s butler dishes on Paris pad guests including Bill Gates, Steve Bannon — New York Post

FBI aggressively expanding Jeffrey Epstein investigation into Prince Andrew — Law & Crime

Prince Andrew ‘regularly visited Paris home where Jeffrey Epstein abused young women’ — The Sun

‘Dark forces are at play’ Prince Andrew’s Jeffrey Epstein underage sex scandal leaves ex cop ‘whistleblower’ fearing for his life — The Sun

John Mark Dougan “BadVolf”…

About the connection between Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein — BadVolf

The saga of ‘BadVolf’: A fugitive American cop, his Russian allies, and a DNC hoax — Daily Beast

FBI agents raid home of PBSO critic for computer crimes and hacking — New Times Broward Palm Beach

Thursday, September 26

podcast by writer/director Adam McKay explores the theory that Jeffrey Epstein obtained his wealth through a Ponzi scheme. If this theory is proved, the government could seize his assets and distribute them to his victims.

Attorney Alan Dershowitz appeared in court this week. He is being sued by Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre for defamation. Dershowitz has claimed that she is lying about his alleged abuse — both on social media and to journalists.

Here’s today’s lineup…

Investigating Epstein and His Alleged Crimes…

French police search Jeffrey Epstein’s Paris apartment — Guardian

Jeffrey Epstein arranged payoffs for women’s silence from jail — Page Six

Could the government claim the Jeffrey Epstein estate’s money on behalf of victims? — PR Newswire

Exclusive: PBSO deputy who guarded Jeffrey Epstein on work release witnessed unusual treatment — West Palm Beach 5

Others Tangled in Epstein’s Web…

Dershowitz: Epstein victim accused billionaire Les Wexner of sex abuse ‘to obtain money’ — Daily Beast

Ex-Florida cop accuses FBI of covering up Prince Andrew’s role in Jeffrey Epstein scandal — New York Post

Police locate Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘missing’ French associate in South America, say reports — The Telegraph

More in the Media…

Sony Pictures Television to shop Jeffrey Epstein story as limited series after optioning Conchita Sarnoff book ‘TrafficKing’ — Deadline

ICYMI: Broken: Jeffrey Epstein — Apple Podcast

Broken: Jeffrey Epstein Podcast — Stitcher (Sony) Podcast

Monday, September 23

Former Palm Beach police chief Michael Reiter divulged unnerving details from the Florida investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged crimes. Reiter believes Epstein had a mole within the Palm Beach Police Department who tipped off the pedophile about the investigation, allowing Epstein to remove potential evidence ahead of being served a search warrant.

British intelligence is reportedly concerned that a former Palm Beach police officer who fled to Russia in 2016 may have provided disturbing “kompromat” (compromising material) to the Russians linking Britain’s Prince Andrew to Epstein’s activities.

Here’s today’s lineup..

Investigating Epstein and His Alleged Crimes…

Ex-Florida police chief: Epstein case ‘the worst failure of the criminal justice system’ in modern times — NBC News

Jeffrey Epstein accusers have 6 months to file claims: court papers — New York Post

Jeffrey Epstein was allowed 90 prison visits with a woman Palm Beach Police had identified as an underage rape victim – even after registering as sex offender — Daily Mail

When you are in, you can’t get out.’ Women describe how Jeffrey Epstein controlled them — Miami Herald

How a British teen model was lured into Jeffrey Epstein’s web — NBC News

Epstein Victim: Ghislaine Maxwell Made Me Recruit ‘Youngest-Looking’ Girls for Epstein — Daily Beast

Inside The Demon’s Lair: Epstein Ranch Filled With Medieval Relics, Guns And Secret Rooms — Radar Online

Epstein’s Web of Relationships…

MI6 fears Russia can link Prince Andrew to Jeffrey Epstein abuse — The Times (paywall)

TD Took Epstein Money After Deutsche Bank Kicked Out Felon — Bloomberg

MIT’s Epstein scandal kept student Mani Mengiste up at night — so she decided to fight back — Insider

Revealed: Why former Australian PM’s daughter visited billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s New York lair with Prince Andrew — Daily Mail

New details reveal acrimonious split between Epstein and Duke of York — CNN

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Friday, September 20

MIT staff and professors submitted a letter to university President L. Rafael Reif, demanding to know the full extent of the institution’s professional, financial, and personal ties with Jeffrey Epstein. Also, more news has emerged from within the scientific community about the relationship between Epstein and science. “Nerd-tunnel vision” is what some have called the practice in which elite institutions ignored ethical questions about Epstein when accepting his donations.

Additional revelations will likely come later tonight, as NBC’s Dateline is set to air an interview with six of Epstein’s accusers and Michael Reiter, the former Palm Beach Chief of Police who oversaw the original investigation into Epstein.

Here’s today’s lineup…

Investigating Epstein and his alleged crimes…

Jeffrey Epstein fallout: Ex-MIT staffers, professors demand to know extent of university’s ties — Fox News

Jeffrey Epstein accuser: ‘I was trafficked to Prince Andrew’ — Sky News

Jeffrey Epstein ‘ran a $500M Ponzi scheme fueled by insider trading and  fake stock buys, then fleeced clients by selling off $275M worth of bogus notes when money ran out, claims suit — Daily Mail

Why did Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet fly to Riyadh on the eve of the 2016 election? — Insider

Dateline NBC Exclusive: Virginia Roberts Giuffre, Jeffrey Epstein Accuser, Sits Down With Savannah Guthrie In Her First Television Interview — NBC News

Epstein and “tunnel vision” in science…

What kind of researcher did sex offender Jeffrey Epstein like to fund? He told Science before he died — Science Magazine

Jeffrey Epstein infiltrated science because it was ready to accommodate him — The Verge

Why Jeffrey Epstein loved evolutionary psychology — The Outline

Jeffrey Epstein’s friend claimed the pedophile would join a panel featuring Bill Gates and Richard Branson to drum up support for a 2014 event hosted by Arizona State University – but the billionaires were not even approached to attend — Daily Mail

Wednesday, September 18

The victims of Jeffrey Epstein have been denied their day in Florida court, as US District Judge Kenneth Marra upheld the controversial non-prosecution agreement from 2008. This new development means Epstein’s accusers have no further avenue for justice.

Meanwhile, controversy continues to swirl around Epstein’s ties to elite research universities. Students at MIT have been rallying to protest and demand immediate changes to the university’s funding practices; last Friday, students and faculty marched to MIT President Rafael Reif’s office to demand his resignation.

Here’s today’s roundup…

Investigating Epstein’s Alleged Crimes…

Judge refuses to scrap plea deal that protected Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirators — Daily Beast

Silver lining in Epstein saga: New focus on victims’ rights — AOL News

Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged abuse of teenage girl detailed in lawsuit against his estate executors — Washington Post (paywall)

Epstein Controversy Continues to Impact Institutions…

How rich donors like Epstein (and others) undermine science — Wired

Seven dilemmas the Jeffrey Epstein funding scandal creates for universities — MIT Technology Review

How Jeffrey Epstein supported Harvard after his conviction — Axios

Free software pioneer quits MIT over his comments on Epstein sex trafficking case — NPR

Exclusive: Bill Gates regrets meeting with Jeffrey Epstein — Axios

MIT students demand changes after Epstein’s close ties to university revealed — Public News Service

Students protest at MIT over donations from Jeffrey Epstein, alleged ‘cover-up’ — NBC Boston

Jeffrey Epstein’s bitcoin intrigue deserves scrutiny at MIT — Yahoo News

A look at Those Epstein Associated With…

The strange saga of Jeffrey Epstein’s link to a child star turned cryptocurrency mogul — Hollywood Reporter

Jeffrey Epstein ‘tried to sue Sarah Ferguson for calling him a paedophile’ as she scrambled to cope with the fallout over £15K gift from ex-husband Prince Andrew’s former friend to help clear her debts — Daily Mail

Monday, September 16

Another day, another elite institution caught up in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. This time it’s Stanford University. The institution admitted to receiving and spending a $50,000 donation from Epstein on its physics department — two years before his arrest for soliciting prostitution from underage girls. Epstein’s fruitful giving also reached the Santa Fe Institute (SFI), located just a one-hour drive from his infamous New Mexico ranch. He donated a total of $275,000 to SFI throughout the years.

Meanwhile, a harrowing new tale has emerged of one victim’s attempt to escape her torture from so-called Pedophile Island, which she talks about in her interview. And more was revealed about private flights Epstein took, the underage girls he traveled with, and where they were possibly headed.

Here’s today’s lineup…

Investigating Epstein’s Alleged Crimes…

Prosecutors must probe Jeffrey Epstein’s trafficking network, says British victim Sarah Ransome in first interview — Telegraph

Before arrest, Jeffrey Epstein was seen with girls exiting his jet — New York Times (paywall)

Revealed: Jeffrey Epstein’s bizarre world of guns kept next to his bed, a bedroom close to freezing and a diet of lettuce leaves at his $62m mansion — Daily Mail

Jeffrey Epstein Might Have Taken Girls as Young as 11 to His Private Island Last Year — Vice News

Institutions Tangled in Epstein’s Web…

A Harvard professor doubles down: If you take Epstein’s money, do it in secret — New York Times (paywall)

Stanford reveals it received $50,000 gift from Jeffrey Epstein — Mercury News

A minefield at universities: Whose money to take? — Boston Globe (paywall)

Jeffrey Epstein gave $275,000 to Santa Fe Institute — Albuquerque Journal

Jeffrey Epstein told a journalist he funded Sophia the robot, who he claimed would have ‘more empathy than a woman’ — Business Insider

Famed computer scientist Richard Stallman described Epstein victims as ‘entirely willing’ — Vice News

Yet another journalist who accepted favors from Jeffrey Epstein — Daily Beast

Moulton gives away cash from donor linked to Epstein — Boston Globe (paywall)

A meeting with Jeffrey Epstein led to a gift — and, now, regrets — Boston Globe (paywall)

Others Caught in Epstein’s Plot…

Steven Mnuchin’s mysterious link to creepy Epstein model scout — Daily Beast

Courtney Love claims Prince Andrew turned up at her house at 1am ‘looking for sex’ after ‘being introduced through paedo Jeffrey Epstein’ — The Sun

The night Ghislaine Maxwell tried to give me a very public sex lesson: PETRONELLA WYATT recalls an extraordinary encounter with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘pimp’ — Daily Mail

Jeffrey Epstein-controlled company donated to Ehud Barak’s political activity — Haaretz


Jeffrey Epstein case probed in new podcast Broken — Financial Times (paywall)

Friday, September 13

A month after the death of Jeffrey Epstein, various people are trying to cash in on his story. From podcasts to upcoming books, and now a Netflix series, Epstein’s life has inspired a variety of media deals with the goal of unpacking the mystery he once heavily guarded.

After MIT took a beating in the media, another prestigious university appears to be doing damage control. Harvard President Lawrence Bacow announced last night that the university has already launched an internal investigation into Epstein’s donations and his ties to staff.

Here’s today’s lineup…

Investigating Epstein’s Alleged Crimes…

“It may be the most significant scandal in American history”: the Epstein case is spawning a wave of media and Hollywood projects — Vanity Fair (paywall)

Jeffrey Epstein Used Opaque Charity Account at Deutsche Bank for Own Benefit — Wall Street Journal (paywall)

Was Jeffrey Epstein still traveling with underage girls? Feds were probing new reports — Miami Herald

Jeffrey Epstein ‘got victim, 16, to recruit over 70 underage girls for him by buying every item on her baby registry – and lost interest in sexually abusing her after she had given birth’ — Daily Mail

The Institutions Who Accepted His Dirtied Donations… 

‘I profoundly regret Harvard’s past association with him’: Bacow announces university will donate unspent Epstein gifts — The Harvard Crimson

Jeffrey Epstein ‘facilitated’ construction of Harvard University building — New York Post

‘This should not be happening’: the whistleblower who exposed MIT’s Epstein scandal — Guardian

Exclusive: MIT and Jeffrey Epstein’s billionaire enablers — Axios

MIT’s “disqualified” donors aren’t necessarily banned from donating, says Media Lab whistleblower — MIT Technology Review

MIT president says he thanked Jeffrey Epstein for gift in letter — New York Times (paywall)

Those Who Associated Themselves With Epstein…

‘I never touched the man,’ Jeffrey Epstein’s former cellmate insists in letter to Daily News — New York Daily News

The anatomy of Bill Gates’ Jeffrey Epstein-facilitated MIT donations — Axios

Exclusive: Reid Hoffman apologizes for role in Epstein-linked donations to MIT — Axios 

Adam Perry Lang flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, pilot testifies — Eater

Wednesday, September 11

As the debate over the suspicious circumstances of Jeffrey Epstein’s death has slowed down, reports on how he used his property in the US Virgin Islands continue to produce a variety of theories — including one that he built his secretive getaway as a hat-tip to ancient Egypt.

Investigations into Epstein’s alleged crimes continue in Europe, with French police urging victims and possible witnesses to step forward. In addition, after Epstein had pled guilty to soliciting prostitution from underage girls in 2008, he allegedly dined with leaders of Silicon Valley’s tech giants just three years later.

Here’s today’s lineup…

Investigating Epstein’s Alleged Crimes…

Jeffrey Epstein: French police urge victims and witnesses to come forward — Guardian

Dutch ex-model tells how she was raped by Jeffrey Epstein’s French ‘fixer’ Jean-Luc Brunel who boasted about his links to Harvey Weinstein — Daily Mail

Jeffrey Epstein’s island temple inspired dozens of conspiracy theories. We spoke to someone who went inside. — Business Insider

FOIA request apparently reveals Jeffrey Epstein’s last mugshot, plus details of investigation — Law and Crime

Jeffrey Epstein was held in same Florida jail as his victim — New York Post

Jeffrey Epstein’s NYC house staff poses with Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Fergie, Hilary Swank, Petra Nemcova, Chris Tucker and more — Daily Mail

Epstein’s Relationships With the Rich and Powerful…

All the tech moguls who have been linked to Jeffrey Epstein after he became a convicted sex offender — Business Insider

Council on Foreign Relations, another beneficiary of Epstein largesse, grapples with how to handle his donations — Washington Post (paywall)

Jeffrey Epstein directed allies to aggressively lobby for a meeting with Microsoft’s Bill Gates – he eventually got one — CNBC

Bill Gates denies donation links to Jeffrey Epstein — New York Post

Bill Gates: I met with Jeffrey Epstein because ‘he knows a lot of rich people’ — CNBC

L Brands CEO Les Wexner: I’m ‘embarrassed’ that ‘depraved’ Jeffrey Epstein took advantage of me — CNBC

In 2011, Jeffrey Epstein was a known sex offender. The leaders of Amazon, Google, and Tesla dined with him anyway. — BuzzFeed

New Details About MIT’s Relationship With Epstein… 

A trustee of Miami-based Knight Foundation resigns over ties to Jeffrey Epstein at MIT — Miami Herald

LinkedIn co-founder who started ‘decency pledge’ ran interference for MIT over Epstein — Daily Beast

MIT fundraising boss says he followed rules with Epstein donations — New York Post

A view from inside MIT: The Epstein scandal is a teachable moment for colleges and universities — Stat News

Monday, September 9

For each question answered about Jeffrey Epstein and his associates, new ones seem to arise. We now know that MIT’s Media Lab received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Epstein despite being aware of his 2008 sexual assault conviction.

Instead of choosing transparency, certain elite academic institutions worked behind the scenes to obscure their relationships with Epstein. His alleged ties to officials from schools like MIT and Brown University shed light on how far officials will go to conceal their scandalous relationships. Plus, Microsoft founder Bill Gates is denying reports that he was “directed” to donate $2 million to the Media Lab on behalf of Epstein.

Here’s today’s lineup…

Epstein Becomes a Nightmare for Some Universities…  

How an elite university research center concealed its relationship with Jeffrey Epstein — New Yorker

MIT research director with ties to Epstein quits MacArthur Foundation board — Chicago Tribune

University administrator with ties to Jeffrey Epstein placed on leave — Brown Daily Herald

MIT Media Lab director resigns after new report on hidden ties to Jeffrey Epstein — Washington Post (paywall)

He who must not be tolerated — New York Times (paywall)

MIT Media Lab co-founder’s surprise defense of Jeffrey Epstein donation — New York Post

Crisis lessons from MIT’s Jeffrey Epstein problem — PR News Online

Former MIT media lab staffer says leadership made it clear Epstein’s donations were to be kept secret — CNN

More Collateral Damage… 

Bill Gates made donations to MIT through Jeffrey Epstein — here are all of the tech mogul’s connections to the financier — Business Insider

Will Netflix pull its Bill Gates docuseries after the latest news about his ties to Jeffrey Epstein — Fast Company Magazine

Jeffrey Epstein’s modeling ties go much deeper than Victoria’s Secret — Daily Beast

Epstein’s donations to universities reveal a painful truth about philanthropy — Washington Post (paywall)

L Brands’ ties to Jeffrey Epstein aren’t its only troubles as stock loses a third of its value this year — CNBC

Investigating Epstein’s Alleged Crimes… 

Prince Andrew’s bad news weekend: New reports say he ‘raged’ at royal aide and invited Jeffrey Epstein to daughter’s 18th birthday — Mercury News

Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein attended party for Prince Andrew’s daughter — New York Post

Two women tell French investigators they were assaulted by Epstein’s friend Jean-Luc Brunel — Telegraph

Jeffrey Epstein’s first-known accuser says he posed as Victoria’s Secret recruiter — Inside Edition

What’s going to happen to Jeffrey Epstein’s NYC Mansion? — Town and Country Magazine

Friday, September 6

The federal judge who presided over Jeffrey Epstein’s criminal case is feuding with a law professor over the decision to allow Epstein’s accusers to be heard in court. Judge Richard Berman is especially vexed that Fordham professor Bruce Green attacked him for the decision without disclosing that he was an “expert” for former Epstein lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

In the meantime, Loretta Preska, the judge overseeing the federal case against Epstein, ruled on the specific parameters that determine which of the currently sealed files can eventually be made public.

Things are also getting increasingly messy at MIT. While the university’s Media Lab founder, Nicholas Negroponte, defends the decision to accept donations from Epstein, the calls for the resignation (or firing) of Joichi Ito are growing louder.

Here’s today’s lineup…

Investigating Epstein’s Alleged Crimes…

Sealed Jeffrey Epstein Court Documents Name at Least 1,000 People. A Judge Must Decide Whether to Release Them — Time

New York judge orders ‘expedited’ review of sealed lawsuit related to Jeffrey Epstein — ABC

Federal judge sets parameters for unsealing of remaining Jeffrey Epstein-related docs — Law and Crime

Judge feuds with Fordham professor over Epstein accuser hearing — New York Post

Lawyers for Epstein accuser Giuffre asking to interview Prince Andrew — ABC

Jeffrey Epstein accuser denies claims photo with Prince Andrew was faked — Guardian

More Details About Those Possibly Involved…

Can Jeffrey Epstein’s associates keep hiding much longer? — Vanity Fair (paywall)

For billionaire Glenn Dubin, the Epstein saga isn’t over — Vanity Fair (paywall)

Mystery over when Prince Andrew first met Jeffrey Epstein as flight logs detail close friendship — Washington Examiner

Prince Andrew turns off comments on his Instagram amid Jeffrey Epstein fallout — New York Post

British actress ‘distraught’ over being linked to Jeffrey Epstein’s inner circle — New York Post

New Details About Epstein’s Estate…

Everything we know about Jeffrey Epstein’s brother, Mark, who almost inherited the financier’s $500 million estate — Business Insider

Estate administration and domicile issues raised by Epstein’s suicide — New York Law Journal (paywall)

Why the feds cannot forfeit Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion — New York Law Journal (paywall)

Institutions Reeling From Epstein’s affairs…

Jail where Jeffrey Epstein died has egregious history of security breaches — Fox News

Jeffrey Epstein’s Donations Create a Schism at M.I.T.’s Revered Media Lab — New York Times (paywall)

Joi Ito should be fired from MIT’s Media Lab after taking funding from felon Jeffrey Epstein — Washington Post (paywall)

MIT Media Lab founder: Taking Jeffrey Epstein’s money was justified — MIT Technology Review

Epstein’s donations to universities reveal a painful truth about philanthropy — Washington Post (paywall)

Victoria’s Secret Had Troubles, Even Before Jeffrey Epstein — New York Times (paywall)


Who’s who in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal — Sky News

Jeffrey Epstein had a ‘Frankenstein’-like plan to analyze human DNA in the US Virgin Islands — Business Insider

Wednesday, September 4

Good news for Jeffrey Epstein’s victims who are still seeking justice: The names of hundreds of persons associated with the deceased billionaire pedophile could be made public in the near future, according to Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer.

Bad news for people who knew of the alleged crimes or participated: A judge is expected to rule soon on unsealing more court documents that would shed light on Epstein’s web of connections.

In other news, the New York Times is reporting on how Epstein recruited young girls at NYC dance studios —his “hunting ground.” Two victims came forward to allege that Epstein used other women to recruit dancers and convince them to come to his Florida mansion.

Here’s today’s lineup…

Investigating Epstein’s Alleged Crimes… 

Maxwell’s lawyer says ‘hundreds’ of names in Epstein material — Bloomberg

‘John Doe’ wants to keep documents sealed in Epstein suit — Bloomberg

Jeffrey Epstein: judge to rule on unsealing more documents — Guardian 

Judge to discuss unsealing new trove of Epstein court papers — San Francisco Gate 

Police video from Jeffrey Epstein’s Florida mansion appears to show pictures, some topless, of Ghislaine Maxwell — Fox News

HarperCollins announces deal to publish Jeffrey Epstein book by Miami Herald’s Julie Brown — Miami Herald (paywall)

We dug up Jeffrey Epstein’s old science blog. It’s as weird as you think. — The Chronicle of Higher Education (paywall)


‘Hunting ground’: How Epstein Sought Out His Alleged Victims… 

Jeffrey Epstein’s New York hunting ground: Dance studios — New York Times

A podcast from Adam McKay examines Jeffrey Epstein and his world — New York Times

“I was in disbelief”: Jeffrey Epstein targeted dancers at NYC studios, with others acting as recruiters — Pointe Magazine


What’s Next for Epstein’s Estate… 

Jeffrey Epstein’s executors need help sorting through all the claims against his estate — New York Post

Garcia Richard will terminate Jeffrey Epstein’s NM grazing leases — Albuquerque Journal

Jeffrey Epstein Florida mansion police video shows massage tables allegedly used for sex acts with minors — Fox News

What’s next for Epstein’s Zorro Ranch, where accusers say they were raped and trafficked — CBS


New Details on Epstein’s Global Reach… 

Buyer of Jeffrey Epstein’s jet has ties to sanctioned Venezuelan — McClatchy DC

FBI seizes infamous photo of Prince Andrew with Jeffrey Epstein accuser — New York Post

Prince Andrew engagements in Northern Ireland cancelled in wake of Epstein scandal — Sky News

Queen finally getting a clue? She fears Prince Andrew’s role in Epstein scandal could cause ‘lasting’ damage, reports say — Mercury News

‘COULD HAVE BEEN ME’ Prince Andrew’s ex Lady Victoria Hervey claims she was TOO OLD for Jeffrey Epstein as she was 23 when she met paedo billionaire — The Sun

Peter Mandelson pictured with Jeffrey Epstein: Labour ex-minister who’s friends with Prince Andrew shops with paedophile financier in 2005 after being introduced by Ghislane Maxwell — Daily Mail

Jeffrey Epstein’s model-scouting pal has ‘disappeared without a trace’ — New York Post

Peggy Siegal surfaces at Telluride Film Festival following Jeffrey Epstein scandal (EXCLUSIVE) — Variety

Photos seen in Jeffrey Epstein mansion raid apparently showed Fidel Castro, Pope John Paul II — Fox News



Jeffrey Epstein’s links to scientists are even more extensive than we thought — BuzzFeed 

Jeffrey Epstein and Jewish philanthropist Leslie Wexner’s relationship, explained — Haaretz 

Ohio State received millions in donations from Jeffrey Epstein — WOSU

REVEALED: We found billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s secret charity — Daily Beast

Friday, August 30

The FBI is examining two broken cameras that were positioned outside Jeffrey Epstein’s NYC jail cell. Odd circumstances like that could explain why only one in three Americans believe he died by suicide, according to a new poll by Emerson College.

Although a NYC judge officially closed the criminal investigation into Epstein’s alleged sex crimes, the judge made sure his accusers got to give their (powerful) testimony. Plus, six House Democrats have written to Attorney General William Barr, demanding more information about Epstein’s 2008 sweetheart deal with federal prosecutors in Florida.

Here’s today’s lineup…

Seeking justice After Epstein’s Death…

The Epstein story is not about celebrities and shiny objects —WhoWhatWhy

23 of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers finally got their day in court. Here’s what they said — Time

Virginia Roberts Giuffre alleges Jeffrey Epstein ordered her to massage Matt Groening’s ‘crusty feet’ — Daily Beast

New Mexico official: Retake state land leased to Epstein — AP

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina: Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers got a day in court because of a judge. Every victim deserves the same. — NBC Think

Democrats call for full investigation of Justice Department’s deal with Jeffrey Epstein — Miami Herald

More Questions Emerge About the Circumstances of Epstein’s Death… 

FBI studies two broken cameras outside cell where Epstein died: source — Reuters

Only one-third of Americans believe Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide — New York Post

Prince Andrew in Hot Water…

Boris Johnson defends Prince Andrew in light of Epstein controversy: ‘I’ve seen good he has done for UK business overseas’ — Independent

Princess Eugenie ‘to delay anti-slavery and sex trafficking podcast’ amid Prince Andrew’s Epstein scandal — The Sun

Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein: What we know and what we don’t — BBC

New Details About Epstein’s Business Connections… 

Former employees reveal what the billionaire head of Victoria’s Secret is like as a boss as he faces backlash over his ties to Jeffrey Epstein — Business Insider (paywall)

We still don’t know if Jeffrey Epstein’s money is floating around Silicon Valley, but several top venture capital firms say they’ve never accepted funds from the disgraced financier — Business Insider (paywall)

Jeffrey Epstein’s ties to Russia’s underworld will be explored in new book — Los Angeles Times

Jeffrey Epstein and the power of networks — Wired

My night with Epstein pal Jean-Luc Brunel and his terrified models — Daily Beast

Jeffrey Epstein’s little-known lawyer lands in spotlight — Wall Street Journal (paywall)

Investigating Epstein’s Alleged Crimes… 

How a ring of women allegedly recruited girls for Jeffrey Epstein — New York Times

Jeffrey Epstein: The women accused of finding girls for him — New York Times

Jeffrey Epstein criminal case officially dismissed by NYC judge — New York Daily News

What we know about Sarah Kellen, who allegedly ‘recruited’ girls for Jeffrey Epstein — The Cut

Wednesday, August 28

Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyers are back with claims that their former client died by murder rather than by suicide. Some of Epstein’s accusers have even raised suspicions about the circumstances of the wealthy financier and registered sex offender’s death.

Democratic voters are also split on the circumstances of Epstein’s death, says a new poll showing division between Sens. Bernie Sanders’s (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) supporters. Some House Dems even renewed calls for Congress to look into Epstein’s 2008 “sweetheart deal” with federal prosecutors, and his apparent suicide. In a letter yesterday Rep. Lois Frankel, co-chairwoman of the Democratic Women’s Caucus, and more than 40 House members, called on multiple committees to investigate.

Here’s today’s lineup…

Epstein’s Accusers Seek Justice…

‘I will not be silenced’: Epstein may have avoided justice, but his alleged victims spoke loudly in court — Washington Post

Actress Anouska De Georgiou says Jeffrey Epstein sexually abused her as a teen — Fox News

Epstein accuser calls on Prince Andrew to ‘come clean’ about sex allegations — NPR

Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, denied a trial, vent their fury: ‘He is a coward’ — New York Times

Democrats call on House committees to probe Epstein’s 2008 ‘sweetheart deal,’ suicide — The Hill

Investigating Epstein’s Death…

Investigators scrutinizing video outside Epstein’s cell find some footage unusable, according to people familiar with the inquiry — Washington Post

Epstein’s lawyers say evidence ‘far more consistent’ with murder than suicide — Newsweek

Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy: Bernie Sanders supporters say murder, Elizabeth Warren fans say suicide in new poll — Newsweek

Jeffrey Epstein ‘buried in unmarked tomb as his parents’ names are wiped from plots’ after paedo’s suicide — The Sun

Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyers highly ‘skeptical’ of suicide ruling, say he wasn’t ‘despairing, despondent’ before death — CNBC

Jeffrey Epstein accuser says she’s “absolutely suspicious” about his death — CBS

New Details About Epstein’s Mysterious Life… 

“I collect people, I own people, I can damage people”: The Curious Sociopathy of Jeffrey Epstein Vanity Fair

On Epstein’s ‘Little St. Jeff’s’ island, a hideaway where money bought influence — New York Times

Jeffrey Epstein’s Road Through Wall Street Was a Bumpy One — Wall Street Journal (paywall)

Newly released video shows what’s inside Jeffrey Epstein’s Florida mansion — CBS

Tangled in Epstein’s Web… 

Ghislane Maxwell allegedly told Epstein accuser to ‘watch her back’ — The Cut

New Ghislaine Maxwell allegations are another grim reminder that women are abusers, too — Jezebel

Resurfaced video from 2005 police raid on Epstein’s mansion shows a mysterious photo seeming to show him with accused madam Ghislaine Maxwell in the White House — Business Insider

More scientists, institutions with links to Jeffrey Epstein — The Scientist

Student accuses New York Academy of Art of enabling Jeffrey Epstein — ArtForum

Life After Epstein…

Continuing to listen to Jeffrey Epstein’s victims — Columbia Journalism Review

‘I’m just angry he’s not alive’: Jeffrey Epstein’s victims are enraged they can’t face him in court — Vice

Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse could be a tough sell — New York Post

New Mexico hopes to seize parts of Jeffrey Epstein ranch — Wall Street Journal (paywall)

Monday, August 26

Just consider the vast resources Epstein could have wielded, had his bid with accused sexual predator Harvey Weinstein made for New York Magazine been accepted.

Meanwhile, journalists continue to tell the stories of other women who say they also were his victims. And more questions arise about the circumstances surrounding his death.

Here’s today’s lineup…

Investigating Epstein’s Death…

A psychiatrist who’s worked with inmates where Jeffrey Epstein was held weighs in on his death — Business Insider

Prison guards — overworked and underpaid. No wonder Epstein died. — Above the Law

What happens to the millions of dollars in assets Jeffrey Epstein transferred days before his suicide? — MSNBC

Investigator on Prince Andrew’s latest denial in Epstein saga, ‘so transparent that they’re backpedaling’ — Fox News

Mark Fuhrman launches his own investigation into the death of Jeffrey Epstein — Fox News

Epstein’s Impact on Institutions and the Federal Government…

Barr seized on Epstein case as doubts mounted about Justice Dept. — New York Times 

Why couldn’t the visionaries at MIT spot a bad actor like Jeffrey Epstein? — Boston Globe (paywall)

ICYMI: Jeffrey Epstein, my very, very sick pal — Mother Jones

Blog: Mount Sinai Health System to give Epstein donation to human trafficking prevention group — Becker’s Hospital Review

Epstein accusers Tell Their Stories…

New Epstein victims will appear in court with plans to sue his — Daily Beast

Listen to ‘The Daily’: The first women to report Jeffrey Epstein — New York Times

The sisters who first tried to take down Jeffrey Epstein — New York Times

Lisa Bloom: lawyer in Epstein case speaks of suffering sexual abuse — Guardian

The Criminal Probe Continues… 

Met Police reveal Epstein’s London links ‘revisited’ but insist investigation not necessary –– Telegraph

Prince Andrew will cooperate with FBI’s Epstein probe if asked, sources say –– Daily Beast

Why a bitter legal battle could be ahead for Jeffrey Epstein’s estate — CNBC

Epstein’s Global Reach Comes to Light… 

Nope, didn’t really know the guy, say many listed in Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘little black book’ — Miami Herald

Dershowitz talks Epstein, sexual misconduct allegations, defends Trump at keynote address (with video) — Steamboat Pilot

Prince Andrew flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ with jailed Miss Russia — The Times (paywall)

Prince Andrew is defending his links to Jeffrey Epstein — Buzzfeed News

Jeffrey Epstein’s talent-agent pal spotted scouting ‘fresh flesh’ in Brazil before Epstein arrest — New York Post

Jeffrey Epstein ‘moulded’ Ghislaine Maxwell after her father died — The Times

ICYMI: Jeffrey Epstein: What we know about the paedophile businessman’s Middle East ties — Middle East Eye

Prince Andrew: I did not suspect Epstein’s behaviour — BBC

Registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein were part of a group that made a failed $45 million attempt to buy New York Magazine in the 2000s — Business Insider

Friday, August 23

Jeffrey Epstein could bribe, threaten, and intimidate journalists, which explains why his alleged sex trafficking remained a secret for years. His philanthropy continues to inflict damage. And now foreign prosecutors are launching their own investigations.

The scientific community is also experiencing turbulence after multiple reports connect the powerful Massachusetts Institute of Technology to Epstein. Two scholars at MIT will step down after it was reported that Epstein secretly donated $800,000 to the research university’s renowned Media Lab.

Here’s today’s lineup…

Investigating Epstein’s Death…

At least eight jail officials knew Jeffrey Epstein was not to be left alone in cell — Washington Post

Ex-Miami Beach mayor says he doesn’t know how Jeffrey Epstein got his phone numbers — Miami New Times

Documents show efforts by Jeffrey Epstein’s attorneys to sway prosecutors — Wall Street Journal

Pedophiles in prison: The hell that would have awaited Epstein if he’d stayed behind bars — Fox News

Jeffrey Epstein’s former ex-cop cellmate at NYC lockup must have better living conditions, judge rules — Fox News

Correctional officers have been subpoenaed in the Jeffrey Epstein death investigation, a source says — CNN

Jeffery Epstein’s former cellmate Nicholas Tartaglione requests move from MCC, alleging threats from prison guards — ABC

Authorities Continue Their Investigations Into Epstein’s Alleged Crimes… 

Jeffrey Epstein is dead. Prosecutors could still go after his inner circle if they helped him prey on young girls — USA Today

Paris prosecutor opens investigation in Jeffrey Epstein scandal — New York Times

Source: Jeffrey Epstein ordered 3 couples in his entourage to get married –– Business Insider

Lawsuit: Epstein also had work-release sex while in Palm Beach mansion –– ABC 25 West Palm Beach Florida

Judge schedules hearing for Jeffrey Epstein victims to speak — NBC

As focus turns to Jeffrey Epstein’s ranch, official says: “There is a story to be told in New Mexico” — CBS

New Details About Epstein’s Will and His Secretive Life…

Jeffrey Epstein’s Taste in Art, Music, and Books Seems Pretty Twisted in Hindsight –– Vice News

Jeffrey Epstein’s girls left impression on charter captain, but disgraced millionaire was elusive — Fox News

Jeffrey Epstein’s will drawing new scrutiny for line saying executors should ‘exhaust’ $577 million estate to ‘remedy’ environmental violations — New York Daily News

Reactions From the Scientific Community…

Jeffrey Epstein donations to M.I.T. will be focus of university inquiry — New York Times

Letter regarding Jeffrey Epstein and MIT — MIT News

M.I.T. Media Lab in crisis after 2 scholars vow to leave over Epstein ties — New York Times

Scientists apologise for accepting money from Jeffrey Epstein as academia engulfed by scandal — Telegraph

Citing ‘nerd tunnel vision,’ biologist George Church apologizes for contacts with Jeffrey Epstein — Stat News

Jeffrey Epstein’s intellectual enabler — New Republic

Victims Approached the Media, but Their Stories Were Ignored… 

A dead cat, a lawyer’s call and a 5-figure donation: How media fell short on Epstein — NPR

ICYMI: Labeling Jeffrey Epstein — Columbia Journalism Review

We found Jeffrey Epstein’s social-media accounts. On Spotify, his tastes ranged from Louis C.K. to songs like ‘Before You Accuse Me’ and ‘Hot for Teacher.’ — Business Insider

Tangled in Epstein’s Web…

Jeffrey Epstein took ‘young girl’ on board Donald Trump’s plane in 2000 — Daily Mail

The murky life and death of Robert Maxwell – and how it shaped his daughter Ghislaine — Guardian

Prince Andrew got a foot massage from ‘young Russian women’ at Jeffrey Epstein’s pad: report — New York Post

Naomi Campbell opens up about her ties to Jeffrey Epstein, says she’s ‘sickened’ by crimes — USA Today

Wednesday, August 21

Jeffrey Epstein’s death has caused a lot of collateral damage, as institutions must now explain why they accepted donations from him. More details concerning the alleged sex trafficker continue to emerge — not only did he leave a massive $577 million to a mysterious trust, he signed a will just two days before his death.

Prosecutors say they will close their criminal investigation into Epstein, but the legal battles continue. At least three women have filed a lawsuit against his estate, claiming he abused them before his 2007 sexual assault plea deal.


Here’s today’s roundup…

Investigating Epstein’s Death 

Epstein’s jail guards warned his cellmate ‘there will be a price to pay’ if he talks about Epstein’s suicide, lawyer claims — Business Insider

The Vast Conspiracy Behind Jeffrey Epstein’s Death — Nation

Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Still Feels Unbelievable. According to an Expert, It Isn’t. — Mother Jones

‘Washington Post’ Doubles Down Amid Epstein Conspiracy Theory Controversy — Rolling Stone 

About That Will…

Records: Epstein signed will 2 days before jailhouse suicide — AP

Jeffrey Epstein’s Will Leaves $577 Million to Mysterious Trust — Microsoft News

Epstein’s will highlights key role of his longtime attorney — Yahoo! Finance

Epstein’s 11th-Hour Executor Says He Won’t Serve for Estate — Bloomberg

Jeffrey Epstein’s will raises more questions than it answers — Vanity Fair 

Tangled in Epstein’s Web

MIT Media Lab Member to Resign Over Lab’s Ties to Jeffrey Epstein — Daily Beast

Prince Andrew urged to tell all he knows about Jeffrey Epstein — Guardian

Woman in video of Prince Andrew at Jeffrey Epstein’s house is daughter of ex-Australian prime minister — Telegraph

Online retailers dropping Jeffrey Epstein-inspired products — New York Daily News

Watch: Jeffrey Epstein’s former lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, on his client — BBC Newsnight

The layers of Jeffrey Epstein’s connections — Washington Post

More on the Enigmatic Ghislaine Maxwell 

Daily Mail: Photo of Epstein Pal Ghislaine Maxwell at In-N-Out Was Staged — Daily Beast

Ghislaine Maxwell taught Jeffrey Epstein victim ‘proper way’ to perform oral sex: suit — New York Post

Revealed: how Ghislaine Maxwell fought those who accused her over Jeffrey Epstein — Guardian

Ghislaine Maxwell: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know — Heavy

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Twin Sisters Have Their Own Wild Stories — The Cut

The Legal Battles Continue

Prosecutors move to drop Jeffrey Epstein’s charges, but vow to keep investigating — CNBC

New Accuser Says Epstein Raped Her After She Told Him She Was a Virgin — Vice 

Three more women sue Epstein’s estate over alleged abuse — Reuters

Jeffrey Epstein was sent three 12-year-old French girls as ‘birthday gift’ — New York Post

Jeffrey Epstein’s Business Network Emerging in New Lawsuits Alleging Abuse Conduits — Law.com (registration required)

Jeffrey Epstein lawsuits offer sordid details, including sex while on work release — Miami Herald

Epstein Victim Says He Forced Her to Marry Female Recruiter — Daily Beast

Loophole dropped Epstein from sex offender list in New Mexico, where he owned $17 million ranch — CBS News

Monday, August 19

The Prince has spoken. England’s Prince Andrew responded to claims that he was involved in Epstein’s alleged sex abuse crimes. The Duke of York released a statement when newly emerged footage showed him inside Epstein’s NYC home in 2010.

Across the pond, AG Bill Barr ordered the removal of the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ top official after medical examiners deemed Epstein’s death a suicide. Plus, local reports show Epstein’s 2008 stay in a Florida jail was even more permissive than we thought.

Here’s today’s roundup…

Investigating Epstein’s Death 

Poll: Only 29 Percent of Americans Believe Jeffrey Epstein Committed Suicide — Information Liberation

Epstein Lawyers “Not Satisfied” With Medical Examiner Ruling Death a Suicide by Hanging — Slate

Inmate 76318-054: The Last Days of Jeffrey Epstein — New York Times

After Epstein’s death, attorney general replaces leader at Bureau of Prisons — Washington Post

Epstein Prison Guards “Not Cooperating” With DOJ Probe — Zero Hedge

Epstein’s Finances 

Jeffrey Epstein’s Opaque Finances Could Become Focal Point for Investigators — New York Times

Jeffrey Epstein’s money mystery deepens — Washington Examiner

Why The Question Of What’s Going To Happen To Jeffrey Epstein’s Money Is So Complicated — Forbes

The Bottom Line: Investigating Jeffrey Epstein, Money Trumps Sex — Medium

The Failure to See What Jeffrey Epstein Was Doing — New Yorker

Ghislaine Maxwell, Prince Andrew, and Epstein’s Black Book 

Ghislaine Maxwell gave $1K to hospital that treated alleged sex slave: report — New York Post

Jeffrey Epstein ‘Friend’ Ghislaine Maxwell Has More Skeletons in Her Family Closet Than a House of Horrors — Daily Beast

Amid A Brewing Royal Scandal, Prince Andrew Distances Himself From Epstein — NPR

Oh Good, Prince Andrew Hosted Jeffrey Epstein At Windsor Castle & Balmoral — PPL Plaza

The Prince and The Perv: Inside Jeffrey Epstein’s Creepy Parties With Prince Andrew — Daily Beast

Jeffrey Epstein had a ‘meticulously detailed’ secret diary containing details of his friendships with powerful people which he kept as an ‘insurance policy’ — Daily Mail

Epstein’s Predilection for Young Models 

Models Say Jeffrey Epstein’s Closest Pal Drugged, Raped Them — Daily Beast

Jean-Luc Brunel: three former models say they were sexually assaulted by Jeffrey Epstein friend — Guardian

For women allegedly abused by Epstein’s modeling agent friend, justice has been elusive — Washington Post

Epstein’s Bizarre Obsession with Science and Technology

Private jets, parties and eugenics: Jeffrey Epstein’s bizarre world of scientists — The Guardian

The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation Backs the Largest Science Fair in the Caribbean — PR Newswire

A Harvard Financier, Jeffrey Epstein, Helps Bring Brain Science to the Public — PR Newswire

Science Funder Jeffrey Epstein Launches Radical Emotional Software For The Gaming Industry — Forbes

Jeffrey Epstein & The Connection Between Pedophilia And A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) — Sagacious News Network

The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation Helps Launch Artificial Intelligence in Ethiopia — PR Newswire

Prominent Science Investor, Jeffrey Epstein, Funds Radically Smart Software in Berlin — PR Newswire

More Details of Epstein’s Sordid Past

Jeffrey Epstein Had This $100K Item Rushed To His Island Days Before Bombshell Report Published, Report Says — Daily Wire

Early Epstein accuser: Police could have stopped him in 1997 — AP News

Why was Jeffrey Epstein allowed to purchase small women’s panties from the Palm Beach jail? — Miami Herald

The brazen message on slippers provides clue to understand Jeffrey Epstein  — Fox News

Financier Jeffrey Epstein had liaisons with young women while on work release: Lawyer — ABC News

Mistakes Were Made — Always in Jeffrey Epstein’s Favor — National Review

Jeffrey Epstein had a butler named Alfredo Rodríguez — Thread Reader

SICK OFFER: Jeffrey Epstein ‘underage sex slave’ claims billionaire paedo offered to pay her to have baby for him and Brit lover — The Sun

Jeffrey Epstein’s Torture Island — Thread Reader

FBI investigators zero in on Jeffrey Epstein’s 8,000-acre Zorro Ranch in New Mexico where the pedophile planned to ‘seed the human race’ with his DNA by impregnating women — Daily Mail 

Jeffrey Epstein’s pilot deletes Instagram after Kellyanne Conway pic surfaces — Daily Dot

Circulating Conspiracy Theories

Epstein Suicide Conspiracies Show How Our Information System Is Poisoned — New York Times

Explaining the Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theories linked to Trump, Clinton — Politifact

Conspiracy theorists think John McAfee is posting drone footage of Jeffrey Epstein’s island on YouTube — Daily Dot

Conspiracy theorists point to Jeffrey Epstein’s ear as proof of faked suicide — Daily Do

What do Jeffrey Epstein, Trump Jr., and Flint, Michigan have in common? Ask Tom Steyer — Daily Dot

Details Emerge About Jeffrey Epstein’s Mysterious 2007 Port Deal In St. Thomas — Zero Hedge

Farkas Looks to Write a New Chapter — Wall Street Journal

What is Operation Death Eaters? — Daily Dot

Friday, August 16

Another day, another series of developments in the Epstein story. CNN accuses the Washington Post of fueling conspiracy theories around Epstein’s death. More details emerge about the strange décor in Epstein’s townhouse — including a painting of former President Bill Clinton in a dress and heels. Plus, another bizarre conspiracy theory is making its way through social media: Epstein “truthers” began circulating a book by AG Bill Barr’s father after parallels were drawn between the story’s plot and Epstein’s alleged crimes.

Here’s today’s roundup…


Investigating Epstein’s Death

Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Results Show He Hanged Himself in Suicide — New York Times

The Washington Post fuels Epstein conspiracies, but experts say evidence still consistent with suicide — CNN 

What can a tiny bone tell us about Jeffrey Epstein’s death? — USA Today

The hyoid: How a tiny bone in Jeffrey Epstein’s neck sparked a wildfire of conspiracy theories — National Post

What’s Next for the Epstein Case  

The Jeffrey Epstein Investigation Continues After His Death. Here’s Who Else Could Be Investigated — Time

Two more alleged Jeffrey Epstein victims sue his estate and ‘recruiter’ for $100 million — CNBC

Epstein Prosecutors Now Seeking Ghislaine Maxwell’s Former Assistant — The Cut

Jeffrey Epstein’s gal pal Ghislaine Maxwell spotted at In-N-Out Burger in first photos since his death — New York Post

Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged co-conspirator lived a low-key life in a tony seaside town in New England, neighbors say — Washington Post

Huge cache of records detail how Jeffrey Epstein and madam lured girls into depraved world — Miami Herald

Epstein’s Opulent and Arrogant Life 

Jeffrey Epstein’s Science of Sleaze — Nation 

The Décor in Jeffrey Epstein’s NYC Townhouse Is the Stuff of Nightmares — The Cut

Bill Clinton painting in Jeffrey Epstein’s home a ‘surprise’ to woman who painted president wearing blue dress — Fox News

The State Department Once Rented A Townhouse Seized From Iran To Jeffrey Epstein — Then Sued Him For Subletting — Buzzfeed News

Flight data places Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet on Arabian Peninsula on the eve of the 2016 election — Insider 

Jeffrey Epstein Is the Ultimate Symbol of Plutocratic Rot — New York Times

Epstein’s Case and the Criminal Justice System  

What Jeffrey Epstein’s case says (and doesn’t say) about human trafficking in America — Vox

The Jeffrey Epstein case is an indictment of US justice — Financial Times

Epstein case highlights America’s two justice systems — Boston Globe

How a future Trump cabinet member gave a serial sex abuser the deal of a lifetime — Miami Herald

State to investigate Palm Beach County sheriff’s handling of Jeffrey Epstein case — Sun Sentinel

Ken Starr: ‘Ridiculous’ to say Jeffrey Epstein got a ‘sweetheart deal’ in 2008 — Fox News

More Details About Epstein’s Past 

Jeffrey Epstein Reportedly Compared Having Sex with Underage Girls to Being Gay — Newsweek

Jeffrey Epstein Spent Time Alone With Young Woman In Prison’s Attorney Room — Forbes 

When Jeffrey Epstein Joked About Sex Abuse — Atlantic

Final evasion: For 30 years, prosecutors and victims tried to hold Jeffrey Epstein to account. At every turn, he slipped away — Washington Post

ICYMI: Years after serving jail time, Jeffrey Epstein found a way to meet with Microsoft’s Bill Gates to discuss philanthropy — CNBC

Jeffrey Epstein allegedly hired private investigators and engaged in a campaign of intimidation against accusers in Florida — CNN

Former IT contractor for Jeffrey Epstein says he quit over concerns about revealing pictures and topless young women — ABC News

Podcast: Jeffrey Epstein On Background — Colombia Journalism Review

More Details About Jeffrey Epstein’s Past Emerge — New York Magazine


Thursday, August 15


The Epstein saga grows even more complex, raising questions about what actually happened to the wealthy sexual predator. An autopsy reveals broken bones in Jeffrey Epstein’s neck, which some say could be an indication of foul play. New twists emerge in the debate over whether Epstein should have been on suicide watch. And, in related news, Epstein’s case has sparked broader debates around the age of consent and the term “underage woman.” 

Here’s today’s roundup… 


Investigating Epstein’s death 

Autopsy finds broken bones in Jeffrey Epstein’s neck, deepening questions around his death — Washington Post

What We Know About Jeffrey Epstein’s Death — New York Times

Was Jeffrey Epstein’s death suicide or homicide? Dr. Siegel says one appears ‘more likely’ — Fox News

Jeffrey Epstein’s body claimed by unidentified ‘associate’ — NBC News

Jeffrey Epstein’s last words to lawyer before his jailhouse death — New York Post

What’s Next for the Epstein case? 

Jeffrey Epstein: how will investigators find potential co-conspirators? — The Guardian

Lawyers Ask Court to Protect Epstein Accomplices’ Rights — Daily Beast

Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracies and the Mysterious Deaths of the Rich and Ruined — New Yorker

A Lot Is Happening on Epstein’s Private Islands… 

Tourists flock to Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘pedophile island’ in the Caribbean — New York Post

American flags lowered to half-staff on Jeffrey Epstein’s private islands — New York Post

The Epstein Tapes: Unearthed Recordings From His Private Island, A 2003 interview provides a rare glimpse of the figure in his own voice — Bloomberg

‘Orgy Island’ to airplanes, Epstein’s assets are up for grabs — Fox News

Dozens of Jeffrey Epstein ‘heirs’ come forward to claim his estate — New York Post

Employees on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island compound say they had to stay out of sight of the financier and were never allowed in his office — Insider

Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean island had mysterious safe, former employee claims — Fox News

More on the Life of Jeffrey Epstein  

Jeffrey Epstein Was the Proud Owner of This Strange Portrait of Clinton in a Dress — The Cut

Epstein traveled to Cuba at Castro’s invitation, former Colombian president says — Miami Herald

Jeffrey Epstein’s Bodyguard on His Former Boss’s Lifestyle, Cruelty, Suicide — New York Magazine 

The investigation Into the Metropolitan Correctional Center 

What We Know About The Conditions At The Prison Where Jeffrey Epstein Died — NPR 

Metropolitan Correctional Center ‘accidentally released’ serial bank robber days before Epstein’s death — Fox News

‘Killer cop’ inmate says he heard nothing on morning of Jeffrey Epstein’s death — New York Post

Wednesday, August 14th 


It’s been another day of stunning revelations about Jeffrey Epstein and his mysterious death. Among the highlights: prison guards allegedly fell asleep and falsified reports, unsealed court documents reveal more connections between Epstein and other powerful individuals, Ghislaine Maxwell has been found, and some make the case for the conspiracy theories that surround Epstein’s death. 

Here’s today’s roundup…

The Investigation Into MCC Prison Guards 

Corrections officers may have falsified reports saying they checked on Jeffrey Epstein — CBS News

Jeffrey Epstein Death: 2 Guards Slept Through Checks and Falsified Records — New York Times

Prison guards who were supposed to be checking on Jeffrey Epstein were ‘ASLEEP and faked log entries’ — Daily Mail

Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide leads to shakeup at New York jail — ABC News

Federal investigative team arrives at NY jail where Jeffrey Epstein died, will review if staff followed protocol — USA Today

Feds face mounting pressure over Epstein’s death — The Hill 

What’s Next for the Epstein Case?  

Jeffrey Epstein accuser Jennifer Araoz sues Ghislaine Maxwell, 3 other Epstein staffers — NBC News

Jeffrey Epstein’s Latest Accuser Is an Artist Who Claims the Billionaire Sex Offender Lured Her in With Promises to Help Her Career — Artnet News

Some of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims don’t want new charges in South Florida — Sun Sentinel

What happens to Jeffrey Epstein’s money and homes now? Can feds seize everything? — Miami Herald

UPDATED: Graffiti left on gates of Epstein’s house in Palm Beach — Palm Beach Post

What We Know About Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’ — The Cut

Court Documents Reveal Epstein’s Incriminating Sex-Slave Study Habits — Rolling Stone

Who Else Is Involved? 

EXCLUSIVE: Ghislaine Maxwell’s respectable new life: Jeffrey Epstein’s long-time consort and alleged procurer, has been living with tech CEO in secluded oceanfront mansion outside Boston — Daily Mail

Tech CEO denies report of Epstein’s alleged madame living in his home — Axios

How the Royals Are Handling the Prince Andrew–Jeffrey Epstein Allegations — The Cut

Why the Royal Family Is Standing By Prince Andrew as the Epstein Scandal Unfolds — Vanity Fair

It’s Alan Dershowitz vs. David Boies, again and again — Washington Post

In mock trial, Dershowitz to defend Bible figures from child trafficking charge — Times of Israel

Alan Dershowitz, Devil’s Advocate: The noted lawyer’s long, controversial career — and the accusations against him — New Yorker

Investigating Epstein’s Death

Conspiracy Theories: Jeffrey Epstein’s Uniquely American Death in Jail — Mint Press News

Jeffrey Epstein and When to Take Conspiracies Seriously — New York Times

More on the Life of Jeffrey Epstein 

The Day Jeffrey Epstein Told Me He Had Dirt on Powerful People — New York Times

Jeffrey Epstein Hoped to Seed Human Race With His DNA — New York Times

Jeffrey Epstein Raped Me When I Was 15 — New York Times

Why banks kept doing business with Jeffrey Epstein — Vox 

Jeffrey Epstein in South Florida: A constant search for new girls — Sun Sentinel

‘Massage’ Was Code for ‘Sex’: New Epstein Abuse Revelations — New York Times 

Flight data from Jeffrey Epstein’s private jets show a lavish travel schedule as the walls closed in — Insider

Tuesday, August 13th

Here’s today’s roundup… 

MCC and the Call for Prison Reform 

Warden at prison where Epstein died temporarily reassigned, staffers placed on leave — CNN

Warden of Manhattan jail where Jeffrey Epstein died is reassigned, 2 guards placed on leave — NBC News

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide: Here’s How Prison Procedures Should Have Prevented It — Forbes

Epstein claims he was attacked July 23rd, not suicide — Twitter

Jeffrey Epstein’s prison guards: 1 not a regular officer and both were working overtime, report says — Fox News

Was Jeffrey Epstein more important than Ricardo Martinez? The Hill

Barr cites ‘serious irregularities’ at jail where Epstein died — Financial Times

The Details of Epstein’s Death 

Shrieking heard from Jeffrey Epstein’s jail cell the morning he died — CBS News

Epstein’s Death Was On 4Chan Before Officials Announced It — And Authorities Had To Look Into It – BuzzFeed News

There’s no video of Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide: sources — New York Post

Reporter who broke Epstein stories reacts to his death — MSNBC

Jeffrey Epstein met with attorney hours before death — Washington Times

Jeffrey Epstein Camp Sent Celebrity Pathologist Michael Baden to Watch Over His Autopsy — Daily Beast

Epstein wanted head and penis cryogenically preserved — The Cut

What’s Next for the Epstein Case?  

What happens next in the legal cases involving Jeffrey Epstein — Vox

Dozen of FBI agents raid Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’ — Daily Mail 

French ministers seek investigation into Epstein’s activities in France — France 24

Democratic presidential hopefuls want a thorough investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s death — Vox

Investigation into co-conspirators can resume, unchallenged — Twitter

Sex-Slave Titles Unveiled in Tranche of Jeffrey Epstein Files — Courthouse News

Jeffrey Epstein used foreign passport with fake name to enter Saudi Arabia: prosecutors — NBC News

Wealth of Jeffrey Epstein’s Brother Is Also a Mystery — Wall Street Journal

Who Else is Involved?  

Unsealed documents in Jeffrey Epstein case reveal more alleged high-profile connections — CBS News

Ghislaine Maxwell: the woman accused of helping Jeffrey Epstein groom girls — Guardian

Attorney General William Barr’s Personal Ties to Jeffrey Epstein — Heavy

Real Estate Tycoon Andrew Farkas, Deutsche Bank The Latest To Be Caught Up In Jeffrey Epstein Scandal — BISNOW

Mega Group, Maxwells and Mossad: The Spy Story at the Heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal — MintPress News

Clinton, Trump Emerge in Unsealed Epstein Evidence — Courthouse News

Trump, Clinton, rape and the media — Mockingbird Paper

Billionaire Says Epstein Swiped ‘Vast Sums’ From Him — Courthouse News

Not To Be Confused With… 

Not THAT Jeffrey Epstein — Twitter

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