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Outside the Box Video Series: Psywar

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Psywar expands upon the conclusions of Human Resources (which we previously featured), laying out more concretely how modern propaganda is created, disseminated and consumed. Opening with multiple documented instances of outright propaganda orchestrated by the Bush administration during the Iraq War, the film traces the history of public relations as a mode of social control from its onset in the 19th century. Less overt narration would be ideal, allowing the expert interviewees to speak for themselves, but the history presented in the film is essential for any skeptical news consumer who wants to understand the methods behind the disinformation dominating today’s media.

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4 responses to “Outside the Box Video Series: Psywar”

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  2. Avatar Chizzlin' Sam says:

    PR Nightmare from the GITGO: Sad that America has abandoned all legal procedures in Guantanamo with 86 prisoners who have been cleared to leave. Most of these prisoners were brought to Guantanamo by G.W. Bush–a decision which has eroded America’s right to question any other nation’s human rights record. Obama said he would close Guantanamo, but his attempts to bring the prisoners for trial in the U.S. were stamped out by the states he tried to bring the trials to (and by congress). I personally do not believe 9/11 happened the way the Bush administration has told us–I further believe that Guantanamo may have been set up to assure that no evidence could be put forward in a court of law for the American public to see.
    No matter what you believe there is no doubt that Guantanamo has hurt the United States’ reputation–the legal framework was questioned from the start and now trials have begun with the most absurd procedures I’ve ever heard of. Wish some good PR could put a dress on this skunk–the press buries this story but it seems to be an open sore that will not go away. I’m sure some of the prisoners have blood on their hands–but even the Nazis were granted trials after WWII and the procedures in Guantanamo seem to be a huge regression to pre-Civil War laws.

    • Avatar Russ says:

      Well argued. Thanks.

    • Avatar Guest says:

      Thanks for writing “Family of Secrets”–read it a few times–each time thru the names sink in more and give me a deeper perspective about these people as they pop up in other books or documentaries.
      Sadly, it seems many Americans simply establish their beliefs and quit seeking to learn what really happened in our recent history.