You’re Tracked Everywhere You Go Online. Use This Guide to Fight Back.

Nuclear Goes Retro ; Prehistoric Puppy Found in Russian Permafrost ; and More Picks

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The author writes, “It's no secret that we're being tracked everywhere online. We all know this; every one of us has a story about an alarmingly specific ad appearing on Facebook. ... But as [connected] devices become more prevalent ... and as our reliance on smartphones increases, we're just creating so much more data than we used to, said Bennett Cyphers, a staff technologist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit digital rights organization that advocates for consumer online privacy.” Photo credit: geralt ( /
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All New Cellphone Users in China Must Now Have Their Faces Scanned (Chris)

From MIT Technology Review: “China’s government says the new rule, which was passed into law back in September, will ‘protect the legitimate rights and interest of citizens in cyberspace.’”

Homeland Security Wants to Scan US Citizens Faces, Too (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “Since the mid-aughts, any non-US citizen traveling to the United States gets their picture taken and fingerprints scanned on arrival, but this has not been a requirement for citizens.”

Nuclear Goes Retro — With a Much Greener Outlook (Gerry)

The author writes, “Molten salt reactors might just turn nuclear power into the greenest energy source on the planet.”

To Tackle Climate Change, Clean Energy Isn’t Enough (Judy)

From Axios: “Like adding salad to your pasta doesn’t help you lose weight, adding cleaner energy to a world run on fossil fuels won’t cut greenhouse gas emissions. Yet that’s what we’re doing now.”

Russian Scientists Present Ancient Puppy Found in Permafrost (Chris)

The author writes, “Russian scientists on Monday showed off a prehistoric puppy, believed to be 18,000 years old, found in permafrost in the country’s Far East. Discovered last year in a lump of frozen mud near the city of Yakutsk, the puppy is unusually well-preserved, with its hair, teeth, whiskers and eyelashes still intact.”

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