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Trump Gets the Wall He Deserves

Ted Rall, Donald Trump, EU, wall
Photo credit: Ted Rall for WhoWhatWhy
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6 responses to “Trump Gets the Wall He Deserves”

  1. Avatar Robert Gibbs says:

    It is amazing to see the capacity people have for self-delusion, politics is truly the ultimate form of hysterical blindness.

  2. Avatar Edward Mcshane says:

    Mr. Wiggins, does your comment mean you’re going to vote for the traitorous lying molesting vulgar incompetent Trump? Are you a Trumpkin? Come on now…fess up.

  3. Avatar James Wiggins says:

    Some people don’t have an inkling idea of the situation we will be in if Democrats completely controlled our government. If they would only look at history and how they are attempting to destroy it they would realize our nation is in dire jeopardy. We need two parties to balance the rule but both need to yield to the majority and not to a few.

    • Avatar Nopejustnope says:

      Perhaps if you’d paid attention in English class, and less attention to the president, you could form a cohesive sentence.

  4. I don’t care who you are if you can not see what he has done take off the blinders

    • Avatar Chris says:

      The problem is all but 30% of us can see what he’s done. Create division and chaos, brought all the white supremacy people out of their hiding spots. Built some of a wall illegally that is falling apart. NOT drain the swamp and instead fill it with CEOs of billion dollar companies. Leave our soldiers to get killed by Russians and holding Russia ZERO % responsible. He has severed our ties with countries who have been allies for decades, while supporting dictators. Destroyed rights for all Americans who aren’t white and straight. Can’t work out a trade deal with China even though he says he’s great at it…in the process he’s destroyed American farmers. Having to bail them out. The opposite of small government. He uses Christianity like a weapon instead of faith. He talks down to woman…we don’t have on blinders. But that 30% does…or they just don’t put country before president which means they truly aren’t AMERICANS!