Mueller Spectacle: Dazed, Not Dazzled

Ted Rall, cartoon, Robert Mueller, testimony
Ted Rall for WhoWhatWhy
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2 responses to “Mueller Spectacle: Dazed, Not Dazzled”

  1. John Tinker says:

    That “the people” were to be sovereign is a very attractive proposition. But to obtain and maintain that condition requires more time and energy than the people are willing to invest. So it deteriorates to a condition where those who have established themselves in positions of power still want our energy (taxes) but have no interest in the democratic idea that we should have control of that energy. Black budgets and unaccountable behavior in elected or appointed officials are simply a form theft from the people that is made possible by maintaining an illusion of democracy where no actual democracy exists.

  2. fred says:

    I got hold of a copy of the Mueller report. I stopped reading it after but a few pages. Why? Too heavily redacted. I had in the past got hold of an FBI report I needed via FOI and it was heavily redacted to the point of being useless, which, I assume, is what they wanted. Now I understand that grand jury materials and also classified materials are not made available. But it is the old Catch 22 game: How do we know that what we can not read is really all what we should not be allowed to read and not simply materials the Attn General does not want us to read?