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Who Has the Most to Gain From Blowing the Whistle on Trump?

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7 responses to “Who Has the Most to Gain From Blowing the Whistle on Trump?”

  1. Avatar Mix-Movie.com says:

    Because the second official has met with Mr. Atkinson’s office, it was unclear whether he needs to file a complaint to gain the legal protections offered to intelligence community whistle-blowers. Witnesses who speak with inspectors general are protected by federal law that outlaws reprisals against officials who cooperate with an inspector general.

  2. Avatar John a lucier says:

    Lt. Cuddles is a lot more right than he could be wrong. Read Russ Baker’s revelations: https://whowhatwhy.org/2016/08/16/bush-angle-reagan-shooting-still-unresolved-hinckley-walks/ which are filled with nothing but irrefutable facts. Given all that and that the Clintons cultivated the same deep state power foundation of corruption, how ignorant (or bereft of morals) are you people to not recognize that Trump is our lone opportunity to preserve democracy and restore the republic? You think Billary would save the planet and help the poor? Did they in the 90s? Did Obama? No they were just skilled at convincing you they could. For all his personal faults Trump may be the most genuine leader in our country’s history. I think all he wants out of it is attaching his name to a positive legacy of MAGA, and thats not possible unless he really does MAGA.
    Trump’s legitimacy is proven by the bipartisan efforts of Washington status quo to get rid of him. WTF is wrong with you people that you can’t see this?

  3. Avatar Lt. Cuddles says:

    Anyone familiar with the writings of a guy named Russ Baker will quickly recognize the tell-tale hand of Bush 41 and his family working furiously in the shadows to topple yet another American president for daring to stand in the way of a Bush’s — namely, dear sweet Jebby — ascendancy to power.

    Or did 41’s making the slashing motion across his throat at the 2016 Republican Convention, regarding Trump, completely escape everyone’s attention? Do you really think we’ve had an actual Democratic Party since the days of Jimmy Carter, instead of a sad and depressing Bush family-controlled sock puppet show?

    Please grow up and stop living in The Land of Wishful Thinking, people.

  4. Avatar Eugene says:

    Getting rid of Trump will not only save America but the whole world will have a chance to survive.

  5. Avatar Shannan says:

    America has the most to gain. In all areas environmental, humanitarian, deficit reduction and health care.

  6. Avatar Billy says: