GOP’s Dirty Tricks Pay Off on Super Tuesday

Ted Rall, cartoon
Photo credit: Ted Rall for WhoWhatWhy
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4 responses to “GOP’s Dirty Tricks Pay Off on Super Tuesday”

  1. Tyler Shea says:

    I agree…except There is a giant misconception the public has. The Dccc and the Rnc are the same organization. They are subsidiaries of the same corporation. Everything we see on t.v., all the pro-wrestling pre-match crap talking, is a sometimes carefully constructed, most often improvised pantomime.It’s an illusion. Stop watching their mouths move, keep your eyes on their pens.

  2. Martin did you just discover politics? YES the GOP did have an incentive….they wanted to help elect Bernie because he is the weaker candidate to go up against Trump & elect him for 4 more yrs. I am getting tired of people like you smearing & lying about the DNC & Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has no precedence, as a whole, or any history of suppressing voting or closing polls. The GOP has a history of this, has done it for decades….so just stop spreading lies & making stupid claims. In addition to stopping black people from voting for Joe, it will be set up for the General Election to help Trump. The ignorant charges of “rigging” by Bernie voters with no proof, other than an email that was written LONG after Bernie had any chance of winning & after he continued, taking tips from Karl Rove on how to be destructive to Hillary & the Dem Party & money, as he attacked her with lies, cherry-picked attacks, & smears, does not come even close to “rigging”. Bernie’s ignorant voters & cultish behavior & willingness to attack Dems, lie about us & our party are just one of the many reasons Bernie will never be POTUS. Dems will pick our nom, not Republicans, socialists, or independent ignoramuses. So stop with the lies & smears.

  3. Mike E says:


  4. Martin Barnes says:

    The GOP had no incentive to limit voting, close the polls, etc. Why do you say it was the GOP in your headline? Obviously the Democrat Party did it to limit Bernie voters.