RadioWhoWhatWhy: Should We All Become Whistleblowers?

Examples of civil disobedience throughout history have lessons that complying with orders may not always be the best method. Photo credit: Ben Schumin. Licensed via Wikimedia Commons
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Parents know how even the smallest child has little difficulty saying “no.” So why, as we get older, do we become so used to saying yes to those in power?

Leadership expert Ira Chaleff contends that we have been raised to follow orders unquestioningly, and the result is a culture defined by compromised moral compasses, where people carry out harmful order under the assumption that they are exempt from responsibility. Chaleff asks, “Why do we follow orders when we know we should not?”

Chalef tells Jeff Schechtman that we must relearn how to speak up so our voices are heard and in so doing we can transform our culture and our politics.


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