Why Trump Won’t Back Down on Shutdown

President Donald Trump, addresses the nation
No wall? Then let the government shutdown continue, President Donald Trump told the nation in a televised speech January 8, 2019. Photo credit: The White House / YouTube
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Most — if not all — presidents ran for office because they thought they could run the country better than the other candidates. And running the country means being in charge of the US government. It implies some regard for the institution that would be paying their salary.

But Donald Trump never really considered the presidency to be a job. It was just a vehicle to gain the most attention from adoring crowds, obtain the best perks, maximize his brand, and hold the greatest power.

Running the country was a just an unpleasant side effect, requiring attention to briefing papers, attendance at boring meetings, and visiting cemeteries.

All his life, Trump has turned his back on government, declining to serve it in the armed forces, to follow its laws when they lowered his profits, to pay taxes to fund it, and even to speak well of it.

He lives in the kingdom of the gated community and the lush golf course, which could be anywhere or nowhere. He welcomed Russian oligarchs, Saudi princes, and mobsters to Trump Tower. The lingua franca of this kingdom is wealth and all its trappings. Nothing else matters.

All his talk of America First really is Trump First. He has no understanding of this country, its history, or its values.

So it’s not surprising that a shutdown doesn’t trouble him. He shut down on government and country a long time ago.

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5 responses to “Why Trump Won’t Back Down on Shutdown”

  1. BlackjackScout says:

    I guess you probably feel really silly now that he has backed down and the government is reopening. No, wait. Let’s blame him for backing down, and giving negotiations another chance.

  2. MARK BARSOTTI says:

    With all respect to those that see Donald J. Trump as the answer, what the hell is the question?

  3. AndTheSlithyToves says:

    Even his mother didn’t know what motivated him–Mary in 1990 interview “What kind of son have I created?–so anything I might think is pure speculation.

  4. rory says:

    Your article would make one think,as ordinary Americans, we can not tell how we have been screwed by almost every administration since our beginning. At least now we have someone who will make the best deal he can for America. The president has not been brainwashed by the political machine. We are not looking for more take away a lot taxes and give back very little! I am not worried about attending”functions”,instead let us support him in taking care of our money and safety for our country.

    Oh! by the way your snide remark about his military service,there are only desperate accusations. Heel spurs or any foot injury are disabling–I know!

  5. Conrad Seitz says:

    Your article doesn’t explain why he who must not be named will not back down on his shutdown– there is no mention of Ann Coulter or Sean Hannity, no mention of his base crumbling, etc. It’s just a rehash of things we already know about him.

    My personal theory about why he won’t back down is that Russia doesn’t want him to back down. The longer this shutdown lasts, the weaker our government gets, the more chaos and internecine conflict, and the poorer our defenses are.

    Russian TV has been celebrating the shutdown; one commentator even said that if he declares a national emergency, Russia will finally win (actually, we will lose but Russia won’t win– China will, in the long run.) Another Russian talking head said there is a “civil war” going on in the US.

    So where is the justification for the title to this article? I came looking for answers, or at least tenable theories, and all you write is more about his narcissism and disconnectedness from ordinary people. We know that. We need to know more about what is actually motivating him to do this.