TVWhoWhatWhy: Russ Baker talks Private Prisons and Their Real Toll

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WHO editor Russ Baker talks about America’s prison industrial complex with  RT_America.

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7 responses to “TVWhoWhatWhy: Russ Baker talks Private Prisons and Their Real Toll”

  1. Tim9lives says:

    New Orleans Times Picayune is doing a multi part report on Louisiana’s prisons. Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate IN THE WORLD.

  2. flowergirl89 says:

    The Private prison corp., CCA, is trying tp purchase prisons in 48 states. they need to be stopped before all of us are either working for them or one of their clients. 

  3. Rmass051360 says:

    The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Get Prison.  The depression in this country will make many costumers for these private prisons.

  4. Orangutan. says:

    ACLU: Private Prisons Are the Problem, Not the Solution: Mississippi Dept of Corrections may have ended its contract with GEO… but it is looking for another for-profit prison contractor to run the three state prisons

  5. flowergirl89 says:

    They need to be stopped and now trying to buy prisons in 48 states.