RadioWhoWhatWhy: “If you think you know what’s going on in Mexico, you’re misinformed.”

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As you may have heard, the world’s most notorious gangster, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, has broken out of prison for the second time. What you may not have heard is that the Mexican government’s story of the Great Escape does not quite add up.

With questions mounting over how this could have happened, and the Mexican government’s credibility at an all-time low, speculative theories have flooded the Internet, from the believable to the..not so much.

In this week’s Radio WhoWhatWhy Podcast, Guillermo Jimenez talks to Ioan Grillo, a journalist based in Mexico City with over 15 years experience covering crime in the country, and the author of the book El Narco: Inside Mexico’s Criminal Insurgency. In this casual conversation, they explore a range of possibilities related to this colossal “blunder.”

(For background on El Chapo and on the US government’s unusual stance toward him, see this WhoWhatWhy article and this and this.)

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7 responses to “RadioWhoWhatWhy: “If you think you know what’s going on in Mexico, you’re misinformed.””

  1. stevor says:

    our “gov’t” doesn’t like Trump. He’s a threat to the status quo (puppet system) because he asks questions that the puppets won’t answer. So, he needs to be “dealt” with (maybe as JFK was dealt with). Somebody got the notion that if (when) they attacked Trump, they’d have to pin it on somebody. O’bama would be a big suspect since Trump thinks (knows) that o’bama is ILLEGAL and not born in the USA. Hitlery (and bill) would be big suspects and their list of “hits” is already so long that they’ve probably been directed (by the puppeteers) that they can’t knock off another person while campaigning. So, they came up with El Chapo, figuring that since Trump said what he did about Mexicans, they could knock off Trump and blame El Chapo.
    So, the CIA dug him out (they have equipment to make a mile-long tunnel quickly) and now they’re just figuring out the logistics.

    • david t. krall says:

      !!! see my comments at the “Deal –WITH– the Devil” discussion page in this website…Yes you are “looking” and sensing something akin to what I am “seeing”. My (pending) reply comment to you will elaborate and hopefully you will like….when you see them

    • david t. krall says:

      as a follow-up to what I relayed to you–…I am coming to very uneasy feeling how this MIGHT play out…if you get my drift…he’s gaining VERY SERIOUS traction and real momentum…just like RFK in 1968….and after CA, RFK was a shoo-in the next day with the NY primary and from there it was FULL STEAM ahead, and head-on against Humphrey, who was really being used by LBJ and “others” to stop RFK “any way possible way”…RFK even said part of the plan was to start “chasing Hubert’s ass all over the country…” and his support, Humphrey’s, could have eroded like beach-sand in the tide…even if he lost in ’68..he would have been a MAJOR player in that election and “72 demo convention nomination would have been given to him “on a silver platter”…his for the asking, no doubt, which even that would have not been allowed to take place…either a Chappaquicick-like event or an supposed “lone nut” groomed and ready would have “inevitable” even then and been “waiting” to keep him from the WH….HISTORY DOES REPEAT ITSELF, with some variations….the same evil players…or as Ted Kennedy said as witnessed by Sander Vanoucher, after RFK was shot, “…always the same faceless men….”. You are sensing what I am also sensing…a little different…but close….very close. The initial comment that I mentioned is at “The DEAL WITH THE RIGHT DEVIL” comment page also of Who,What, Why…

    • david t. krall says:

      You need to watch and see Hardball, if you have not seen it tonight, at 7PM EST, it is repeated later, and also on one of the video/streaming channels..on the internet. “This guy” is certifiably now a threat to “JEB and Company”…I “saw” this 3 weeks ago…It is a VERY strategically calculated game-plane…and it takes a particular personality to pull it off and carry it…he is not stupid…He didn’t get that rich by NOT being prepared and NOT knowing how to adapt and swim in the necessary direction when it is needed…he is a lot more pragmatic than most people realize…and not as conservative either…flexible, pragmatic, independent and vaslyt wealthy…just the last thing the neo-cons need or wanted to stop their “JEB train to the nomination” . The first/opening segment will make you think.and realize what a momentous threat he must now be perceived as by the neo-con Bush, campaign crowd…..and what’s all the references to “taking the shot”…? I get the point of what they were saying, BUT it must have been said 7 or 8 times in the first 3 minutes…that was kind of creepy…watch and you’ll see it, in the beginning of the show.(Hardball show aired tonight/MSNBC) .you noticed I used the term…”Company” as in “the company” or a section “within it”…..

    • david t. krall says:

      for some reason, that I cant figure, the comment that I really wanted to share with you and others was NOT posted and I don’t know why (?) as nothing in it was objectionable, profane or inappropriate…it was basically an analysis of the behind the scenes inevitable conflict, competition and somewhat association/mingling and “bumping into” and at times “bumping heads” in areas at a high and often not noticed level of finance, politics and social circles at the stratosphere like level of power, politics and economics, especially where and when 2 men are vying and jockeying for President and presidential power (!!!) and against each other who are part of that level of stratosphere-like centers…one self-made and very independent and very wealthy, with his own connections and the other, part of machine of ultra deep connections and deep “understandings, who may feel entitled due to his name and relation and links to 2 recent past presidencies…but the self-made one is thinking,,,”hey, not so fast…” and the others are not so happy right now…actually very upset !!!!

  2. wwy says:

    These podcasts are still only available via in-browser streaming? Who else does this? There’s Soundcloud, YouTube, direct MP3 downloads — so many other options.

  3. Clark says:

    When you get into Mexico, one is stepping in a brier patch. Especially with the webs the US helps create a tangle, not worth the headache to unravel. Suffice it to say, Lucifer’s minions are in the midst and one far wiser then we knows all the ins and outs.
    Testimony of Mexicans, is that the Federal Police are the biggest robbers on the open highway. The rapists and murderers is the Mexican Army and of course the people that live there should know.
    I wonder why the US Government funds these people?
    What a tangled web our government is…….. one day it shall all visit the Great United States of America and payday will exact more then what the Empire can pay, it is unfortunate so many innocent people will also have to pay.
    Good recommendation is leave while you can.
    1939-40 The German People thought they were invincible along with their Fuehrer, alas reality caught up, so will it be in the United States. Neighbor, move while the moving is still possible.