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Massive Voter Suppression in Ohio Stopped Just in Time

Not all voters are welcomed in Ohio. Photo credit: nshepard / Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
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Long before Donald Trump ever talked about rigged elections, Ohio’s Republicans, behind Secretary of State Jon Husted, tried to put a thumb on the scale in the Buckeye state by keeping hundreds of thousands of voters — more likely to be Democrats than not — from casting ballots. And they almost got away with it.

The battle over Ohio’s voter purge illustrates that voting rights remain under relentless assault. It is predominantly perpetrated by Republicans, who are fighting the country’s shifting demographics with rules designed to keep core Democratic constituencies away from the polls.

All of this happens under the guise of combating the near non-existent threat of in-person voter fraud.

In this case, it took a court order issued less than three weeks before the election to stop a major voter suppression effort. Specifically, a federal court last week overturned the state’s massive voter purge. Since June 2016, more than 200,000 voters were removed from the Ohio voter registration because they had not cast ballots since the 2008 presidential election.

The court deemed this purge to be illegal and stated, “If those who were unlawfully removed from the voter rolls are not allowed to vote, then the Secretary of State is continuing to disenfranchise voters in violation of federal law.”

The court ordered that purged voters must be allowed to cast provisional ballots but also acknowledged that any remedy so close to the election would be imperfect.

Still, the ACLU of Ohio, which was a plaintiff in the suit, was pleased with the outcome.

“Our biggest concern was to make sure that voters who were illegally purged from the voter rolls will be able to cast their ballots in November and we believe this ruling largely resolves that,” said Mike Brickner, senior policy director for the ACLU of Ohio. “People who were purged are trying to vote right now and trying to get an absentee ballot.”

Prior to the ruling, Brickner had told WhoWhatWhy that the purge could have had a devastating effect in a close election.

“Hundreds of thousands of people could have shown up to their polling place and been told that they couldn’t cast a ballot,” Brickner said.

Though Ohio’s Secretary of State Jon Husted pledged to comply with the ruling, the ACLU does not appear to be fully convinced.

On Monday, the group sent out an appeal to its supporters to sign a petition calling on officials in Ohio (and Kansas and Wisconsin) to follow court orders reversing their voter suppression efforts.

“A victory in an Ohio court determined that a voter purge conducted by the Secretary of State was illegal, paving the way to restore tens of thousands of purged voters to the rolls,” the ACLU call for action said.

“But the state initially refused to permit vast numbers of these voters to use regular ballots, and is already refusing to send them absentee ballots.”

The Buckeye State, which has traditionally been a must-win state for Republicans in presidential elections, has tried to tilt the playing field for some time.

“Ohio has aggressively been purging voters more than other states since Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted took office,” Camille Wimbish, the election administration director of the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition, told WhoWhatWhy.

Husted had justified his purge by saying: “If this is [a] really important thing to you in your life, voting, you probably would have done so within a six-year period.”

While the voter purge has been reversed, other voter suppression efforts initiated by Husted remain.

In late August, the US Supreme Court decided against the restoration of Golden Week, a seven-day period during which residents have the opportunity to register and cast their votes on the same day.

“The loss of Golden Week is disappointing for the tens of thousands of Ohio voters who have used this convenient option in the past,” Brickner said.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted. Photo credit: Ibagli / Wikimedia

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted. Photo credit: Ibagli / Wikimedia

Misrepresenting Minorities

A Reuters study shows that the purge has eliminated twice the number of people living in Democratic-leaning areas in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus, compared to Republican areas. According to the study, Republicans are more likely to vote more frequently in both congressional and presidential elections.

The purge particularly targeted black residents living in low socioeconomic neighborhoods and the homeless, who are less likely to show up at the polls. In urban neighborhoods, more than 10% of black residents had been purged due to a lack of voter participation since 2012.

Wimbish noted that “African Americans tend to vote Democratic so there’s not a lot of interest in programs or laws that are perceived to benefit them.”

The elimination of Golden Week will likely damage the black voter turnout as many minority voters took advantage of the convenience of registering and voting on the same day. Brickner agrees, citing “racial bias” as a factor for cutting the program.

Professor Leonard Moore of McGill University, an expert on 19th and 20th century United States social and political history, told WhoWhatWhy, “The biggest problem is the new network of state laws enacted by conservative, Republican state legislatures around the nation for the express purpose of making it harder for voters likely to oppose conservative candidate to cast their vote.”

Disenfranchisement is not a modern phenomenon, especially when aimed at limiting minority voters. “Beginning in the 1890s, states began to build a network of laws such as poll taxes, intelligence tests, literacy tests, highly restrictive registration hours, and other tactics that eventually stripped away the right to vote from almost all African American men in the South by the early 20th century,” according to Moore.

Spotlight on Ohio


Why is Ohio a focal point of disenfranchisement? As a swing state, Ohio has a long history of switching its political preferences. While other swing states such as Virginia and Florida have also flip-flopped, Ohio is a more accurate indicator of candidate winners. The 1960 election was the only instance in history when Ohio voters failed to predict the election results, choosing Nixon over Kennedy.

Northern Ohio, including the cities of Cleveland and Toledo, has a high concentration of traditionally Democratic-leaning voters, while central and southern Ohio tends to vote Republican. Exceptions include Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton, located in central/southern Ohio; these are blue cities in a sea of red.

Although the court ruling reversing Ohio’s voter purge is a step in the right direction, the instigator of that purge, Secretary of State Husted, remains in charge of the state’s voting process. Voting-right advocates warn that there is still much work to be done to challenge disenfranchisement in Ohio, and elsewhere in the US.

Related front page panorama photo credit: Adopted by WhoWhatWhy from Cleveland (Erik Drost / Flickr – CC BY 2.0) and Ohio flag (John Eisenmann / Wikimedia)

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17 responses to “Massive Voter Suppression in Ohio Stopped Just in Time”

  1. Avatar windship says:

    and what about black boxes?

  2. Avatar soctal says:

    No you don’t believe there is massive voter fraud. GOP controls 30 secretary of State offices. Do you think they would allow millions, even thousands, even hundreds of illegals to vote??? Would illegals risk voting knowing it’s a felony? How come you don’t see millions of people being persecuted for voting illegally ? The problem with voter ID in rural areas has already been explained. But it’s not about that, it’s about continually moving the goalpost.

  3. Avatar ghm52 says:

    My understanding, from Greg Palast and others, is that provisional ballots are often tossed. If there were 200,000 actual provisional ballots, where is the proof they were counted? The Republican states need to be investigated for fraud. Kris Kobach, SOS of Kansas, has a long history of xenophobia: wrote AZ stop/show papers law (ruled unconstitutional)and CrossCheck Voter Roll purging tool. Trump has him developing a Muslim registration plan! Pure Evil.

  4. (Comment by reader @ALANDexter2020) So much corruption in Government,I feel like I live in a Dictatorship Let people vote,don’t take everything from us.

  5. Avatar yellowdogdemocrat says:

    @Maya Lowenstein Why did you delete my comments???

  6. Avatar Shooshie128 says:

    So, a person falls off the wagon for a few years. Maybe they get disillusioned by the system and quit voting. Then along comes someone who they can believe in, and they decide to go to the polls. Suddenly they’re turned away. “Sorry; you’re not eligible to vote! You didn’t vote for a while, so we’ve decided that you’re too irresponsible to participate in our democracy.”

    Trouble is… anyone who designs a system to disenfranchise anyone else from voting — especially those liable to disagree with them — is too irresponsible to do anything in public office and should be removed instantly. Yeah, let ’em vote, but not hold any kind of public office, nor to work for anyone who does or is hoping to, because they already showed their attempts at fraudulently blocking others’ constitutional rights. See if they can go 8 years without committing any other frauds, then maybe let them back in. No, on second thought, ban them for life. Once a fraud, always a fraud.

    But let everyone vote. Even frauds, fakes, and losers.

  7. Avatar Steve Snell says:

    A responsible voter votes in all elections. If you don’t receive absentee requests in the mail, you’re not paying attention to your responsibilities. This is a non-story to get the dander up on the left. Why isn’t mainstream news reporting this? Think I’ll go re-arrange my sock drawer.

  8. Avatar Gillygirl says:

    If there was as much concern for our elections as there is for Homeland Security, budgets wouldn’t be a problem. It is OUR election. No cost should be prohibitive to a perfect process. If that takes footing the cost of Voter Photo ID’s, so be it. But, come on, we’ve got to end this voting on the same day as registration. Registration should require confirmation at least at the level of background checks for gun purchases. So, cannot be ‘automatic’, allowing same-day voting.
    If it takes confirming every voter every year, so be it. Whatever resources are required to perfect the voting process. It ain’t rocket surgery.

  9. Avatar deb says:

    Makes me embarrassed to be from the state of OHIO…. How in the hell could this have happened? As soon as I heard about this I checked to make sure I was still eligible to vote and I was, but stop trying to rig the system. This disgusts me to no end………….

  10. Avatar The Antivirus Church says:

    James O’Keefe’s recent video, showed this article is a load of lies and horseshit. He caught democratic party officials planning busing of fraudulent voters between polling stations and bragging that they had been doing exactly that for 50 years.

  11. Avatar JED says:

    Get a grip M_Thorn……

    Voter suppression this time around and in 2004 it was a shell game of hacking the electronic voting system by the previous Sec of State, Ken Blackwell(R).

    I luv this line from the WWW article above:
    “Husted had justified his purge by saying: “If this is [a] really important thing to you in your life, voting, you probably would have done so within a six-year period.””
    Such an arrogant *****. Probably took lessons from Jeb Bush in 2000.
    Ohio….we are watching you!

  12. Avatar Mesquite_Thorn says:

    Sounds like BS to me… seems a lot of dead people all vote Democrat though.

    • Avatar russbaker says:

      Always good to have people who comment but dont read articles!

    • Avatar BlurredMolly says:

      Oh course you can prove that. But, it seems the only voter fraud that has happened is one of your brethren, the Trump supporter who voted twice.

  13. Avatar Disqussed Dog says:

    At least in Ohio you are required to provide proof of residency to vote. States such as NY, which is typically a Democratic state, have made it illegal to ask for ID to vote there. As you can figure out, this opens the door very wide for voter fraud which has been proven that it is actively taken advantage of. Remember, Hillary served as a Senator for NY.

    • Avatar yellowdogdemocrat says:

      Studies have shown the incidence of voter fraud is on the order of .00++ per 1,000,000 votes cast. Federal law is five years in prison and $10,000 fine. How many people do you think want to risk that for just voting? There’s no money in impersonating a voter, or trying to vote more than once.

      The fact of the matter is voter SUPPRESSION and GERRYMANDERING, which as we can see are committed EXCLUSIVELY by Republicans against Democrats, is far more common and the reason is they care about the 1% not the vast majority of the American populace and therefore find it very difficult to win elections. Cheating is the modus operandi of the ‘Reich’ wing.

  14. Avatar archer says:

    My question is, were some of these “registered” voters deceased? The left likes to blame anyone who actually tries to make voting illegal a “minority” issue. Is there any proof at all that “minorities” can’t register to vote in the same time frame as anyone else.
    As far a voter fraud is concerned, I believe it’s massive, thanks to not having a voter I.D. law, as in Mexico for federal elections, motor voter laws, states issuing licenses to illegals, early registration prior to an election, electronic voting machines without a paper trail etc.
    I will agree that cleaning up election registrations because someone didn’t vote for years is egregious, but I’d like all the facts. If there is truly no such thing as voter fraud, why is there such stiff opposition to voter I.D.?

    • Avatar BlurredMolly says:

      “The left likes to blame anyone who actually tries to make voting illegal a “minority” issue.”

      …..because it is a minority issue.