Climate Change: Tell Us Your Story

Berkeley, smoke, Camp Fire
Smoke in Berkeley on day three of the Camp Fire burning about 200 miles away, November 10, 2018. Photo credit: Dan Brekke / Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)
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Dear Reader,

WhoWhatWhy believes climate change is not just one more news item — but the overriding story of our time. That is why we’re proud to announce that we have joined more than 150 news outlets from all over the world to participate in an unprecedented event. As part of the initiative Covering Climate Now!, all of us have committed to running one week of strong climate coverage in the lead-up to the UN climate summit in New York City on September 23.

Because this issue affects everyone, WhoWhatWhy would like to hear from YOU — our readers — about your individual experience of the effects climate change already has on your community. It could be small, intimate stuff from this summer; a beloved flower that once bloomed in your garden that is no more. Or it may be an epic event in your life such as surviving a forest fire or flood that you believe was the result of the planet’s ever-increasing climate chaos.

All observations are welcome, but please try to keep your anecdotes to a paragraph or two — as we aim to publish as many as possible — and include at least your first name (full names preferred); your location; and, if you’re willing, your profession, age, and any other information that will help readers understand context.

In addition, if you know of a climate change issue under-reported by the media, let us know. Please send all submissions to

Many thanks,

WhoWhatWhy Editorial Team

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2 responses to “Climate Change: Tell Us Your Story”

  1. robert e williamson jr says:

    Gosh I’m desperate. Can you guys contact the folks at consortium news. I’m trying to send a comment and I keep getting a access to data base error.

    That said I have a comment. The problem we have with the climate in no joke and if we do not remove or otherwise obliterate the parasites in washington we will never solve our environmental problems.

    Thanks whether you can help me or not, but I thought CN might need to know.

  2. emmanuel says:

    While I do not believe the hype about “Climate Change” which used to be “Global Warming” which used to be “Global Cooling” (1970s) and is being hyper hyped now as “Climate Crisis!” (note the exclamation point!), I have actually reduced my carbon footprint by OVER 50%.

    Three years ago I burned 6418 pounds of coal to heat my home during the winter season when the temperatures drop due to the climate changing from summer to, well, winter.

    Two years ago I installed a bunch of insulation during the summer when the climate was getting warmer cause, you know, summer, and…

    Last year I only burned 3174 pounds of coal to heat my home during the winter season.