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Official 9/11 Narrative on Life Support

Revelations in 28 Pages Don’t Align With 9/11 Commission Conclusions

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With the declassification Friday afternoon of the infamous “28 Pages,” the foundation of the official 9/11 narrative is really beyond repair at this point.

Al Qaeda did not act alone in carrying out the 2001 terror attacks on America that killed nearly 3,000 people. Foreign government officials did indeed provide financial and logistical support to the hijackers. Leads to that effect were never fully investigated.

We had been assured of the opposite on all three counts.

While still considerably redacted, and conveniently released hours before Congress’ 7-week summer break, the long-hidden material from the Congressional Joint Inquiry report of 2002 revealed what tenacious lawmakers have hinted about over the past several years.

“The 28 pages primarily relate to who financed 9/11 and they point a very strong finger at Saudi Arabia as being the principal financier,” Florida Senator Bob Graham said in mid-January, 2015.

They sure do.

A few nuggets from the chapter centered on Omar al-Bayoumi and Osama Bassnan — both suspected Saudi intelligence officers in the US at the time of the attacks with close links to two of the hijackers:

• “During the post-Sept. 11 investigation, the FBI discovered that al-Bayoumi had far more extensive ties to the Saudi Government than previously realized.”

• “According to the FBI, al-Bayoumi was in contact with at least three individuals at the Saudi Embassy in Washington, D.C.”

• “(Bassnan) also lived across the street from the hijackers, and made a comment to an FBI asset that he did more than al-Bayoumi did for the hijackers.”

• “FBI information indicates that Bassnan is an extremist and supporter of Usama Bin Laden, and has been connected to the Eritrean Islamic Jihad and the Blind Shaykh.”

George W. Bush chats with family friend Prince Bandar bin Sultan al Saud in 2002. According to an FBI document, the former Saudi ambassador to the US sent at least one check for $15,000 to a Saudi national linked to the 9/11 attacks on America.  Photo credit:  White House / Wikimedia

George W. Bush chats with family friend Prince Bandar bin Sultan al Saud in 2002. According to an FBI document, the former Saudi ambassador to the US sent at least one check for $15,000 to a Saudi national linked to the 9/11 attacks on America.  Photo credit:  White House / Wikimedia

In a most awkward passage for the Bush White House, it appears Bassnan even received direct payments from former Saudi ambassador to the US (and close Bush family friend) Prince Bandar bin Sultan al Saud:

• “On at least one occasion, Bassnan received a check directly from Prince Bandar’s account. According to the FBI, on May 14, 1998, Bassnan cashed a check from Bandar in the amount of $15,000.”

Prince Bandar resigned as ambassador to the U.S. in 2005, but has held other high government positions for the Kingdom since.

A number of other suspected Saudi agents with links to the hijackers are mentioned throughout the chapter, all according to FBI and CIA documents.

Of course, the spin machine kicked into high gear Friday, with the White House and Director of National Intelligence repeating earlier claims that the information in the 2002 report was followed up on by the 9/11 Commission and found to be innocuous.

A statement from the office of the DNI on Friday read: “The 9/11 Commission built on existing investigations and information, including that of the Joint Inquiry, but had greater access to senior officials and classified information. Its final report concluded that it ‘found no evidence that the Saudi government as an institution or senior Saudi officials individually funded [al Qaeda].’ ”

Countless mainstream media entities obediently followed suit, deferring to the vague conclusions of the 9/11 Commission, while ignoring the fact that the newly released chapter cited the FBI and CIA’s own documents.

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister was happy to agree with that exoneration, conducting a well-prepared press conference within an hour after declassification of the material.

Countless mainstream media entities obediently followed suit, deferring to vague conclusions by the 9/11 Commission, while ignoring the fact that the newly released chapter cited the FBI and CIA’s own documents.

Unfortunately, the DNI narrative remains at odds with the objections made by multiple 9/11 Commissioners, themselves, who insist their team wasn’t actually allowed to follow all leads involving Saudi Arabian nationals.

“Evidence relating to the plausible involvement of possible Saudi government agents in the September 11th attacks has never been fully pursued,” Commission member Bob Kerrey wrote in a statement submitted in the 9/11 victims’ suit against Saudi Arabia.

One Commission investigator, Dana Lesemann, was even fired by controversial director Philip Zelikow for being too aggressive in pursuit of the Saudi angle.

Zelikow, a Bush White House policy advisor who maintained contact with influential White House Senior Advisor  Karl Rove throughout the Commission’s investigation, rejected much of the Saudi-related material his team submitted. He then re-wrote the entire section before it was sent to publishing, concluding “we have found no evidence that the Saudi government as an institution or senior Saudi officials individually funded” al Qaeda.

Almost all soft pedaling emanating from the media, the White House, the DNI and the Kingdom since Friday, in reaction to the Joint Inquiry material, rests entirely on that sentence from the  9/11 Commission’s contentious conclusion.

The Jersey Girls, widows of 9/11 victims, on Saturday offered a searing indictment of the Kingdom, the Bush White House, and the media’s subdued response. One bit of perspective, in particular, stood out:

Note that these 29 pages merely detail the Saudi connection to the 9/11 attacks in San Diego. They briefly touch on the Phoenix information, as well. Though more notably, the 29 pages do not include information found in the more than 80,000 documents that are currently being reviewed by a federal judge in Florida — 80,000 documents that neither the 9/11 Commission, the Joint Inquiry, the Clinton, Bush, or Obama White House, nor the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wants us to know about.

Those documents likely have a lot to do with the notorious Saudi couple in Sarasota, covered extensively by WhoWhatWhy in 2011. They allegedly had extensive links to the attackers, then vanished without a trace days before the attacks.

The new-old trove of evidence showing Saudi Arabian involvement also adds further weight to the long-forgotten testimony from “20th hijacker,” Zacarias Moussaoui.

His claims that the 9/11 directive went as high as the Saudi royal family, among other explosive testimony, were dismissed as the ravings of a mad man. Lawyers for families of 9/11 victims, filing suit against Saudi Arabia, felt Moussaoui “was of completely sound mind — focused and thoughtful.”

Despite the release, it remains doubtful the Beltway has the stomach for a new round of congressional investigations into the attacks. Still, a new investigation seems entirely warranted. Graham has expressed concern that continuing to give Saudi Arabia a pass on this evidence only emboldens elements within their government that enable global terrorism. He cites the rise of ISIS as a perfect example.

It is clear the past two administrations, their intelligence branches, and the Saudi government all fought very hard to keep this information hidden from the public for over a decade. They then suddenly “welcomed” its release at the 11th hour when the pressure was unbearable. Now, they’re all curiously uniform in their statements to the press, responding to the material they didn’t want declassified.

While it remains to be seen if anyone is held accountable for more than a decade of stonewalling and obstruction on this issue, continued whitewashing on this chapter of history is no longer accepted.

Related front page panorama photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from “The Warren Report” (LBJ Presidential Library)

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42 responses to “Official 9/11 Narrative on Life Support”

  1. Avatar James says:

    In a case related to the main lawsuit by families of 9/11 victims, a consortium of insurance companies filed a lawsuit to seek damages of over $300 billion for losses incurred in the 9/11 attacks

    This lawsuit names a guy called Abdullah Salim Bahamdan as a primary funded of Al Qaeda.
    IN investigating the Bahamdan family in the US, I found the Ghazzawi address 1530 Key, again.

    • Avatar Jeff Clyburn says:

      link please

    • Avatar James says:

      Just use public databases to look it up. Or take my word for it. Kamal Bahamdan had an address next door to Abdullah bin Laden, the Boston one. His associate Alex Vahabzadeh used the Ghazzawi address in the 90s. I infer a connection between them all. its more circumstance against Ghazzawi.

      The point of it all is to figure out if the FBI are right. There is normally no reason to go against the Justice Department. But there is certainly a lot of circumstantial evidence here against the Ghazzawi’s and AL-Hijji’s, if they are indeed innocent.

    • Avatar Big C says:

      Actually, this relationship is more direct than just a shared address: Adel Ghazzawi used to work with Vahabzadeh and Bahamadan- you can search Adel Ghazzawi’s online CV – ” BV Group Ventures LLC” is Bhamadan & Vahabzadeh “….Mr. Adel Ghazzawi is a Managing Director at The BV Group. He joined The BV Group in 2002. Prior to joining The BV Group, Mr. Ghazzawi was a partner in the venture capital firm of Ridgely Management LLC”

    • Avatar Big C says:

      Another name connected to the “BV” entities worth noting is Aldus Higgins Chapin II . In his May, 2009 obituary in WAPO discuses his long term engagement with the CIA.

    • Avatar James says:

      Oh right. I Didn’t know that. So I guess it was just a long way around for find out out what was obvious. Adel is the Ghazzawi who used the 1530 Key address, so that makes sense.

    • Avatar James says:

      Hi, Jeff. I just realised you are the author of the article. I thought you were a random person. Thanks for writing the article. you guys at whowhatwhy are doing a great job on this topic.

    • Avatar Jeff Clyburn says:

      thanks … I’m genuinely interested in that link re: that Va. address. Have something on it?

    • Avatar James says:

      I can’t seem to post the links on DIsqus. But I used public background websites. Specifically the ‘advanced background checks’ one. Typed in the surname Bahamdan and looked at the first link Kamal Bahamdan, who appears to be his son. Alexander Vahabzadeh, listed as a possible associate of his, used the 1530 Key building. It just seemed like more circumstantial evidence that something might be going on.

    • Avatar Comments editor says:

      Please check the comments policy – it appears at the top of every comments section.

      ‘Keep it civilized, keep it relevant, keep it clear, keep it short. Please do not post links or promotional material. We reserve the right to edit and to delete comments where necessary.’

    • Avatar Big C says:

      Hey James- / anyone, do you know the status/ general consensus on the Abdullah Salim Bahamadan lawsuit? What about the veracity of claims about the “Golden Chain” financiers? I see the wikki pages about these guys makes no mention of ties to terrorist financing.

    • Avatar James says:

      I believe the Golden Chain because Bin Laden was found in a house owned by somebody on the list.

      The name of the lawsuit is apparently ‘Federal Insurance Co. v. al Qaida.’ I don’t know how its going.

    • Avatar Big C says:

      ps- James, have you looked at the webpage of the Saudi equestrian team ?
      Kamal Bahamadan is a team rider, Prince Turki (born 1971, Governor of Riyadh-that one) is chairman, and Belal T, Ghazzawi is on the board.

      Belal had presence in Florida, also real estate holdings in VA, TX, FL and shockingly (to me) owns (through a holding company) a fairly substantial multi-tenant commercial building
      with parking garage etc ONE BLOCK from The White House.

    • Avatar James says:

      Somehow i got the idea that Eirad had something to do with horses.

  2. Avatar mick says:

    America can’t even hold an honest democratic election, 911 will never be investigated.
    A 47-story Skyscraper to collapse into its own footprint on 911 without being hit by an aircraft…..

  3. Avatar davidslesinger says:

    If I could ask for the release of one thing related to 9/11, it would be the footage from the 84 cameras surrounding the Pentagon that the FBI retrieved within minutes after the explosion on 9/11/01.

    • Avatar Paschn says:

      Consider the “real estate genius” Larry Silverstein’s prophetic vision which prompted him to take control of the WTC complex in spite of the imminent demand for asbestos remediation which was to have cost in the billions. The Port Authority, by handing it off to him, (Silverstein), conveniently removed the albatross from their neck, which allowed him to make alterations to the insurance and 42 days later the issue of remediation was moot as the selected buildings hit the ground. This “fortuitous” chain of events led to the “real estate genius” making billions in “claims” after holding that white elephant for 42 days.
      Coincidence ?

      The den-of-political toadies making up the FBI never put Bin laden on their “list” because they found no conclusive evidence he was involved.

  4. Avatar philip.dennany says:

    There never was any credible evidence showing that Osama bin Laden or any al-Qaeda had anything at all to do with 9-11, and the only part they had in the crime was as the officially intended patsies.

  5. Avatar editorsteve says:

    “The 9/11 Commission built on existing investigations and information, including that of the Joint Inquiry, but had greater access to senior officials and classified information. Its final report concluded that it ‘found no evidence that the Saudi government as an institution or senior Saudi officials individually funded [al Qaeda].’ ”

    Transparently absurd. Why, then, were the 28 pages still in the report, but redacted, in the first place?

  6. Avatar SmileyBubbles says:

    Obvious Limited Hangout is obvious.

    The 911 “Truthers” job has been made much easier and they will have a field day protecting and supporting the official story with this BS but I’m not buying it at all.

    This is basically “Official Story” support in disguise, it’s just another layer to the onion. People need to realise that the 911 “Truth” movement has been set up to support and protect this BS.

    I don’t know what the truth is but you ain’t gonna get it from official story supporters.

    • To imagine hijackers taking over four different jets with box cutters and flying said jets, is and always has been ludicrous.

    • Avatar Jeff Clyburn says:

      So, the author, and this site are all “in on it” because they prefer to focus on angles at are actually court-admissible? … That’s an amazing assessment, truly.

  7. Avatar James says:

    “FBI information indicates that Bassnan is an extremist and supporter of Usama Bin Laden, and has been connected to the Eritrean Islamic Jihad and the Blind Shaykh.”

    Whenever I hear ‘Eritrean Islamic Jihad’, I think… Abdulrahman Alamoudi.

  8. Avatar James says:

    Does anybody else feel we now deserve a government report on where the money moved through the Saudi Riggs bank accounts was sent to ?

    If they were only sending money for medical purposes – for a start – let’s see the US Treasury accounting of that.

  9. The people who carried out 9/11 were those who care about the billions of dollars that trickle down and fill the ‘high placed’ pockets. These 28 pages to lead you down another false trail, is just part of the plan. And it sure is making sure the population is kept dumb and blind. War and oil is big money for a quite few high end crooks, whose names and faces are seen all over the MSN.

    • Avatar Paschn says:

      It’s a sad state of affairs when you consider how comically easy it was to achieve “dumb and blind” and maintain it…. about as exceptional as the number of adults within said culture who believe in ghosts.

    • I sat and watched the events unfold ‘live’ using a 23 foot sat-dish in a valley on the Island of Moorea in Polynesia. As soon as I was into the reports for about 1 hour, I knew without a shadow of a doubt, that this was a USA Gov job. Why couldn’t the American people see the same thing I saw? Because they refused to accept the facts that were right in front of their eyes! And it’s still the exact same thing today. Americans! If you let Hillary Clinton into office, the world is finished as we know it.

  10. Avatar polfilmblog says:

    My instinct was correct in 2009: it’s over.

    Not even you guys will type the obvious: TREASON.

    Without a complete revolution and thrust to arrest treasonous co-conspirators, traitors at the highest levels, then absolutely nothing will happen. It’s been fifteen years of fruitless banging of heads. They got away with it.

    • Avatar Jeff Clyburn says:

      One step at a time. Hopefully these new revelations bring a new investigation, one that finally asks the hard questions with subpoena power from the start.

    • Avatar Paschn says:

      Just as they did in their planning of “Operation North woods” back in the early ’60’s….. and got away with it. they should have got more than an ass-chewing from JFK – for, as you stated, treason. (JFK, by the way unequivocally stated (paraphrase) ‘No f**king WAY!’ )

      Can you picture a dual citizen Wesley (WACO fame) Clark, Michael Chertoff, Dov Zakheim or say a Hillary Rodham Clinton stopping them? I wonder how many of our antecedents would have been victims of their little plan?

  11. Avatar Paul E. Merrell, J.D. says:

    I see the 28-pages stuff as diversionary. Once you get to the point where you understand that the WTC buildings were brought down by controlled demolition, not by the airplanes that struck two of them, the hijacking meme is exposed as a deliberately laid false trail. Add the officially sanctioned cover-up and you get involvement of high U.S. officials.

    So why does not contain a single mention of any named person involved with that web site? And why do the 28 pages get mainstream media attention when all other holes in the official 9/11 story get none? It’s as though the MSM handlers want the investigating public to follow the false trail rather than boring in on the real perpetrators.

    • Avatar Jeff Clyburn says:

      Brian McGlinchey’s name is displayed fairly predominantly throughout the site.

    • Avatar joltwagon says:

      Agreed Paul. The US govt has no intention to retaliate against S.A. and if victims’ families try to sue the Kingdom it will go nowhere. This is a big distraction. Insider involvement is clearly indicated with the put options, war games, and explosive demolition of the 3 towers. And of course the massive cover–up and torture ‘confessions’ to protect the guilty.

    • Avatar editorsteve says:

      Suggest you read the book “Construction Disasters, Design Failures Causes and Prevention,” which was published in 1984 and predicted this type of “progressive collapse” with that type of fire. Also explains why Tower 2 fell before Tower 1, even though it was hit later (it was hit on a lower floor, so the weight of building above the fire-weakened section was much heavier).

      Oh, yes. You think the book was written after 9-11 and planted on library shelves.

    • Avatar Random Coolzip says:

      Dont give us this crap. Collapse or explosion? All you have to do is look at the video. Time the rate of descent to confirm it. There was nothing “progressive” about it. It was a perfect demolition that looks like every other demolition before it. “Collapse” is a meme created by the media to control the public reaction.

    • Avatar editorsteve says:

      I did. Lots of real engineers did. You’re wrong. And if you are not lying to make money off this tragedy, you are a fool. This is my only response.

    • Avatar Jeff Clyburn says:

      For those insisting on taking the “controlled demolition” road to ultimate justice, have any of you considered what a judge might say after presenting your potential evidence? How long a jury would follow your diagrams and charts and testimony drowned in physics equations? If you got one shot at presenting your case, would you want to risk it all by focusing on endless litigation that undoubtedly would devolve into one side’s scientists vs. the state’s scientists?

      Some still prefer the tried and true tract of following the money trail. It has a considerable success rate. So if you want the same outcome as those people, why such vitriol toward them?

      Again, reprogram.

    • I see they took off my comment. Good bye WWW! And by the way. 9/11 was done by insiders in the US Gov!

  12. Avatar winston says:

    puhleeze. the 911 Omission Commission Report, the one that makes no mention of wtc 7, that one?
    What about the mountain of fact-based mutually supportive evidence that prove the 911/anthrax attacks were domestic crimes carried out by the same perpetrators/ one would have to be asleep in front of their TV to believe ‘the official narrative.’

  13. Avatar Peter Klein says:

    It seems clear that the single most key link in this chain of deceit is the Media.

  14. Avatar VoxFox says:

    Liars, liars, liars. Tony B. Liar (UK’s PM) was in very good company.

  15. Avatar Orangutan says:

    Who picked Henry Kissinger to lead up the whole entire initial investigation? That is a mystery worth pondering as well.

    • Avatar Paschn says:

      Great catch! I wonder how many of you are aware that Kissinger is wanted for war crimes and is being shielded by the likes of McCain ? -( An “honorable” U.S. politician who not only stopped his fellow citizens from making an arrest to hand him, (Kissinger), over, but called his fellow citizens, his constituency, “low life scum” as he blocked it.

      You might recall his “daddy”, the admiral who threatened the survivors of the USS Liberty with court martial or worse if they spoke of the Israeli attack and the McCain/Johnson/McNamara cover-up. If more became aware of the activity of their “leaders”, I feel they’d use the term “exceptional” much less when speaking of this dying nation.

  16. Avatar James says:

    “On October 9 2002 Agent Steven Butler, the FBI Handler for Abdussattar Shaikh testified at a closed hearing.

    “Butler disclosed that he had been monitoring a flow of Saudi Arabian money that wound up in the hands of two of the 9/11 hijackers. The two men had rented a room from a man Butler had used as a confidential informant, the sources say. ”

    So there was more to the story, they were monitoring the Bandar Riggs money. (Which had come from the Al Yamamah accounts in Switzerland)

    • They could have sent a trillion dollars to the ‘hijackers’. They still couldn’t have pulled off what we saw that day without ‘high end’ government involvement. Look at the facts and stop being ‘braindead’!

    • Avatar Jeff Clyburn says:

      William, your response is rude and dismissive. Please reprogram, or consider posting elsewhere. … The bullying of LIHOP’ers by MIHOP’ers really isn’t helping at all. … The site is starting to notice, and will be taking a long hard look at it soon. …. They got Capone on tax evasion, ya know? Let it go.

  17. Avatar Math & Physics says:

    These hayseeds still believe airliners hit the twin towers, PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE by the scientific method.

    Prof can be seen in history, as a B-25 Mitchell struck the Empire State building July 28th, 1945. The facade of the ESB is granite, and masonry has negligible tensile strength(<1Ksi). Tensile strength is what keeps a material from being pulled apart (penetrated, such as
    Kevlar vest) and structural building steel will withstand over 88Ksi (THE strongest tensile strength building material used in quantity, even today). The aircraft punched a 18ft x 20ft hole in the facade, yet the wing span is over 67 feet. Many publication try to avoid discussing
    the air frame, as it fell to a lower roof terrace and the street level. Victims inside stated “The building swung like a pendulum for thirty seconds… we had trouble keeping our feet under us, as we ran for cover.” On the street, witnesses agreed "It sounded like a can being crushed…then five seconds later an explosion." That was Av gas, which will ignite like gasoline, jet fuel (aka kerosene) has to be heated to ignite in atmospheric conditions.

    To arrive at a contradiction is to confess an error in one's thinking;
    to maintain a contradiction is to abdicate one's mind and to evict
    oneself from the realm of reality.~ Ayn Rand

    The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow.~ H. G. Wells

    Having shot a steel car rim with a handgun (44mag), this is a clear example of how penetration is not possible. The bullet is 10x the density of water and travels well above the speed of sound (about 1600ft/sec). But we are expected to believe an aluminum projectile that floats on water (Sully's airliner in the Hudson river, indicating .2 mass density compared to water) and can only travel about 500ft/sec, is able to perpetuate over 126 feet through steel without stopping. This is absurd, as it would only takes a constant force of 50G to stop any projectile moving 500ft/sec, in 63 feet. Formula 1 cars have recorded survived impacts from 85-140+G, crumpling the car body less than 2ft, in 200mph crashes.
    As the kinematic equation shows, 1/2Mass(Velocity squared), the velocity is exponential compared to mass, a linear function. From the standpoint of metallurgy, the shear modules
    of aluminum is 25 Gpa, where as basic steel is 70 Gpa. Even the construction technique of using sheet metal to fabricate planes, lends itself to the dissipation of energy through crumpling. Examples can be seen in uni-body construction of cars to meet impact safety
    requirements, a practice started before 1980.
    I've got much more, but it tends to get long when the body of evidence is so large. Any questions are welcome.

  18. Avatar MrLiberty says:

    I am not sure why anyone seriously thinks al Qaeda had anything whatsoever to do with what happened that day.

    • Avatar edwardrynearson says:

      Does anyone still believe there is an organic Islamic militant group called “Al Qaeda?” > I believe they were replaced by the current western Frankenstein monster “ISIS.”

    • Avatar MrLiberty says:

      “Organic” would imply that they grew of their own volition. There are virtually no “terrorists” in the Middle East who have sprung up to “wage war on the west” in the absence of acts of terrorism and violence committed first by the West. The group called “Al Qaeda” is simply the evolution of the CIA/US – funded, armed, created Mujahedin that fought to kick the Soviet invaders out of Afghanistan. Most certainly religion is used as a backdrop and a motivator, but can anyone honestly believe that any real number of men would willingly walk away from whole, prosperous lives to wage this “jihad?” Blow up their country, support the country’s dictator, kill the members of their family, set up sanctions that kill 1.5 million of their fellow citizens, occupy their country, etc. and you can pretty much expect every able-bodied male to want to fight. Big shock.

    • So true! I gave the Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa response to describe your ‘anyone’.

  19. Avatar stevepidge says:

    Article declares official story dead, then continues to talk about hijackers… funny.