"WhoWhatWhy Favorites" – Comedy and Reality Break: Bill Hicks on 11/22/63

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The late comedian and social critic Bill Hicks on the JFK assassination. Though ostensibly comedy, it’s intense, and may be too unsettling for some. View with caution.

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16 responses to “"WhoWhatWhy Favorites" – Comedy and Reality Break: Bill Hicks on 11/22/63”

  1. A Timeless Classic

    Bill Hicks at his satyagraha best.  Imagine what he would have to say about 9/11 …

  2. Mivince79 says:

    Hicks was right on. The Warren Report (The Warren Omission) was a put up job, a disinformation campaign led by arch criminals Alllen Dulles and James J. Angleton, who both most likely participated in the coup d’etat. How dare JFK and Mr. K try to end the cold war–and the profiteers as well.

  3. Frustrated Fan says:

    Dear Whowhatwhy:

    You guys have got to start updating more.  I like Bill Hicks and George Carlin, but this is ridiculous.  You can’t compete with those “corporate owned” media institutions you are reacting against unless you consistently update your site…DAILY!  As a loyal Whowahtwhy.com reader and volunteer promoter of the site, I am just expressing the truth the readers cannot realistically be expected to not continue checking into this site unless its updates are more frequent.  I am sure that lack of financial resources may be the source of the problem but guess what?   People in China can get by on $1/day.  You guys can do better.    

    I look forward to seeing more original content, that is more frequently posted. 


    A Whowhatwhy.com fan

    • brux says:

      That’s a bit small-minded if you “Frustrated Fan”, after all it’s not  just the content, as Hufington Post proves daily.  HP has lots of content, most of it off point or totally irrelevant, and a larger louder base of commentors, some of which are obvious stooges.

      I’ve always thought it was the conversations, not the articles, it is the arguments, the points of views that are important, not how many articles or how much advertising they generate.

    • Frustrated Fan says:

      As a reader, I’m entitled to my opinion, Brux.  It was meant as constructive criticism, of course.  The sad truth is that for most people, checking blogs has become a daily ritual and people will drop blogs out of their routine unless they are continually updated.  It would be nice if it were otherwise….

    • Frustrated Fan says:

      We don’t expect groundbreaking articles everyday, just something – 500 words or so.  E.g. “Here’s something that the major media isn’t covering, feel free to look into it while we prepare an article on it.”  Is that unreasonable?  

    • Russ Baker says:

       FF, this is a nonprofit, but you can’t expect quality journalists to do work you consume for free. So we don’t have to turn to ExxonMobil, we invite you to  sign up at a $20-a-month support level. When you and enough others pitch in, we’ll be able to increase the output. 

    • Frustrated Fan says:

      Or maybe I should continue (regrettably) relying on  infowars.com and rt.com?

  4. brux says:

    >> And now we are a crumbling empire,
    >> embarking on all manner of atrocious
    >> military misadventures.

    Except what if America isn’t?  I don’t think America is declining, we should have already gotten the message that American people are,  have to be, as expendable as Chinese workers are at some point in the future, and the American people do not get it. The future is between China and America and frankly China are too racist and closed against everyone else for them to impose an empire like America can with our democratic mythology … even if it is not consistent.

    The U.S. Empire has the run of the world, the power, the connections, the resources, the organization, the communication, the hierachy like never before on a finite Earth where there is no other place to go or expand.  We co-opt people globally in a way that has never been possible and as those people are becoming globally aware as well.  Look at the system of success as defined in Gladwell’s book “Outliers”, we do not need more elite, we spend most of our energy finding ways to keep people down … that is the only thing the US does wrong.  Look at the poison food that is out there taking over the food market and how sick people are and how bad our education is.  Our empire benefits by having to import people, and other countries lose, and we have to pay them off with American worker’s taxes more or less.

    The global elite transcend countries and America is the majority so far of that global elite that are able to act free and in concert to a large extent, sometimes criminally even.

    Whatever happens on this planet forward into the future will have the markings of America all over it, even if it is only the system that goes global.  If criminals have been, are and will be in charge it’s about time people started dealing with that really means.  The question then is can any group (and they’re going to be called terrorists) gain anything for anyone by challenging this order.  I think not.

    The catalyst of any future political change that is more democratic in nature is to define itself by its ability to find and bargain with the criminals, and that goes right back to the Business Plot with Roosevelt and the Kennedy Assassination.  If Americans cannot even demand an investigation of something so blatant while the world was looking, what power to do anything do the people have?

    “What just happened” is that old fashioned domestic working Americans have become aware that they are peons.  There will probably not be another time like WWII where American workers will have the clout and value they had back then.

    • Mike says:

      I agree with most of what you said.

      Roosevelt was responsible for afixing the “Fed reserve Note”
      to Rothschild and the Bank of England, and all of what would become the IMF and World Bank.  The UCC laws and our largely unknown bankruptsy in 1937 sealed the deal for international laws affecting our laws. 

      The Bilderburg organisation is what runs the world, not America.
      We are pawns just like everyone else.  We have given them the luxury, of increasing their wealth because of our foul Wall Street scenario.

      The last one hundred years have been a “grooming”, slow and calculated dissection of our rights, principles and ultimately
      is leading to a treasonous govt.

  5. Eric_Saunders says:

    Funny and tragic at the same time.  The generally benevolent FDR-JFK element of the political establishment was killed and would never have power in the US again.  No president since has really stood up to the CIA or military or the bankers in any meaningful sense. And now we are a crumbling empire, embarking on all manner of atrocious  military misadventures.

  6. brux says:

    not funny in the least. very sad and tragic.  i remember that day as a kid and i never could understand as i grew up why the grown ups never did figure out what happened with the kennedy assassination.  so much for democracy, so much for the vote.  after all this time it just makes me wonder what happened to roosevelt who died at age 63 on apr 12, 1947 and how fast and silent the 22nd amendment to make sure no popular president could have more than 2 terms was passed on feb. 27, 1951 just 4 years later.

  7. MR. E N Igma says:

    Bill hicks. the best comedian EVER.

  8. jimmmmmy says:

    Great bit . Another guy thats missed by a lot of us.