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Russ Baker in San Francisco

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Russ Baker lecture in San Francisco. On the tabloidization of life, the stories we’re not getting, liberal vs. conservative, our heroes, elites vs. common people, how the powerful keep their power, and why we must read books. (One hour)

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11 responses to “Russ Baker in San Francisco”

  1. Avatar Colleen says:

    This talk you gave was different from the one at New York Public Library.  How wonderfully informed you are  not to have “canned talks” for every occasion.   You excel in enlightening us.  Thank you. 

    • Avatar Russ Baker says:

       Colleen, it’s sharp-eyed people like you who keep me on my toes. I do vary my talks and media appearances–more interesting for the audience if I update my remarks to reflect developments and new thoughts, and more fun for me.

  2. Avatar Dan Allen says:

    Russ, you finally got through my miserly, fearful skin. I setup a monthly contribution to  God speed Russ, your work is unbelievably great.   We need to make sure it can keep going.

    • Avatar Russ Baker says:

       Dan, that’s great. We know our readers have so many demands upon their limited resources, and are very appreciative that some contribute. Let’s hope you inspire others to pitch in. We’re eager to ramp up and produce more compelling work, more often. But we can’t do it without help.

    • Avatar Dan Allen says:

      You know, Russ, the ol’ money problem is a real hassle.  I thought there are people of really large means (e.g., Warren Buffet) who want the kind of reporting provided by  Can’t there be a single, overfunded foundation or something to bankroll the research and reporting we all need?   I think you should be past having to ask for money. 

      Russ, I want to say something else.  That book, Family of Secrets, is a real life changer.  It is not possible to express gratitude to match the contribution of that book to the annals of history.  Still, I am going to say it, THANK YOU. Ok, I will make a promise.  I will write a review of the book on my blog, to do what I can to encourage people to read the truth stranger than fiction.

      In addition to all the new work that needs to happen, we need to find a way to mainstream the information laid out in Family of Secrets.   You need to be a regular on Fox News.  Have you ever talked with them about the Bush family dynasty, the CIA connections to JFK’s assassination and Watergate?  I bet they would have you on.  I would love to see that.

    • Avatar Russ Baker says:

       Unfortunately, no. If you look at the big money that is available for journalism, it isn’t comfortable being associated with the sort of digging that makes other powerful people angry. We try all kinds of things to fund our operation, and are glad to receive support from  those who can afford to write big checks. But the reality is that we need a base of thousands of regular folks making monthly contributions to sustain and grow WhoWhatWhy. As for Fox News (or any other venues that reach sizable audiences), I am glad to oblige. But I’m not holding my breath.

  3. Avatar neorealist says:

    A talk such as this would be much appreciated in Seattle:).

    • Avatar Russ Baker says:

       Invitations from groups and would-be event organizers are always welcome.

  4. I totally agree with Russ’s point that our elites are not that smart or that well informed. I would relish taking on any of these Ivy league/
    Oxbridge  elites in a debate and I’m not all that special. Just a little curious and a little more prepared to learn information I don’t find comfortable.

  5. Avatar Eeparker222 says:

    you need to have audience take test before questions on meaning of keeping your questions short!