12 Months, Nearly 1,200 Deaths: The Year in Youth Gun Violence Since Parkland

Former Top Apple Lawyer Charged With Fraud ; Russian-Style Kleptocracy Is Infiltrating America ; and More Picks

Gun Violence Since Parkland
The author writes: "The 12-month period starting Feb. 14, 2018, saw nearly 1,200 lives snuffed out. That’s a Parkland every five days, enough victims to fill three ultra-wide Boeing 777s. The true number is certainly higher because no government agency keeps a real-time tally and funding for research is restricted by law." Photo credit: jeanne rené / Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
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The World Is Getting Greener (Rebecca)

The author writes, “A doctoral student in the Department of Earth and Environment at Boston University … has been mining data collected by an orbiting NASA camera that monitors green vegetation on Earth’s surface, day by day. [His research shows] that the amount of our planet’s land surface covered by green leaves increased between 2000 and 2017.”

If Not the Green New Deal, Then What? (Chris)

From the New Republic: “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal has countless critics. We asked two of them to share their good-faith alternatives for reversing climate change.”

Bullet Train Went From Peak California Innovation to Project From Hell (Chris)

From the Los Angeles Times: “The high-speed rail network [promised to] transform California — cleaner air, less congested freeways and airports, and more limited suburban sprawl with a whole new style of housing around rail stops. … [But] huge cost overruns, mismanagement, political concessions and delays ate away at the sleek and soaring vision.”

Russian-Style Kleptocracy Is Infiltrating America (Gerry)

The author writes, “One bitter truth about the Russia scandal is that by the time Vladimir Putin attempted to influence the shape of our country, it was already bending in the direction of his.”

Feds Charge Former Top Apple Lawyer With Fraud, Insider Trading (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “Gene Levoff, whom Apple fired in September, faces 20 years in prison and $5M in fines.”

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