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Drone Deaths, Obama, and a Better Use for these Craft

This predator drone is one that would be used in targeting killings, such as those that have claimed the lives of thousands of innocent civilians in the Middle East. Photo credit: Wikimedia Foundation
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Graffiti on Pakistani walls asks no one in particular “why you killed my family”—no one in particular, because there’s really no one to ask. Except the White House, the Pentagon and the CIA.

The Council on Foreign Relations reported last November that more people had been killed by drone strikes than on 9/11, and that President Obama had given the order for 90 percent of these operations. Drone attacks have been particularly devastating in Pakistan, where people live in constant fear of death. In addition to the physical destruction drones wreak on communities, the psychological toll is enormous.

How did we get here? To understand how drones came to be so prevalent in modern warfare—and to what positive uses these killing machines might instead be put—don’t miss this PBS Nova documentary, Rise of the Drones.


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One response to “Drone Deaths, Obama, and a Better Use for these Craft”

  1. Avatar FiuToYou says:

    America is the worst ‘terrorist’ country in the world, and has been for quite a while. This DRONE crap just puts another exclamation mark on that statement. It would be really nice to see America stopping this ‘world police action” and stop all this killing of innocent people at home and abroad and take that ‘billions of dollars’ of killing money and put it to good use on things like; alternative energy, health care, stop corruption in the govt, clean up the cities, bring back policemen that had respect, education assistance for all levels, stop letting the big corporations actually ‘running the country’ for their own greed, etc. But you know whats so sad? It’s going to continue just like it is now, getting worse everyday, until there’s nothing left for our grand children but radiation poisoning and death. Way to go America!!!! Bravo! (Come on Bernie)