Documentaries We Like: Escape Fire

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We all know that the health care situation in America cannot continue as is. It is totally untenable. To get the discussion started about concrete steps we can take, as a society and as individuals, there’s the new documentary Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare. Check out the trailer here:

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5 responses to “Documentaries We Like: Escape Fire”

  1. sfulmer says:

    At the core of the problem is the medical education system which churns out highly selective, specialized disease-model professionals and has been doing so for decades. They don’t know how to function outside of the health care institution to improve health in the community where much of the 75% of disease which is preventable can be diagnosed and treated. Public health and medicine are falsely considered separate disciplines. Practitioners need to learn to – and be paid to – seamlessly work within and without their institutions so the will and health of the community come before the institution, not the other way around as they currently do.

  2. Orangutan. says:

    Documentaries We Like: 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out –

    The Secret of Oz –

    9/11: An American Coup –

    • Russ says:

      Please show courtesy to others and only post comments directly related to the article above. This is not a bulletin board for anything. In this case, the topic is health care–and only health care–not whatever documentary you like on any topic. Thank you.

    • Orangutan. says:

      Sorry Russ. I agree. I have been doing that. I will try to stop now. I just get over-passionate at times and will keep this in mind in the future. Thanks for the warning.

      Here is an excellent documentary on healthcare that I just watched recently, from 2012: Genetic Roulette –