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White Lies Matter

Donald Trump, Capitol Riot
Photo credit: Ted Rall for WhoWhatWhy
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2 responses to “White Lies Matter”

  1. Avatar billwilt says:

    Has anyone looked into the impact of COVID face masks on surveillance face recognition software?

  2. Avatar Mary Montgomery says:

    Trump revealed the true nature of himself and used millions of people to exploit so he could be a demigod. His desire to be another Putin dictator and rule with lies, oppression and government laws is his obsession, is his personal goal. He used the American public like a shield over his actions to raise their culture of white supremacy and entitlement to grab and hook them into his crazy agenda for power.

    The people who seek to be supreme have no grounds for their complaints. Their desires are based on weak character historical prejudiced beliefs and fear, jealousy, and inhuman moral values. Trump seized on this and encouraged and stirred them up to be destructive and unlawful. Trump told the truth about the nature of a segment of American society that has been visible since the finding of America. Let the truth be self evident in the recent actions of those who committed crimes against America.