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Boston Marathon Bombing Trial: Live Updates and Unvarnished Analysis

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19 responses to “Boston Marathon Bombing Trial: Live Updates and Unvarnished Analysis”

  1. BOSTON MARATHON MARTIAL LAW DRILL April 15, 2013: “Surely This Is Normal… Or Is It??” at Peekay Boston YouTube Channel (11:30) Peekay Boston says, “Jeff Bauman a Great American Hero… How can Anyone say that what we see in the Iconic Boston photo of him in a wheelchair is Not Normal?” Bauman not only lost two legs. He also got “hero” status when he identified the two Tsarnaev brothers to the FBI as the “terrorist” bombers! The other “hero” was the Cowboy Hat wearing Carlos Arredondo, who rescued Bauman by breaking all standard medical protocols by putting Bauman in a wheel-chair instead of flat out on a stretcher to reduce blood loss. Why did
    the many trained doctors and nurses who participate in the annual announced Boston Marathon “Mass Casualty Drill” not rescue Bauman properly if it was indeed real and not part of the annual drill done with “unwitting participants” gone live? How does breaking the protocols make you a hero instead of the subject of a lawsuit? Dr. Monteith is quoted in this video as saying none of this is “normal” and “I think that this young man was a ‘crisis actor’.”

    • Avatar oh_look says:

      Peekay is a shill. The “it’s all a hoax and nobody got Hurt” crowd is part and parcel of the psy-ops itself, as it is designed to shut down rational questions about the Gov narrative.
      Peekay and his followers have caused a lot of damage to D. Tsarnaev’s case.

  2. Avatar jan deen says:

    The answer to the question of What is wrong with our media is sadly obvious. Bought AND paid for by a criminal takeover of the American Government. Sorry.

  3. Avatar The Interrogator says:

    What kind of a country do we live in?

    He pleads “NOT GUILTY” on all counts, yet his own Defense Attorneys on Day 1 state out loud for everyone to hear, “He did it”.

    Was Dzhokhar so drugged that he couldn’t speak? What happened to Dzhokhar?

    Isn’t there ANY JOURNALIST that could have reported the truth, just the observations of what they saw in court? Like I would have liked to have known WHAT EXACTLY WAS Dzhokhar’s EXPRESSION on his face when his own attorneys said “He did it”. I mean—what is wrong with our MEDIA?!

  4. Avatar ra wo says:

    Bombshell: Tsarnaev Prosecution Exhibit Shows Backpack Different Color as One Tsarnaev Was Carrying

  5. Avatar onetree says:

    Not surprising, but sickening all the same.

  6. Avatar The Interrogator says:

    Let’s hope & pray that the jurors come to their senses, realizing there is NO EVIDENCE Dzhokhar committed this crime which there isn’t. If someone just looks at the screen of his backpack being GRAY, they will know the truth.

    If they examine the FBI rigged video, they will see there was NO backpack set down by Dzhokhar. If they put just these two things together, in combination with the Martial Law scheme, they will see he is innocent.

    If they THINK ABOUT the fact that why would his own Defense Attorneys go against their own witness who pleaded “NOT GUILTY”, they may realize something is wrong with this picture.

    And, why is it Dzhokhar’s own family was absent, MIA, the past 13 days? None of this is normal, none of it at all. His mother wanted to come to the US but wasn’t allowed to. Why not? It was on some trumped up charge to keep her from coming.

    And, why wouldn’t they let Dzhokhar shave his beard?

    Why wouldn’t his own attorneys encourage him to testify?

    • Avatar onetree says:

      This kid is completely on his own. They’ve alienated him from his family, friends, and supporters. He’s not allowed to speak to anyone. They’ve got him boxed in on all sides and apparently he doesn’t even have a choice about what his attorneys say about him. I don’t believe the attorneys are actually working for him, at least not Ms. Clarke. On the other hand, the FBI, etc., have all of the “evidence” so if the defense were to start telling the truth, they’d just be called “conspiracy theorists” and they’d probably be replaced. I’m guessing he understands all of this and is more or less resigned to all of this. There’s nothing he can do.

      It would take a tremendous effort and massive funding by others to be able to do anything at all.

  7. Avatar Richard Eastman says:

    Recall from the first Joint Task Force interview by agent DesLauriers to the wording of the indictment, both bombs were in black backpacks. Close-ups of the tattered remains of that backpack have been shown — with a square white label on it, with side straps, with gray stripe running down center of shoulder strap. And we have multiple shots of this blasted backpack lying on the Boylston Street not more than 15 feet from the mailbox where Lu Lingzi had been standing. But on the last day on which the prosecution rested a tattered white and black backpack was shown to the court by FBI Special Agent Sarah De Lair. De Lair said only that the pieces were found “near the Forum Restaurant.” So if a white and black backpack exploded why has no one seen a picture of it amid the debris in video and pictures taken right after the explosion, as the black backpack was photographed. But more to the point — if there was a white backpack that exploded at the Marathon how did the black backpack get blasted apart and how did it get blasted into the street by the alleged white backpack exploding? For an exploding white backpack explosion to push the black backpack into the street like that the black backpack would have had to be between the white backpack and the street? The FBI already stated that after careful determination in their laboratories that both bombs were black. We have the picture of one of these black backpacks in the street. Now suppose this blasted “black and white” backpack that William Weinreb had Special Agent De Lair hold up to the jury was really found at the marathon, and that it is not Dzhokhar’s original backpack blown up by someone after the bombing to be presented as evidence very late in the trial. How did they determine that the black and white blasted backpack and not the all black backpack contained the bomb that killed two people? We have not been told by anyone — but I would bet that neither the prosecution or the defense bothered to show the photos of the black tattered backpack. I doubt even Dzhokhar knows the bomb backpack was black — or perhaps they have him on scopolomine during the trial so he does not really care. (Odd he never reacted to anythingthing Weinreb or other prosecutors said — typical of people under the control of scopolomine.

  8. Avatar ra wo says:


    So far we still only have the well-known image of an exploded backpack released to the media which is BLACK. Everyone please go over these with a fine tooth comb, did I miss them? THIS IS ELEMENTAL EVIDENCE. DZHOKHAR’S BACKPACK WAS WHITE. Exhibits:

    • Avatar onetree says:

      Interestingly, Exhibit 5 on Day 1 shows the blond lady in the green top throwing something back to a guy behind her who catches it and falls down, then appears to hand it to one of the guys in yellow. What’s interesting is that the explosion happens just as she runs by and then she immediately throws a white item to the guy behind her. She looks back briefly and then keeps on running. It certainly looks suspicious. I guess there was an interview done supposedly with these two people and I’ll look for that.

      I’m going to go through all of the exhibits.

  9. The Defense freely admits Dzhokhar was in on the bombing. They do not argue that. And that’s what really rubs the leftists supporting this traitor as their conspiracy nuts spill out on the ground.

    • Avatar ra wo says:

      What’s this got to do with “the left?” Pete Santilli who discovered this agent with an earpiece following the brothers BEFORE the bombs went off is a right-winger, view here:

      What’s missing from this discussion is the fact that Tsarnaev has never once been allowed to confer with his attorneys without the FBI listening. So if he said anything that made them mad, like “I didn’t do it,” he would face the consequences as soon as the lawyers left.

    • Avatar Mike G says:

      Except, the defendant has never pled guilty to the charges against him. In fact, he denied being involved multiple times prior to the trial, yet was not given a single opportunity to speak at all during it. This was a show trial for idiots like you Ken, to allow you to ignore the massive holes in the case against him and continue your love of authoritarian government.

  10. Avatar The Interrogator says:

    I think it’s all pretty darn disgusting. Dzhokhar’s so-called cowardly “Defense Attorneys” are contemptible. They had to have known he was innocent, yet no doubt, acting as serpents, they convinced him this was the only way and to “trust” them. What a sham. He pleaded “Not Guilty”, yet on his first day in court they exclaim, “He did it”. Great going. Wow, with Defense Attorneys like that who needs a Prosecutor?

    The idea that they also approached the Judge just two days ago to throw the case out of court due to the lack of evidence that is ‘beyond a shadow of a doubt”—well, if they felt that way, why didn’t they put up a VIGOROUS DEFENSE? It is beneath contempt what they have done.

    And why didn’t Dzhokhar testify to the truth? He had nothing to lose, especially with the prospect of looking forward to an all-concrete Super Max prison cell with zilch contact with the outside world, let alone with other inmates, guaranteed to make one go crazy! Dzhokhar could have been drugged, but if he was, his attorneys never made that complaint. And, I literally seethed inside every time I saw those UGLY SKETCHES the court jester drew of him—not EVEN close to the young guy he really looked like, no just wanted him to look as ugly and mean as they could.

    And, the LIES about his SCHOOL GRADES—-outrageous—since initially within the first few months it was reported he had been majoring to be a “Mechanical Engineer”. But, in court, they had the Vice Chancellor lie about him having an “undeclared major”, something that contradicts the earliest reports! Moreover, you cannot major in engineering and be a bozo. It is 100% UNREALISTIC to believe that a young man as smart as he was would have F’s? Are you kidding me? This was a young man who excelled in the college’s wrestling program. You CANNOT do that without having good grades, so this crap is totally ridiculous! Truly, I wonder how much of a threat the FBI pulled on the Vice Chancellor in order to get him to testify under oath to reveal & manipulate Dzhokhar’s school records. Heck, we can’t even get Columbia to reveal Obama’s records, but Dzhokhar—wow give it to the world to see!

    All that is left is PRAYERS for this younger brother. Just think, it took the FBI, in cahoots with Hollywood producers, to even produce a video of Dzhokhar in the crowd where they wanted him positioned at—-such a farce—-when we know if it were a true video it would have been released IMMEDIATELY after the incident like Law Enforcement does for any thief that goes into a 7/11 store & robs it. Within hours the public sees that footage. Not for the FEDS though. It took them TWO YEARS!

    Dzhokhar’s backpack was GRAY. The bomb backpack was BLACK with a White tab on top—this case should have been thrown out of court.

    The FEDS wanted to convict Dzhokhar from the start & were bound and determined that that happen, NO MATTER WHAT LIES they had to tell.

    The FEDS owned the Media and used it to their advantage.

    They prevented his mom from coming to see him.

    They threatened all the witnesses PER Dzhokhar’s own attorneys statements.

    They kept an FBI agent sitting right next to the attorneys during every single one of their visits–a breach of ‘attorney/client” privilege.

    And, no doubt, they used the NSA to spy on all the jurors, hand-picking every last one of them. Heck, the jurors, we find out today weren’t even sequestered. No, no, no—we need them to go home on Easter so they can get another full dose of Cable Network News propaganda.

    And, if that weren’t enough, it is apparent that these famous low-down Defense Attorneys refused to give Dzhokhar any defense at all, thereby sealing his fate. How sad, just 4 witnesses & 6 hours of defense. That’s all they could muster. He’d have been better off firing them & getting his own attorney—asking Judge Napolitano, or someone equivalent, if they had the guts to do so (that would have been another matter).

    • Avatar onetree says:

      Just a couple of points — (1) I thought it was Tamerlan who wanted to study mechanical engineering, and (2) I don’t know about the defense team and whether they’re doing their best or not but I definitely feel the judge has not allowed very much evidence to be presented. He overrules objections and refuses the defense all the time, which I believe is why there are so many “sidebars” at the bench. Since the witnesses who could have given meaningful testimony about Dzhokhar’s character, etc., and who could have testified about his whereabouts at certain times, have been murdered or prosecuted and I’m guessing strongly threatened, they have essentially been removed from the equation — leaving Dzhokhar almost completely on his own. What I’m trying to say is that even though we really have to wonder about the defense team, I think the judge is really making it impossible or extremely difficult for the attorneys to mount a strong defense.

      I’m hoping more and more people are realizing what an outrageous and obvious miscarriage of justice this whole thing has been right from the start and they’ll start making noise about it so that the people who have the conscience, the power, and the intelligence to put this right will be able to do so.

      Out of curiosity, have you seen the Wikipedia pages that have been created about the brothers and the bombing? It’s unbelievable!

    • Avatar The Interrogator says:

      I have to agree with you. The JUDGE appears to be working for the CIA.

      Ron Paul said we’ve been “taken over by a COUP—the CIA who controls everything”.

    • Avatar onetree says:

      I think it’s bigger than the CIA, but they’re definitely part of it.

      And I think maybe the judge and prosecutors and Judy Clarke should all be brought up on charges if this fiasco doesn’t get put right soon.