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2017 JFK Document Release Shows Former Intelligence Analyst Got It Right

Countdown to October 26

Dr. John M. Newman author of Countdown to Darkness, JFK and Vietnam, Oswald and the CIA, Where Angels Tread Lightly and more. Photo credit: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform and Skyhorse Publishing
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For decades, those investigating the assassination of President John F. Kennedy have been eagerly anticipating the release of previously withheld documents scheduled for later this year, October 26. One major question that remains is whether President Donald Trump will use his authority to further keep these documents from the public eye.(1)

Fifty-four years is long enough.

The potential for discovery represented by the recent and upcoming release of remaining government files on the Kennedy assassination was realized this week with the startling revelation that beginning in 1956, Earle Cabell, brother of Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Charles P. Cabell and Mayor of Dallas at the time JFK was assassinated, was a CIA asset.

We are now able to review his 10/17/56 CIA Secrecy Agreement, his CIA 201 file cover sheet, his 5/13/57 CIA Personality 201 File Request, and a cover sheet indicating that the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) reviewed his 201 file. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) master listing of files scheduled for release indicates that the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) classified these records as “Not Believed Relevant” (NBR). ARRB Director Judge John Tunheim, speaking at the National Press Club during a CAPA sponsored event this past March, said that he now believes that many of the NBR-designated documents are indeed relevant. With the benefit of hindsight, that may have been an understatement.

The passage of many days, months, or years may be necessary for information to be placed in the correct context and understood as being significant. The example of George Joannides, who was brought out of retirement to act as liaison between the Agency and the HSCA, is a case in point. Joannides’ role as the CIA case officer for the DRE (Revolutionary Student Directorate), an anti-Castro group with which Lee Harvey Oswald had interacted in the summer of 1963 in New Orleans, was withheld by the agency throughout the term of the HSCA which was investigating CIA connections to the group. When asked directly if Joannides could assist the HSCA by identifying the officer who had handled the DRE during the summer of 1963, he responded by saying, “I’ll look into that.” Perhaps the CIA did not feel that revealing Joannides’ true identity to the Committee investigators was “assassination-related.”

The official ARRB classification “assassination-related” was not limited to issues or evidence pertaining exclusively to the scene of the crime.

Dr. John Newman argues that real progress in solving the JFK assassination will not come to those who await a smoking-gun revelation, but will be possible if we first have an understanding of the internal language of US government cryptonyms and pseudonyms. Only by establishing the true identities of the actors — and their locations and activities — can we hope to separate fact from fiction in this mystifying saga.

That has been his goal in a series of publications on America’s untold history over the last three decades. As a retired strategic intelligence cryptologic analyst for US Army Intelligence and the former military assistant to the director of the National Security Agency, Newman has some unique qualifications. His works on the cold war and America’s involvement in Vietnam have been recognized by many, including Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. and former CIA Director William Colby to be among the most authoritative and significant yet published. In past publications he correctly foretold what we are now seeing in the 2017 release of JFK records.

His 1991 book, JFK and Vietnam, documents Kennedy’s navigation of a dangerous course through cold war hot spots and a very divided administration. What eventually emerged is an astonishingly dishonorable deception: a deliberate attempt to manipulate the President of the United States into authorizing a war policy to which he was fundamentally opposed. The media firestorm created by that thesis, that JFK was committed to withdrawing from Vietnam at the time of his death, and obstructions such as the book’s suppression by Warner Books after only five months on the bookshelves, did little to dissuade Newman from pursuing the story wherever it might lead.

It led to Oswald and the CIA. Published in 1995, his second book used the enormous collection of federal agency documents newly released by the ARRB to explore the CIA’s keen operational interest in Lee Harvey Oswald. It focused on the people and organizations who opened and maintained Oswald’s intelligence files for four years prior to the president’s assassination, and it provided evidence to explore the question of whether Oswald might have been a false defector when he left the US for the Soviet Union in 1959. [See Countdown to Darkness, Chapters One and Eighteen for a detailed account of that story.]

Newman re-entered the JFK case in 2015 with the publication of Where Angels Tread Lightly: The Assassination of President Kennedy, Volume One. The updated and expanded second edition of JFK and Vietnam appeared in January 2017, as did Volume Two in Newman’s series on the assassination, Countdown to Darkness.

Naming Names and Secret Missions


The CIA was not the only federal agency to involve itself with organizing, recruiting and utilising anti-Castro paramilitary groups, but it may have been the one that invested the most time and money. JFK assassination research has focused a great deal of attention on the Agency’s handling and control of such groups and the activists who made up their memberships. The CIA officers, agents and assets who ran those operations are also worthy of our attention. Volume II offered bold new predictions about the pseudonyms and cryptonyms used for the CIA officers and contract agents who dared — without diplomatic protection — to run the stay-behind nets inside Cuba after the January 1961 break in relations with the US. Three men whose careers would become increasingly important to our understanding of operations being directed against Castro by the CIA are Emilio Americo Rodriguez, Tony Sforza, and James Joseph O’Mailia.

Countdown to Darkness identified the CIA’s principal deep-cover stay-behind agent in Cuba, Emilio Americo Rodriquez, as the person behind the CIA cryptonym AMIRE-1. In the CIA’s long search for reliable recruits to employ as human intelligence who would accept dangerous assignments there could hardly have been anyone more qualified or better suited than Emilio Rodriguez, a multi-lingual young Cuban with American citizenship who approached the Agency in Washington in late 1959 offering to serve in the fight against Castro and a communist takeover of Cuba. By May of 1960, Rodriguez had been cleared for operational employment and was in place in Havana. Newman ascertained that Rodriguez used the pseudonym “Eugenio” for his stay-behind net in Cuba, that Rodriguez’s work for American businesses in Cuba had been used to provide a cover, and that his stay-behind partner in Cuba was CIA contract paramilitary agent, Tony Sforza. Sforza would become notorious for his Agency-related exploits as the man who recruited Fidel Castro’s sister Juanita, and who worked closely with JMWAVE (the CIA station in Miami) officers Ted Shackley and David Sanchez Morales. Sforza posed as a casino gambler named “Frank Stevens.”

CIA, Debriefing report

Photo credit: CIA

Countdown to Darkness also revealed that the pseudonym (for use in CIA reports and files) “Peter J. DiGerveno” belonged to Rodriguez while he was assigned to the CIA’s JMWAVE station in Miami. Sforza was the person behind the CIA cryptonym AMRYE-1, and was assigned the pseudonym “Henry J. Sloman” for his stay-behind work in Cuba and for use in his assignment at the JMWAVE station.

Into the Storm (Volume III, due out in December 2018) will reveal that both Rodriguez and Sforza worked closely with an American CIA contract agent in Havana, James Joseph O’Mailia, whose cover was as a professor of English at the University of Villanueva. By early 1960, O’Mailia had become the Agency’s principal go-between and cut-out to the Christian Democratic Movement (MDC) group and others being groomed to sabotage the Cuban economy and overthrow Castro.

Classified Message

Photo credit: CIA

During his research for Volume III, Newman discovered that O’Mailia was the person behind the CIA cryptonym AMCRACKLE-1, and that CIA documents used the pseudonym “Gordon M. Biniaris” for his work with the anti-Castro groups in Cuba.

O’Mailia’s profile in Havana matched that of a man using the name “Joe Melton.” Melton, according to Antonio Veciana — a militant leader of the paramilitary exile group, Alpha 66, who was involved in terrorist acts and attempts to assassinate Castro — was the American who trained him in sabotage and psychological warfare operations.

Veciana alleges that CIA propaganda expert David Phillips — using the name “Maurice Bishop” — was present for several of the training sessions. Moreover, Veciana has claimed that he met with Oswald and Phillips in a Dallas office building in September 1963 — shortly before Oswald went to Mexico City seeking a Cuban visa. Earlier this year the publication of Antonio Veciana’s memoir, Trained to Kill, was received very positively by some reviewers; for others, it has raised more questions than it answers. Familiarity with figures such as Rodriguez, Sforza and O’Mailia is required if we are to effectively evaluate claims that are presented as facts.

Relationship Chart

Photo credit: CIA

NARA released several records with Rodriguez’s AMIRE-1 cryptonym in the clear and the diagram for “Eugenio’s” stay-behind net in Cuba. On his net diagram were the names “Henry,” for “Henry Sloman” (Tony Sforza), and “Happy,” who may have been James O’Mailia. With NARA’s July 2017 release of JFK records, we now have the opportunity to check the predictions and assessments set forth in Countdown to Darkness. Many of the estimates in Newman’s Volumes II and III have been confirmed by the recently released files. We are getting dozens of crypts, pseudos, country digraphs, and operational codenames. In many instances their presence alongside of the already released documents permits many more new discoveries. An overall assessment will have to wait until everything has been released.

All three CIA operatives in Cuba were fortunate to escape from the island. Rodriguez and O’Mailia were arrested and imprisoned by Castro’s secret police. Sforza went underground until his escape by boat in mid-July 1961. Rodriguez, who had been arrested and held for six days before the invasion, was permitted to leave on an airplane to New Orleans at the time Sforza fled the island. O’Mailia, who was arrested during the exile invasion, was held in prison for three months and then he, too, was permitted to leave in mid-July. If Cuban authorities had realized the prominent roles these three figures would play in the CIA’s anti-Casto campaigns, they would certainly not ever have been allowed to leave Cuba alive.

Newman’s work not only resolves the multiple identities of the key CIA officers and agents who risked their lives in this Cuban-American drama, but also recounts the circumstances in which their flight from Cuba took place in the context of the disastrous Bay of Pigs. The claims, by top advisors to Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy, that an exile invasion would trigger an uprising of the Cuban population against Castro were known to be false by those who made them.

In Volume II, Newman makes a persuasive case that the exile invasion was designed to fail in order to pave the way for a full-scale US invasion of the island. Castro’s victory on the beachhead in 1961 was blamed on the failure of the Kennedy administration to provide sufficient air support for the invaders. Along with the diplomatic resolution to the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, these purported “betrayals” of those who died or were captured at Bahía de Cochinos would, in turn, form the context and a possible motive for the murder of the president.

So, here we are in 2017, the year that we are promised will solve some mysteries, answer some questions, and perhaps settle the case once and for all. Or not. We can be confident that some details of the JFK assassination story will no longer be hidden from us. Revelations such as those cited in this article provide valuable new pieces to our collective understanding; they allow us to measure our progress by improving upon previous assessments, and they assist us in getting closer to our ultimate objective: to put the puzzle together.

And you never know, there may be some other surprises in store for us. It is not unprecedented for materials that were thought to be lost or that were never documented at all to suddenly appear. When the son of the staff director to the Warren Commission contacted the ARRB and said that his father had died and there were 18 boxes of Warren Commission documents in his basement, did they want them? The answer was, “Well, yes we do.”

A final note of caution: Documents don’t always mean what they say or say what they mean. What they purport to reveal is seldom complete and may not be accurate, perhaps even false, especially when they are issued by intelligence agencies whose tradecraft includes deception and maintenance of “plausible deniability.” In cases where something that should be there is missing — such as the disappearance of Volume 5 of Oswald’s Security files — the significance of what is absent, what Professor Peter Dale Scott refers to as the negative template, is also informative.

Thanks to Malcolm Blunt, Bill Simpich, Dan Hardway, Peter Dale Scott, and Jerry Shinley for their contributions to this article. Special thanks to Milicent Cranor, Jimmy Falls, Klaus Marre, and Russ Baker for their invaluable assistance.

Alan Dale serves the noted FOIA attorney, Jim Lesar, as Director of the Assassination Archives and Research Center, aarclibrary.org, and is the host of JFK Conversations, jfkconversations.com. He is affiliated with the research groups JFK Lancer and CAPA, and is responsible for administration and content at https://jfkjmn.com.


[1] Postponement beyond the Oct. 26, 2017 deadline set 25 years ago by the JFK Assassination Records Act is possible if the president certifies that it is necessary to prevent an identifiable harm to military, defense, intelligence, law enforcement or foreign relations and that harm outweighs the public interest in disclosure.

Related front page panorama photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from file cabinets (MedillNSZ / Flickr – CC BY 2.0) and JFK limousine (Walt Cisco, Dallas Morning News / Wikimedia).

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51 responses to “2017 JFK Document Release Shows Former Intelligence Analyst Got It Right”

  1. Avatar Olle Reimers says:

    I just saw David Lifton add some information that recently had been made available to him. A couple, male and female, had stopped by at the entrance from the triple underpass up to Stemmons freeway to look at the motorcade. They witnessed something that has obviously has never been reported. The limousine stopped for a few seconds just before it was to enter the freeway, and Jackie Kennedy was trying to get out of the limo but was stopped by a Secret Service agent. Not the same incident as at the grassy knoll, about 400 meters back.

    Lifton has interviewed these persons personally and found the story totally credible. The reason why they did not come forward was that they assumed that the incident should be mentioned in the official report and that it was of little significance. Years went by and not util recently they were informed that it was not mentioned in the Warren Report and started to wonder why.

    There is credible information that Jackie was convinced that LBJ was behind the murder and that a reason why she tried to flee was that she thought they would kill her too.

    However; if there is any truth to this there is reason to believe that Secret Service was deeper involved. If they were innocent they would have reported the incident, wouldn´t they?

  2. Avatar Johnny Burnette says:

    This naive belief that the US government would never lie and that we should put our faith in a crummy political hack job of an “investigation” (the Warren Commission) is bogus. Have we not learned since 1964 about how CIA and the military have lied to the American public, about foreign hit jobs and “winnable wars” without end? And for those who place their “faith-based” belief in the findings of the Warren Commission, and who laugh at those of us who question its findings—-I’ve got a handful of 19th century Indian treaties that the US government made and then broke. Being skeptical is never a bad thing, and it sure as hell can’t just be laughed off by smug, intellectually lazy boob tube history know-it-alls purporting to have all of the facts, when they don’t.

  3. Avatar GameTime says:

    Must be me. Failed to see where this article provided any new evidence, suggestions of new evidence, etc. regarding who killed JFK and why. I guess it’s too much to accept that one man got lucky that day, huh? After all, it’s not like there haven’t been “lone wolves” before or after Oswald. We have known of the CIA’s connection to all of this since it happened.

  4. Avatar a.c.hall says:

    JFK`s killing was organised by Allen Dulles, J.Edgar Hoover and LBJ. Means, Motive and Opportunity.

    • Avatar Kaye T says:

      I agree! You hit the nail on the correct heads!!

    • Avatar a.c.hall says:

      Hello, I read that the real JFK shooter was either Mac Wallace; LBJ`s private hitman, or an ex French Foreign Legion Sniper named Soutre, who was hired by the Mob/ CIA .

    • Avatar Kaye T says:

      I honestly have not heard of Mac Wallace. Although I believe that LBJ knew about the assassination in advance, I personally find it doubtful that he would have someone with such close connections to him actually involved in the assassination. But, I have heard of a world renowned Corsican hit man named Jean Rene Souetre as being the person who delivered the fatal head shot. Evidently, Souetre had several aliases. Over the years I have seen some of his aliases as being Victor Michael (or Michel) Mertz ; Michael (or Michel) Victor Mertz; and Michel Roux.

    • Avatar a.c.hall says:

      Supposedly LBJ had Mac Wallace Kill his Daughter or Step Daughter Josefa ; who was unhappy about something.

    • Avatar Kaye T says:

      Josefa Johnson was the sister of LBJ. She evidently had many personal problems, including alcoholism. It is reported that she had affairs with many men, including Mac Wallace and a man named John Kinser, who was the owner of an Austin golf course. Mac Wallace shot and killed John Kinser at his golf course. Wallace was arrested, but ended up getting out of a lengthy prison sentence in lieu of jail time already served for the crime.
      Josefa Johnson reportedly died of a cerebral hemorrhage on 12/25/1961, but no autopsy was done. Twenty three years later, Attorney Douglas Caddy claimed that LBJ, Mac Wallace, and two other men were involved in her murder. Although I have my own opinion, to the best of my knowledge this has never been proven, so I do not put much emphasis on it.

    • Avatar a.c.hall says:

      What is your opinion on the new theory that JFK was shot from behind by a Secret Service Agent with AR15 accidentally; from the Car behind next in the cavalcade ? Personally I disagree because Jackie dived back onto the trunk to retrieve a piece of her husband’s skull. This proves that the killing head shot came from the front of the Lincoln.

    • Avatar Kaye T says:

      I agree with you – I do not think that JFK was shot by one of his own Secret Service agents. To me, that is almost as ridiculous as some of the reports that Jackie did it. I also agree with you that the fatal head shot came from the front of the Lincoln. I personally have always felt that the fatal shot came from the drainage ditch in the curb to the right front of the Presidential car.

    • Avatar a.c.hall says:

      I never read about the drainage ditch, but there were some very strange witness accounts about the “Grassy Knoll” and car park, behind it. Plainclothes people stripping rifles, passing suitcases. I saw film taken from behind JFK when the 3rd bullet hit his head. You see blood and fragments ejected straight up. As though an exploding bullet was used.

    • Avatar Kaye T says:

      There are a few videos on YouTube that also speak of the drainage ditch in the curb. In fact, it was the first place motorcycle police looked when they arrived at the scene. I have always thought that it would be a great place for a sniper to hide. If the fatal shot were fired from there, it would be coming from the below front of President Kennedy. That could also explain how the blood and brain matter were ejected straight up when the fatal bullet struck the President, like you explained. I agree that the final bullet could very well have been an exploding bullet. I was 11 year old when we lost JFK. It affected me deeply then and it still does. I have been researching the assassination since the early 1070’s, and I have no doubt in my mind that this was a CIA planned “coup” to overthrow our government.

    • Avatar a.c.hall says:

      I read a story that JFK`s Lincoln had damage or a Bullet Hole in the Top of the Windscreen; and that the Secret Service had the Lincoln Stripped Apart, Repaired, and Cleaned in a Detroit Ford Workshop. Here in the UK, We all held our Breath while JFK and Bobby played Poker with Kruschev during the Cuba Missile Crisis with US Bombers Flying around with H Bombs for World War 3. From what I have Researched since; The Joint Chiefs and LBJ thought that the US Could Win a “Nuclear Exchange” with Soviet Russia and Pressured JFK to Kill Millions of Russian Civilians in a Pre-emptive First Strike. Like “Dr.Strangelove”. When JFK also didn`t Invade Castro`s Cuba , he was a “Pinko” .He later Fired Allen Dulles over the “Bay of Pigs” and was doomed.
      When Bobby was Killed by Sirhan Sirhan ,another “Lone Nutter” ,it was Obvious that the Kennedy Brothers had been killed by the Military,Industrial,Congressional Complex.

    • Avatar Kaye T says:

      I’m sorry that it took me so long to reply. For some reason, I did not receive an e mail informing me about your last response. I just happened to be re reading this article and happened to see your response today.
      I had to laugh when I noticed that I said I had been researching the assassination since the early 1070’s – I’m sure you knew what I meant, but at times I wonder where my brain is!!
      I have also heard about the bullet damage in the windshield of the Lincoln. You are right about the Lincoln being stripped apart and repaired in Detroit. I think that it was actually used by a couple more of our Presidents before it was eventually put on display in Detroit.
      I found it interesting that you are from the U.K. and what was happening there during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The school I attended at the time was an official bomb shelter. It was certainly a scary time.
      I was not aware that JFK was being pressured to kill millions of Russian civilians in a pre emptive first strike. I think President Kennedy, with support from Bobby, did a great job in the overall handling of the entire situation.
      You mentioned Allen Dulles. My late husband, who was a distant cousin to the Kennedys on the Hickey side, always said that he thought Dulles was the mastermind behind the assassination.
      I agree with you about exactly who killed President Kennedy and Bobby. As far as I’m concerned, our country has never been the same since.

    • Avatar Charles K says:

      The hit-men at this point are irrelevant. The focus of JFK research is focused on, but not limited to, those government agencies and personnel capable (and with known animus) of carrying out and covering up the murder of the 35th President. The Mac Wallace-LBJ angle has long ago been discredited and stems from a huckster’s desire to sell his book. The most recent release of National Archive documents shows the FBI and CIA had been tracking Oswald since 1959 and were aware LHO was in Dallas at the time of the JFK assassination. Apparently, Oswald was of operational interest to these agencies, as both the FBI and CIA collaborated in a joint effort to: 1) destroy the Fair Play for Cuba Committee (which Oswald set up a fake chapter in New Orleans in the Summer of 1963); and, to blame Castro for the assassination through Oswald’s alleged attempt(s) to obtain a Cuban visa to exit the US and go to Russia. Toward this alleged end, both the CIA and FBI fabricated evidence of an Oswald trip to Mexico City (Lopez Report). This high-level intelligence ruse collapsed when the CIA sent to the FBI a copy of a tape and a picture, purportedly of Oswald, at both the Cuban Consulate, and Russian Embassy in Mexico City in September 1963. The FBI disavowed the authenticity of both the voice on the tape and the picture allegedly of Oswald. In other words, the FBI established that Oswald was impersonated in Mexico City. Further evidence of impersonation of Oswald in Mexico City was the “Odio Incident,” involving three individuals who came to Sylvia Odio’s apartment in Texas (while CIA claims Oswald was in Mexico City) using the war names of “Leopoldo,” “Angelo,” and “Leon.” “Leopoldo” called Ms. Odio the next day, stating that “Leon is an ex-marine, a marksman, and loco (crazy) – he can go either way. “Leopoldo” also state that “Leon said the Cubans should have killed Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs.” (Sylvia Odio’s HSCA testimony). At this point and time (2018), all we have are the released records detailing information and movements of key CIA and FBI personnel before and after the JFK hit. There are other CIA and FBI records that Trump allowed to be withheld for another six months. If you want to get up to speed – the Assassination Archives and Records Center. You can also visit the National Archives online database. “To be aware is to be alive!”

      Warm regards,

      Charles P Kennedy, Sr.

    • Avatar Kaye T says:

      Charles, I really do not understand why you are directing your comment to me. If you had been paying attention, you would know that so far I have only been responding to comments asked of me by a. c. hall. I don’t mind the fact that you are interjecting yourself in our conversation, but I resent the overall condescending nature of your remarks, including feeling the need to explain to me what “loco” means. Are you serious??
      I lived through the JFK assassination, and have been actively researching it since the early 1970’s. You have not told me ONE THING that I don’t already know, but I will touch on a few of your points. Because you think that it no longer matters who the “hit men” were, does not mean that others feel the same way, and we do not need to be told by you that the assassins are now irrelevant. I stay abreast of the already released assassination records, and am aware that Trump is allowing many records to be postponed. I also frequently visit the Nat’l. Archives site, plus many other sites on this topic.
      I think that it’s true in your case that it doesn’t take much to make some people feel really important.
      Again, I find your remarks VERY condescending. Your last line telling me “to be aware is to be alive!” signifies just how condescending your remarks are.

  5. Avatar ShirlB says:

    The information coming out now proves that Attorney Mark Lane was on the right track all along: the CIA had both feet in the plot and left fingerprints all over it. There is no statute of limitations on murder. In my estimation there are three living participants in what E. Howard Hunt called the “Big Event” who could still be put in the dock: George H. W. Bush and Ruth and Michael Paine. James Files (aka Jimmy Sutton) who claimed (in an interview with Jim Marrs) that he took the head shot from the Grassy Knoll is sitting in a prison somewhere in Illinois (last I heard) and should be included. If this is not done, history will not absolve us and the USA’s decline will continue.

  6. […] portions. At least one major revelation has been found, and the hard work of piecing together cryptograms and data points to complete the puzzle has only just […]

  7. […] For decades, those investigating the assassination of President John F. Kennedy have been eagerly anticipating the release of previously withheld documents scheduled for later this year, October 26. One major question that remains is whether President Donald Trump will use his authority to further keep these documents from the public eye SOURCE: WHO WHAT WHY […]

  8. Avatar Olle Reimers says:

    I would like to hear yur opinion Alan on the following. As we know, those who perform all these false flag operations are superstitious. They believe that if they don´t leave some visible clue bad karma will come to them. In the case of JFK, the clue that I have found is in the Warren Report pp 96 – 107 where the Single Bullet Theory is discussed. To me it is pretty clear because they actually mention TWO entries; one on p 96, referring to the autopsy report (in the back) and one on p 107 where they refer to the Rydberg sketch (in the neck).

    Would you please give your insightful comment on that?

    As we all know the SBT is a fantasy and more or less openly shown that way in the famous photo with Arlen Specter.

    • Avatar Alan Dale says:

      Hello Olle. Courtesy of the Comments Editor here at WWW I see my first response to your original post is up. If you would like for me to share your post with people who are much more knowledgeable than I, you may send me an email at the following address and I will make certain that someone responds to your specific points. I can be reached at editor.aarclibrary@gmail.com.

      Thank you.

    • Avatar Mik says:

      The bottom line with JFK’s assassination is this:

      The MD who operated on JFK in Dallas Hospital, Dr. Charles Crenshaw, came forward in 1992 with a book that makes it clear that Kennedy was shot three times, all from the front.

      So Oswald did not kill JFK.

    • Avatar tekn0zen says:

      That’s odd. Wasn’t there agreement among the Parkland doctors that there was an entry wound in the back?

    • Avatar Mik says:

      Read the book. Dr. Crenshaw admitted to a cover-up… He only felt safe to come forward after Oliver Stone’s film, JFK, came out. And basically, to no avail. The media has not deviated from the Warren Report. Because CIA and GOP influence is thick.

    • Avatar Robert says:

      Yes, there was a back wound. Rep. Gerald R. Ford did a very dishonest thing. He was a member of the WC, and moved up the middle-back wound over 5 inches higher to make the Single (magic) Bullet Theory more plausible. It was a patent lie, and a fraud on the people to perpetuate that theory that is so ridiculous. How could one bullet hit 2 men, make 7 wounds and come out looking like it was just removed from the cartridge box? Rep. Gerald Ford (later VP and president) was not the honest man portrayed by the media, journalists, and others, to their everlasting shame. Same for Arlen Specter, who invented that laughable Single Bullet Theory, who was a WC staff attorney, later Senator. It was Malcolm (Mac) Wallace who was the shooter in the SW corner of the TSBD, who had his fingerprint positively ID’ed. Oswald was (supposedly) in the SE corner, but he really wasn’t.

    • Avatar Kaye T says:


    • Avatar Olle Reimers says:

      Hi Alan; now I can see that comment. Thank you very much. As you may have noticed; I have sent a more thorough comment to you for furthering to the addresses that were mentioned. I am of course a bit excited to see what may come out of this.

      Best regards


  9. Avatar Lee Shepherd says:

    Tony Sforza is a name I recognize, but I’m not sure I understand the connection between Emilio Americo Rodriguez, and James Joseph O’Mailia to the assassination in Dallas.

    • Avatar Alan Dale says:

      Hello Lee. What Dr. Newman is producing is unprecedented in its scope and detail. The
      publication of Volume II makes clear that the continuation of his work-in-progress on the assassination of President Kennedy defines, as comprehensively as possible, a multi-dimensional representation of what can be known during this time to include the identification of all the players on the field as Cold War hot-spots were being targeted for U.S. plans and covert actions. Those who choose to sign on for this journey, across an enormously broad chronological range and geographical landscape of America’s programs and policies, and their implementation, will soon discover that speculation based upon incomplete awareness will not lead to ultimate understanding.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • Avatar Olle Reimers says:

      Hi Alan; I would just like to hear your opinion on my comment. For some reason; researchers that I have contacted on the issue have not commented at all. The truth is that I have spent thousands of hours on the JFK issue and debated it on YT. The most sensitive point has always been the Single Bullet Theory. (I am a lawyer so I have concentrated on matters of evidence mostly.) I finally decided to give the matter an extra go and the text cited in my original comment IS actually in the Warren Report. They actually mention TWO points of entry in Kennedy´s back.

      Please don´t just say no. Read the passage! Btw it fits very well with the Dan Rather interview with James Humes where Humes overtly said that the two entries were identical!

    • Avatar Alan Dale says:

      Hello Olle.

      I believe I may have accidentally deleted my response to you which was posted for several hours earlier today. I promise I will return to this no later than tomorrow evening.

    • Avatar tekn0zen says:

      Humes? The one who never ever did a real autopsy or had any experience with victims of shootings?

    • Avatar Olle Reimers says:

      yes, he was responsible for the autopsy of JFK

    • Avatar Lee Shepherd says:

      The Big Picture.

  10. Avatar Hawk620 says:

    It all tracks back to Dulles, Angleton and GHW Bush…

    • Avatar tekn0zen says:

      …and US. Army Defence Intelligence, LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover.

    • Avatar tekn0zen says:

      Speaking of it all tracking back… as I’m sure everyone knows, the USSR investigated the assassination and issued a report. I finally came across an English translation in the 2nd James Tague book, “LBJ and the Kennedy Killing.” It’s amazing! Pretty much the whole story and all the perpetrators are included. I tried to find an online copy and apparently it is not available. It reads like the Russians had years to study this and take advantage of all the latest thinking– but there it is circa 1965. Has anyone else read this?

  11. Avatar Mik says:

    The bottom line with JFK’s assassination is this:

    The MD who operated on JFK in Dallas Hospital, Dr. Charles Crenshaw, came forward in 1992 with a book that makes it clear that Kennedy was shot three times, all from the front.

    So Oswald did not kill JFK.

    If Oswald had ties to Russia, it is irrelevant. The only thing relevant is the USA Government did not pursue the killer(s); and we need to know who, what, and why they didn’t.


    • Avatar SHAFAR NULLIFIDIAN says:

      If the “USA Gummint” was responsible and pursued the killer(s) they’d be chasing their own “tales”*, Nicht Wahr?
      *pun intended

  12. Avatar sfulmer says:

    Along with Schlesinger Jr and Colby, let’s not ignore that Chomsky also considers John Newman’s work as highly significant, prompting guru Noam’s classic, cherry-picked, 1993 nonsense that successfully pitched a piqued divide at a left/liberal point on the spectrum. When the crisis is most revealing, count on guru Noam’s finger to cover your eyes!!!!!

  13. Avatar garrettsfo says:

    Really enjoyed your article, there’s a great list of cryptonyms on the Mary Ferrell website. Helps to understand some of the new files better.Thanks for the work you do.

  14. Avatar Brent Holland says:

    Great article Alan, learned alot of info up until now I was unaware of Bravo!

  15. Avatar tommy laughter says:

    Let’s use the FOI for internal memos of JM/Wave…..Now THAT would be most informative

    • Avatar Alan Dale says:

      Yes. We are certainly interested in everything pertaining to JMWAVE. Thanks for reading.

    • Avatar Charles K says:

      Alan, I appreciate your adding to the knowledge base of the JFK case and helping others to understand the broad tapestry of woven history that permeates the circumstances of this case owing to the Cold War. The military established sniper schools at the close of the Korean War (1957). While we rightly focus on the CIA, we also know that JFK actively sought to rid the military of extremist racist elements like General Walker who, subsequently, was financially backed for Texas governor by right-wing extremist millionaire, H.L. Hunt – a member of the Suite F-8 Group (an ultra-conservative group of Texas movers and shakers). When we focus on Texas, we get a deeper appreciation of how JFK could be killed in that State. With Johnson (D-TX) as President, we also can discern how a political cover-up was effected. The other factor which points to the military (with CIA collusion) is “Operation Northwoods”. The JFK assassination was just one such “Big Event” proposed by the military as pretext to launch a first-strike nuclear attack against Cuba or the USSR.

    • Avatar Alan Dale says:

      Thank you, Charles. I appreciate your thoughtful and well reasoned response.