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Crop Circles or Crap Circles: Who Made These Gems?

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Crop Circles or Crap Circles? Whoever made these hundreds of humongous works of art found around the world, whether three-headed visitors from afar, brilliant rogue architecture students, or practical-joke-minded farmers–they are very, very talented. Check out this documentary trailer—and this real-life mystery. (And no, contrary to what you thought, it has not been definitively solved.)

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29 responses to “Crop Circles or Crap Circles: Who Made These Gems?”

  1. Avatar Jose C. says:

    If it is man made why have I not seen a video of how they are made? I think no one would like to hide their talent.

    • Avatar Doctor in Dental Science says:

       Yeah, good point!

      In a time of universal hustling such as ours, when most “artists” are little more business people and when every opportunity is seized upon to seek gain and fame, why would anyone or group of folks make such magnificent “works,” and for so many years no less, without seeking rewards?

      The hypothesis that these remarkable formations were made by human beings strains one’s credulity in more ways than one.

      Please note that by saying the above I do not claim to know who or what agency makes these drawings. My claim is decidedly minimalistic: I merely claim that I would be very surprised if human agents fashioned the crop drawings — again for more than one reason.

      For further arguments why human agency is unlikely, see Michael Glickman’s beautiful book  “Crop Circles: the Bones of God.”

  2. Avatar Pierre Adler says:

    Suzanne Taylor, the author of the documentary featured here, i.e., “What on Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery,” was also the executive producer of William Gazecki’s beautiful film “Crop Circles: Quest for Truth.”

    Gazecki’s movie, which documents the recent history of the phenomenon from its inception in the 1980s to the early 2000s, can be seen on YouTube. I highly recommend it: some of the formations (the crop circles) are stunningly beautiful, and the whole story is just fascinating.

    Dear Worry, don’t worry so much about extraterrestrials, just enjoy the show.

  3. Avatar andy says:

    In all fairness the science isn’t as water-tight as people claim, every circle that has appeared this year is certainly man-made, a good example of the skill levels of these guys is here

    • Avatar doobieibood says:

      They simply state it’s manmade with no backing evidence. I’m not convinced by that link in the slightest. It may certainly be manmade, but just stating so and citing ‘crushing’ without any other evidence is pretty thin.

    • Avatar Redandy92 says:

      A ground report is as far as you are going to get regards ‘evidence’. Considering there is a lack of evidence for another ‘agency’ being involved, it is a case of Occam’s Razor.

    • Avatar Doctor in Dental Science says:

      Well, it depends on what a ground report includes, how far the analysis is conducted. 

      Does it include an analysis of the physical condition of the crops (of the state of the plants (wheat or some other cereal), that is) INSIDE the formation and compare it to the condition of the plants outside the formation, radiation measurements, chemical sampling, et cetera?

    • Avatar doobieibood says:

      WTF? Occam’s razor?  The guy links to a spurious site which claims the circle shows crushing, but provides no evidence of such. Then he claims that all circles this year are “certainly man-made.”  His saying so does not seem to me a good foundation for basing any sort of argument.  And Occam’s razor does not come into play here at all.  
      Many circles are man made.  But some are so precise, so grand, so overwhelming in their appearance and placement and even have appeared during daytime with no one being caught ‘making’ them.  It is fair to say that many circles are not made by “men with boards.”  They may be made with some sort of technology.   But to try to explain all circles as being made by ‘men with boards and lines’ is outdated.  It is not operative here.  

    • Avatar Doctor in Dental Science says:

      There is no disagreement between us.

      Ockham’s razor is an economy principle that is often misunderstood and thus misapplied. I don’t see its relevancy to the matter under discussion.

  4. Avatar colleen says:

    I respect Russ Baker’s courageously open mind to post the crop circles trailer.

    Had Russ been alive circa 1640 I suspect he would have given a modicum of consideration to Galileo’s “wacky” ideas rather than dismiss them in fear as heresy to the accepted level of science of that era.

    Thanks Russ for not letting prevailing ideologies inhibit your willingness to merely consider alternative realities.

  5. Avatar SuzanneTaylor says:

    I’m the filmmaker, and I much appreciate the comments here. Civility is hard to come by in some spots. And skepticism is in order. Me, too. Am Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude from NYU, so am no guy in a diner, but these circles have fascinated me for 25 years, We get shoddy media, but the mystery continues. In terms of significance worthy of a serious site, if we knew we were not the only intelligence in the universe, we would be one humanity in relation “the other,” and, as someone in the movie says, “That could be what saves this civilization.”

    • Avatar Bryce says:

      I just watched a similar documentary. Many of the designs are simply beautiful and amazing beyond belief. There’s such a deep symmetry and beauty that it is most certainly created by an intelligence, whether human or other. But the craftmanship and perfection, as well as technology required, suggests the latter. It makes sense that a first contact, if ever there was one, would be so harmless, suggestive, and artful. It would only attract those who possess an innocent and open curiosity regarding the universe.

    • Avatar dyannne says:

      Has your movie been released yet? What is the title? I would like to request it of my local independent theater. They get a lot of documentaries.

    • Avatar james warren says:

      First I had figured out the circles were not made by unworldly forces. They were fashioned by Larry Dale Patridk, a gas station attendant in Pinedale, Wyoming. But that was before he went on disability for his osteoarthritis. Now I AM mystified

  6. Avatar Egonaut says:

    It’s funny reading the various comments on the crop circle film trailer to learn how easy it is for some minds to shut down for as simple an inquiry as whowhatwhy? Think you know what’s going on in your world? Keep on digging…

  7. Avatar JED says:

    Thanks for posting this. This subject is usually dismissed but I’ve been following the CC phenomenon for many years and while the teams of circle makers get better every year, the original mystery reamains unsolved.
    Just like JFK.
    Just like 911.

  8. Avatar Brian Gallagher says:

    JFK murder inquiries are fine and necessary but, c’mon WhoWhatWhy… crop circles??? What next, controlled demo at the WTC?
    C’mon Russ, give us some prime rib!

    • Avatar Paul says:

      Why are JFK murder inquiries fine and necessary and not ones into 9/11? If I’m not mistaken, 9/11 has more of an impact on our lives right now than JFK’s death, so does it not deserve as much or more scrutiny? There are serious abberations surrounding 9/11 which ought to be investigated without the dismissal of stupid or conspiracy thrown around. Skeptics on the issue are deadly serious, as am I.

    • Avatar ts_3000 says:

      @5f564e93110abb54bb91cc7a5a6115fe:disqus I agree.

      Russ Baker was on Coast to Coast for 911 special on Sept 2011. Here’s the good portion of the interview

    • Avatar Paul says:

      Thanks for the share, ts_3000. I thought I had listened to everything Russ Baker on the internet, and here is this multiple hour long interview with two exceedingly lucid individuals. One first rate conversation. If everyone in the US listened to just this one YouTube clip, everything would change for the better.

    • Avatar tsurezurekuso says:

      Do you know of a link to an mp3 form of that interview? It would be nice not to have to listen to it at 1x speed.

    • Avatar antoinepgrew says:

      @Paul, I concur completely. And I am now 1/3 of the way through the youtube suggestion below (thanks @ts_3000).

      BTW, I know for an absolute fact that Bush Sr issued kill orders against Americans as VP. I know this absolutely. I know the guy who did them. He was a neighbor after he resigned from the job. I discovered it after I showed him, not knowing what he had done, some evidence I had about a group that were, for lack of a better word, public enemy #1 at the time. I watched this guy call the FBI White Collar Crime Div in downtown Manhattan, bark a number and orders and two FBI guys from DC were in my apartment the next day taking the evidence off my hands after a three-hour interview. (It was one of the biggest FBI score in 10 years, btw.) When I asked him who he was that he could do this, he was as candid as hell. He was an “exterminator” for the VP. American citizens. He showed me the eight Glocks he had used. The fact that Obama is open about this makes me think that he is trying to tell Americans that this has been going on for a while, which no reporter has bothered to ask. (!)

      P.S. I asked how it was that he could be that honest with me, why wasn’t he keeping it quiet, wasn’t he under a 100-year non-diclosure. His reply: no one can touch me.

    • Avatar Brian Gallagher says:

      I mean the “inside job” 8/11 inquiries. Yes, we know way too little about what happened on 9/11 but that doesn’t warrant paranoid fabulism.

    • Avatar Paul says:

      There’s no paranoid fabulism involved. When you do actually do some concrete digging, you begin to reveal a whole new can of worms and hall of mirrors. There’s nothing paranoid about watching WTC7 fall so cleanly and smoothly into its own footprint, as if all structural elements had been weakened simultaneously. Steel structures, designed with at least 50% redundant structural integrity (as almost all engineering structures are), simply don’t fail globally like that. Just about everyone who saw it that day described it as being brought down in a controlled fashion, including Russ who witnessed the event in front of his eyes that day. This is very disconcerting to say the least, and is grounds for serious inquiry.

    • Avatar Major Martin says:

      Topics that have been successfully marginalized ARE the prime rib! People who think they are too smart and sophisticated to be mislead by psychological tricks are the ones most easily fooled.

  9. Avatar earaches says:

    It suggests to me a complex, maybe even satellite-based, technology. What goes unnoticed is that such great damage can be done to a crop field so quickly. Whatever the tech, is has great use as a weapon.

  10. Avatar Bryce says:

    UFOs next?

    • Avatar Carine Clary says:

      I’m guessing the farmers would love it if the little green men would harvest the stuff and get it to market ; -)

    • Avatar Bryce says:

      Okay, I just watched a documentary on crop circles, and I’m impressed. Nevertheless, I’m not sure this is a topic for whowhatwhy. We don’t want people to blur this site in with crop circles, ufo’s, etc.

    • Avatar Russ Baker says:

      Understand your concern. But, what the heck–it’s a holiday weekend! Enjoy

  11. Avatar Carine Clary says:

    Hard to know what to think of all this, but it’s equally hard to imagine that pranksters could account for the cellular and electromagnetic anomalies that have been reported, or how fractal designs with the grains plaited at ground level covering huge areas could be done overnight, or done at all by any means that we’re familiar with. Guess it’s a wait and see situation.
    “New points of view are not as a rule discovered in territory that is already known, but in out-of-the way places that may even be avoided because of their bad name.” ~ C. G. Jung