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We Want to Hear You Say It

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11 responses to “We Want to Hear You Say It”

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    […]Here is an excellent Blog You might Find Fascinating that we Encourage You[…]

  2. Avatar Fred says:

    OK, so where are the ‘high profile’ arrests?? The NSA has everything right? EVERYTHING, so where’s the big media splash of all the mob bosses they’ve canned? How about the big drug king pins? Major terror plots? Jamie Diamond? Common now guys, you know he’s a crook right? Banksters? Any big arrests on insider trading? My gosh the whole crime world should be finished by now right? Anyone? Anybody?…..cue crickets…yeah I thought so- that would be bad for ‘business’, yeah we get it.

  3. Avatar Orangutan. says:

    NSA Whistleblower: NSA Spying On – and Blackmailing – Top Government Officials and Military Officers


    NSA Whistleblower: NSA Illegally Spied On General Petraeus and Other Generals, Supreme Court Justice Alito and All of the Other Supreme Court Justices, the White House Spokesman, and Many Other Top Officials

  4. Avatar Matt Prather says:

    I did laugh, yes I did.

    I need to go over and read some of the other things I’m behind on though.

    Here’s an up-and-coming person of interest:
    (James Brien Comey)

    Just you guys wait until I get a regular job. (Not in journalism.) Then I’ll start donating regularly.

  5. Avatar whatwaysup says:

    Hahahaha….but Russ TICE said on Boilingfrogs he saw the actual paper-work from NSA tapping Senator Obama’s communications BEFORE he got elected, so I guess that joke comes back on him.

    • Avatar Orangutan. says:

      More info here:

      NSA Whistleblower: NSA Spying On – and Blackmailing – Top Government Officials and Military Officers

    • Avatar whatwaysup says:

      Extraordinary look inside the box for sure. Clapper quote”I said the least most untruthful thing I could think of” lays out for all to see the failed oversight. If any of us tried that out, the judge would give five years for contempt.

    • Avatar WHO_Comments_Editor says:

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    • Avatar WHO_Comments_Editor says:

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    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      Operation Cheeseburger is a go!

    • Avatar sgtdoom says:

      Sure, and we’ve heard of Operation Brother Sam, MK ULTRA, COINTEL, Trailblazer, and most recently, PRISM and Boundless Informant.

      The real question is, who is listening as well?

  6. Avatar Orangutan. says:

    Hear this…

    New Book Reveals 9/11 Suspects: Were the crimes of September 11, 2001 solely the work of Osama bin Laden and nineteen troubled young Arabs, or were more powerful people involved? After a decade of investigation Kevin Ryan, the co-editor of the Journal of 9/11 Studies, offers an evidence-based analysis of nineteen other suspects.