RadioWHO – Russ Baker with Nicole Sandler

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Radio host Nicole Sandler asks WhoWhatWhy editor Russ Baker about a variety of topics, including the Kennedy assassination, the death of journalist Michael Hastings and the Boston Marathon bombing.

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7 responses to “RadioWHO – Russ Baker with Nicole Sandler”

  1. hansolo14 says:

    This woman did not deserve the opportunity to be the interviewer, with her husband being a believer of fairy tales! Lee Harvey Oswald said it best, “I have been here for two days, I have not been charged with the killing of the president”! Her husband can keep a secret, why couldn’t she?

  2. gogetem1 says:

    Good information in this interview, Russ. I’m really glad you pushed back as hard as you did on Bugliosi. The thing that struck me the most in this interview, however, was how naive Sandler strikes me.

  3. Melvin86 says:

    This woman is insufferable. And so is Bugliosi. And so is Dan Rather. I just watched Dan Rather’s JFK 50th special on AxsTV and was hoping he might finally speak the truth about what happened, but of course he propagates the same old lone nut myth. His endorsement of Russ’s book is really perplexing if he still believes Oswald was the assassin. Rather is such a coward

  4. arnieus says:

    I wish you would have mentioned that Howard Hunt confessed to his son, on video and in writing, to his involvement on the team for the “big event”. Nixon paid him a couple million bucks to keep him quiet about the “bay of pigs thing”. It is a wonder that he lived so long when so many were silenced.

    I know so many people like Nicole who just won’t let facts change their mind. (hands on ears, la la la la). It is just to scary to acknowledge that at least 4 presidents, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, and Bush were all complicit in the “big event. Johnson had is own full time hit man apparently. Assassinating rivals and threats is apparently business as usual. Same as it ever was.

    BTW, your series on Bush was excellent. I had to draw a diagram to follow all the connections.

    • sgtdoom says:

      Oh, puhlease already. Hunt was a professional disinformation specialist, and Nixon spoke of the planning group he was involved in designing the Bay of Pigs Op in his book, Six Crises.

      Politicians are the courtiers for the oligarchs, hegemons, or super-rich, whatever one wishes to call them, and in this case all the link analyses, and forensic finance trails, point to David Rockefeller and Nelson Rockefeller (most likely more emphasis on David).

      Follow the money, not the honey(pots)…

    • arnieus says:

      Nixon’s Chief of Staff Haldeman, said that “Bay of Pigs” was a reference to the assassination of JFK. Of course ultimately the likes of Rockefeller is are responsible, and the elites errand boys the CIA. Sorry, death bed confessions are pretty convincing to me and clueless radio hosts should know about it. Hunt was paid for his silence.

    • robertlmills says:

      Hunt was a disinformation specialist when there was something to gain by it (like disguising his CIA connections). When a man is dying, and confesses something like that to his own son, it isn’t disinformation any longer.