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RadioWHO: Russ Baker and David Feldman

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Russ Baker and comedian David Feldman have a pretty serious conversation about pretty serious stuff.

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3 responses to “RadioWHO: Russ Baker and David Feldman”

  1. Avatar gogetem1 says:

    Great discussion until Feldman says: “Obama, I love him…”. Then, all credibility is out the door. He seems to be part of the intelligencia that he supposedly decries.

  2. Avatar Eddieleaks says:

    It isn’t the US empire. We never really got away. 1812, 1913, 1963, 2001.

  3. Avatar Bryce says:

    I feel like my IQ goes up a couple points every time I listen to a discussion including Russ Baker. An important theme of Who What Why is that the world is more complex and with more shades of gray than most people know or understand. It’s a flexibility in thinking as well as being healthily skeptical that’s required.
    Russ, I’m currently studying to go into medicine, otherwise I’d drop everything and go into investigative and adversarial journalism.