AI Can Simulate an Economy Millions of Times to Create Fairer Tax Policy: Scientists

Colorado GOP Chair Pressured Official to Submit Incorrect Election Results ; Gas Stoves Can Generate Unsafe Levels of Indoor Air Pollution ; and More Picks

AI, income equality, tax policy
The author writes, “Income inequality is one of the overarching problems of economics. One of the most effective tools policymakers have to address it is taxation: governments collect money from people according to what they earn and redistribute it either directly, via welfare schemes, or indirectly, by using it to pay for public projects. But though more taxation can lead to greater equality, taxing people too much can discourage them from working or motivate them to find ways to avoid paying ... Scientists at the US business technology company Salesforce think AI can help.” Photo credit: Steve Jurvetson / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)
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Colorado GOP Chair Ken Buck Pressured Local Official to Submit Incorrect Election Results (Reader Steve)

From the Denver Post: “Colorado Republican Party Chair Ken Buck, a U.S. representative from Windsor, pressured a local party official to submit incorrect election results to set the primary ballot for a state Senate seat, according to an audio recording of a conference call.”

Why It’s Wrong (and Racist) to Blame COVID-19 on Chinese ‘Wet Markets’ (Gerry)

From FAIR: “The stigmatization of Asian people and their culture as ‘inferior’ or ‘exotic’ isn’t a new phenomenon. What is considered acceptable or ‘strange’ meat is often the result of arbitrary cultural norms, and Chinese food has often suffered from hypocritical cultural appropriation once it became popular, before being stigmatized again by racist and propagandistic news coverage following the Covid-19 outbreak.” 

Universal Basic Income Seems to Improve Employment and Well-Being (Dana)

From New Scientist: “The world’s most robust study of universal basic income has concluded that it boosts recipients’ mental and financial well-being, as well as modestly improving employment.”

Gas Stoves Can Generate Unsafe Levels of Indoor Air Pollution (Chris)

The author writes, “Four research and advocacy groups … have released a new literature review, assessing two decades worth of peer-reviewed studies. They find that ‘gas stoves may be exposing tens of millions of people to levels of air pollution in their homes that would be illegal outdoors under national air quality standards.’”

Newfound Black Hole Is the Closest One to Earth We’ve Ever Found (Dana)

The author writes, “The black hole, which is lurking 1,000 light-years from Earth in the southern constellation of Telescopium, belongs to a system with two companion stars that are bright enough to observe with the naked eye. But you won’t be able to see the black hole itself; the massive object has such a strong gravitational pull that nothing — not even light — can escape it.”

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