Rising Seas, Violent Storms Create First Climate-Change Refugees

Tuvalu flood
The main square of Nui Island is still under water over a month after Cyclone Pam created huge waves.  Photo credit: United Nations Development Programme / Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
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Climate-change deniers may want to talk to citizens of the island nation of Tuvalu — if they can find them.

Like other islanders living in the Oceania region of the Pacific Ocean, the people of Tuvalu are increasingly being displaced by severe weather. To them, climate change is not about congressional hearings and disagreements between the vast number of scientists on one side and a much smaller (often oil industry funded) group on the other.

For Tuvaluans and other Pacific islanders like them, climate change is an issue of survival. They truly live on the front lines of this existential battle.

The following video describes their suffering and how it is only the beginning.

Related front page panorama photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from child in water (Seeker Daily / YouTube)

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One response to “Rising Seas, Violent Storms Create First Climate-Change Refugees”

  1. MSMLOL says:

    How unfortunate that these people are being used as tools to further a political agenda. That’s pretty low.

    “Climate-change deniers may want to talk to citizens of the island nation of Tuvalu — if they can find them.”

    I see what you did there. Bad weather proves ‘climate change’ is man made?

    am constantly looking for new reliable, trustworthy news sources. After
    seeing this and related articles, the search continues.

  2. Dayoub Alimi says:

    Not to minimize the suffering of Pacific islanders who are indeed on the very front line of bearing the brunt of climate change impacts, but they are not alone and not necessarily the first “climate refugees” (not to suggest that’s a title to compete for). Peter Gleick made the case in a peer reviewed scientific article a couple of years ago that climate change is a significant contributing factor to the conflict in Syria. Some of the population movements in eastern Africa are also almost certainly due to drought conditions brought on (or at least exacerbated) by climatic shifts.

  3. stevor says:

    the CYCLONE made huge waves, as the caption of your picture shows.
    Go ask somebody who skindives about whether things have changed and learn it’s a LIE!

  4. ELC says:

    This is shameful fearmongering. Sea level has been rising for, literally, 20 thousand years, and it will continue to do so until the next glaciation starts. Human activity didn’t cause it, can’t stop it, can’t slow it down or speed it up. Shameful, ignorant, fearmongering.

    • Kevin says:

      I also think it’s fearmongering (for ulterior political motives – global government, taxation and control). However, even if we were to believe this, how come we don’t hear about the US dept of defense’s contribution to usage of petroleum products and energy? Someone please fact check me on this but it is my understanding that the Pentagon has a blanket exemption in all international climate agreements. If that’s the case then my first question is “why?” and my 2nd question is “why is this not the #1 thing that those who believe in climate change complain about?”

      For the record, I’m completely against the wars. As if it wasn’t bad enough the US government sent in the military to attack Iraq (under false pretenses and nobody went to jail for it!) but it’s constantly a push for more wars (e.g. “let’s go after Assad!”)

      I’d be 100% behind pushing an agenda of peace. And that should (in theory) be a great start for climate change activists.

    • russbaker says:

      inclined to ban all of you. There’s no place in a serious news site for people who put out such loathsome material. We all know about the heavy investment by the fossil fuel industry in disinformation. We also know that some people are just “disturbed.” I’m sorry if you are sincere and misguided or just paralyzed in your selfishness, but almost no one here believes what you say, it is just nonsense, and we are not obligated to be a vehicle for it. So please drop this line. Move on to something else, or just move on. That’s it. Not negotiable. Not a bulletin board for whoever wants to traffic in crap.

    • russbaker says:

      Note to Comments Editor: we’ve been tolerant enough of these people. Based on our journalism, we dont find what they say is credible, 99 percent of our readers dont believe it, and dont even bother challenging them anymore because why bother? Lets just say that we dont serve as a platform for malicious or ignorant material.

    • 0040 says:

      Agreed, in fact volcanic Pacific atolls are in a constant process of rising and falling do to seismic and tectonic plate movement.