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Killer Ratings: Watch Fox News and Die

Reading Time: < 1 minute Fox News has made a fortune delivering misinformation to an audience that gobbles it up. During a pandemic, however, this is a recipe for disaster — and some viewers will pay the ultimate price.

Ted Rall, cartoon

Greed Is Getting Back to Normal

Reading Time: < 1 minute Although some banks say they won’t do it, the law that authorized the issuance of the $1,200-per- person economic stimulus checks allows banks to keep part of the money to cover their (often ridiculous) overdraft and late fees.

Ted Rall, cartoon

Ignorance Is No Defense Against COVID-19

Reading Time: < 1 minute You may be complacent about the pandemic, thinking that the coronavirus only infects older people, or sick people, or nonwhite folks. Don’t be. Nobody is immune — and we are all in this together.

Ted Rall, cartoon

Time for the Boomer Remover?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Remember when Republicans made up Obamacare “death panels”? Now some of them, including President Donald Trump, seem to want to sacrifice the lives of Americans to keep Wall Street happy.

Ted Rall, cartoon

The World According to Joe Biden

Reading Time: < 1 minute If you listen to Joe Biden, he is responsible for all that is good in the US — with an assist from a guy named “Barack.” The only thing he hasn’t accomplished yet is win a primary in three presidential runs.